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What if we told you that all you had to do was put on a pair of headphones and listen to some beautiful, enjoyable music and you could, with ease, become smarter, healthier, more intuitive, more relaxed, happier, more creative, more effective, more - well - just about anything you wanted more of?

...and what if we went on to tell you that you could even be doing other things while listening - in other words - you didn't even have to find more time in your already busy day to make this happen?

What if we went on to tell you that 1000s of testimonials point to the fact that this isn't a dream, it's a reality and that there is only one place - one product - that brings all of this to you...

Super Mind Music combines cutting edge brain wave entrainment (BWE) with beautiful classical and contemporary music to provide you an easy, enjoyable and effective way of improving your life.

The BWE really is cutting-edge. It's engineered by Jeff Gignac, who many consider the world's leading BWE expert.

...and the music really is beautiful. It's written by brilliant award-winning composers from across the world and includes genres such as ambient, classical, piano, dance, jazz, chillout and guitar.

The feedback from listeners has been incredible. Read some of their thousands of testimonials here...

You can also buy other revolutionary audios here...

There's the healing Bio Sonic music from award winning composer Brian Paulson, and soothing meditation music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.

Visit the categories in the top left menu to browse through the albums. On many product pages you can access a video and an audio player to hear demo tracks.

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Good Vibrations: Jazz Delight
Very much enjoyed the music. It did however leave me feeling anxious. But at this time I have a lot work on.


I understand more listening to it it makes me wish for a larger purpose, to be part of something bugger than myself. It motivates me to finish what I have started. I appreciate a higher group...

Mark Scanlon

The Awakening
I started listening to The Awakening about a week ago and find it so incredibly relaxing I love it. I just close my eyes and become part of the music and nature sounds. The more I listen...

Carol McCrow

Lush Life: Ambient Chill and Dream Trip
Wonderful music that makes me feel good and relaxed, and eases symptoms of EMF.

Oddvar Husby

Arc of Light
very nice song, really led me to a quiet physical, mental and harmonic sounds


Solfeggio Harmonics
I bought these last week and am trying them out, so far I really like them, relaxing, mellow,and daydreamy. I haven't listened to them on headphones yet, I imagine they would be...


693Hz Violet Fire Theta Entrainment
I have found myself responding to people and situations with ease that would generally be met with resistance. I enjoy the mellow sound to which I can easily fall...


Super Mind Evolution System - Complete
A big thank you for the ENORMOUS value you give compared to price. This purchase is the best deal I've EVER received from an internet merchant.

Margaret Baker

Shamanic Journey: Deep Theta
That's one of the best journeys you can experience sitting or lying down. If you could hear it through a light and sound machine you could even get an out


Financial Abundance
Hi Guys I have been using the Financial Abundance MP3 for about a week now. I have never been one to buy a lottery or raffle tickets. BUT, I thought I would just test the waters, low...

Ric Bennett

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