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It's a well known fact that classical music affects the brain and body in many positive ways, including:

* Improving memory, focus and creativity * Reducing pain, stress and anxiety * Lowering blood pressure and accelerating healing

We've taken the beautiful music of Mozart, Tchaikovsky and others, and added revolutionary brain boosting technology so the positive effects of the music are multiplied.

Experience this today with the free album Contemplation Stimulation: Classical Peace. It facilitates deep and profound thinking.

Listeners have also found it perfect for boosting creativity and focus, and enhancing reading...

Welcome to the home of Super Mind Music

Super Mind Music combines cutting edge brain wave entrainment (BWE) with beautiful classical and contemporary music to provide you an easy, enjoyable and effective way of improving your life.

The BWE really is cutting-edge. It's engineered by Jeff Gignac, who many consider the world's leading BWE expert.

...and the music really is beautiful. It's written by brilliant award-winning composers from across the world and includes genres such as ambient, classical, piano, dance, jazz, chillout and guitar.

The feedback from listeners has been incredible. Read some of their thousands of testimonials here...

You can also buy other revolutionary audios here...

There's the Dream programming albums. Simply select what part of your life you want to improve, and listen to the mp3 as you fall asleep.The album pre-programs your dreams while you sleep.

This new technique was uncovered in the advanced mind power research available in The Super Mind Evolution System. You can learn about some of the research programs (including the FULL Dream Programming technique) in the new FREE ebook 7 Real Mind Power Secrets.

Plus there's the healing Bio Sonic music from award winnning composer Brian Paulson, the spiritual solfeggio frequencies (which includes some of our store best -sellers), The Triad Wave to bring you back into harmony with nature, and some inspirational music from Paradise.

...and you get a mystery bonus gift with each purchase :)

New products

Clear Reflections: Low Beta
The Triad Wave Collection 2 with professional license
The Triad Wave Collection 2
Clear Reflections: Low Beta The Triad Wave Collection 2 with professional license The Triad Wave Collection 2