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What if we told you that all you had to do was put on a pair of headphones and listen to some beautiful, enjoyable music and you could, with ease, become smarter, healthier, more intuitive, more relaxed, happier, more creative, more effective, more - well - just about anything you wanted more of?

...and what if we went on to tell you that you could even be doing other things while listening - in other words - you didn't even have to find more time in your already busy day to make this happen?

What if we went on to tell you that 1000s of testimonials point to the fact that this isn't a dream, it's a reality and that there is only one place - one product - that brings all of this to you...

Super Mind Music combines cutting edge brain wave entrainment (BWE) with beautiful classical and contemporary music to provide you an easy, enjoyable and effective way of improving your life.

The BWE really is cutting-edge. It's engineered by Jeff Gignac, who many consider the world's leading BWE expert.

...and the music really is beautiful. It's written by brilliant award-winning composers from across the world and includes genres such as ambient, classical, piano, dance, jazz, chillout and guitar.

The feedback from listeners has been incredible. Read some of their thousands of testimonials here...

You can also buy other revolutionary audios here...

There's the healing Bio Sonic music from award winning composer Brian Paulson, and soothing meditation music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.

Visit the categories in the top left menu to browse through the albums. On many product pages you can access a video and an audio player to hear demo tracks.

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Hi I'm really enjoying the albums it's too soon to notice any change in my life but I wanted you to know that for the music alone I am so glad I purchased the...

Patricia McNally

The Zen Zone: Cello Enchantment
I have to first describe the music as interesting. I have never heard anything like it. Then I have to describe it as captivating, its awesome because it takes you on a...

Linda Shumate

Super Mind Evolution System - Complete
I just bought this 2 weeks ago. As recomended, I started off with the Brave Heart System first. So, I am now still finishing up the reading of the...

Sherly Chai

The Journey: StellarDrone Schumann Mix
This audio creates a rich and detailed soundscape for me to take a random walk through the more desolate areas of my mind. The sound consists of different layers...


Deep Release
Love it. I am ordering it!


Solid music backgrounds and competent entrainment effects.


Mayan Fire Dance
I listen to this during my workouts. It creates a balanced invigorating routine. Thank you.

James Wood

Spiritual Journeys of the World Volume 1 plus The Stillness: Tibetan Dreams
I have always had a great appreciation for "new-age" music. These melodies now fused in with brainwave entrainment technology...

Stan Masters

Arc of Light
I have an autoimmune disorder, Giant Cell Arterisis, which is inflammation of the temporal artery. One's jaw, temples and eyes get very painful and it can lead to blindness unless treated....

Marianne Schaefer

Effortless Efficiency: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons
Fantastic! Very soothing and stress relieving!

Robert Donnell

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