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The Science behind binaural beats

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The Science Behind Binaural Beats

binaural beatsSince different brainwaves produce different effects on the brain, it can be desirable to actually train your brain to produce specific brainwaves in order to achieve the brain state you want. This is called brain entrainment and it can be done by listening to binaural beats.

Binaural beats are computer generated sound files that are intended to be listened to through headphones. Different tones will play in each ear, each tone at a sightly different frequency. The brain will then integrate the two different frequencies and produce the sensation of a third beat. This third beat is called the binaural beat. For example, if one ear receives a sound at a frequency of 200 Hz and the other ear receives 210 Hz, the brain would then produce a binaural beat of 10 Hz.

As the brain produces the desired binaural beats, the brainwaves align themselves with the frequency. Thus, if you want to experience alpha brainwaves, you could listen to binaural beats that produces the same frequency of alpha beats. Your brain will then produce higher levels of alpha brainwaves and you'll experience the benefits of alpha brainwaves.

There have been research and studies over the years that show the effects of binaural beats. It has been shown that binaural beats in delta and theta frequency ranges have helped listeners to be more relaxed, meditative, and to be in a creative state. These binaural beats also have been used as an aid to help listeners fall asleep.

In other studies, binaural beats in the alpha frequencies have been shown to increase alpha brainwaves in the listener's brain. As a result, subjects have reported increased concentration or alertness as well as improved memory.

Some subjects have been more resistant to the effects of binaural beats, but with the addition of music, relaxation exercises, guided imagery, verbal suggestions, humming, toning, and breathing exercises, more resistant subjects have experienced the desired effects of the beats.

More and more scientists are amazed at the results of binaural beats and other brain entrainment methods and are conducting more experiments in the field of neuroscience. If a person wants to control pain, he only needs to listen to a specific sound file of binaural beats and then his brain will produce the needed brainwaves in order to control pain.

All this research on binaural beats opens up the possibility of us being able to control our brains and to bring our brainwaves to the levels that we want them to go. This can include tranquility, creativity, focused attention, increased memory, better health, faster learning, and more.

You can try to experience the effects of binaural beats by getting a pair of headphones and downloading a binaural beat sound file from the internet. Choose from many sound files to get the frequency that you want your brain to produce and see if it has an effect on your brain state. According to science research, you probably will.

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