This Free Album Relaxes, Rejuvenates And Makes You Smarter...

Beautiful Relaxing Music: Wonderful space ambient music from composer StellarDrone.

Mixed with Frequencies Essential For Your Health: The music is mixed with the Schumann Resonances which are said to be the heartbeat of mother earth. When a person's brain waves resonate with these frequencies, it has been shown in scientific studies to be an essential requirement for physical and psychological health.

...And The More You Listen, The Smarter You Get: The album uses cutting-edge brainwave entrainment (BWE) technology. Listening creates new neural connections in your brain which in turn increases both the flexibility, creativity, and information holding capabilities of the brain.

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'...the very best binaural music I've heard over the years'

'Your free download ranks among the very best binaural music I've heard over the years. The electronic music in it is distinctive, not stereotyped as such music often is. The soaring penultimate section thrilling and magnificent... tops anything I've heard, ever. Words can't possibly do it justice. I'm still on a high 30 minutes later! I definitely look forward to ordering from your site.' Howard Clapsaddle

'it works! and it works beautifully. recommendable.'

'This audio creates a rich and detailed soundscape for me to take a random walk through the more desolate areas of my mind. The sound consists of different layers gradually opening as my awareness drifts toward full spectrum perception. all in all: it works! and it works beautifully. recommendable.' Lars

'most beautiful ambient/space music I have heard in a very long time'

'This is some of the most beautiful ambient/space music I have heard in a very long time. What a talented composer! The combination of the gentle music with the Schumann frequency makes for a very relaxing and restorative album.' Amy Priest

'This music takes me to a deeper peace'

'This music takes me to a deeper peace. I look forward to listening to this each evening before I go to bed.The resonance is so powerful it vibrates into my very being. I have a very deep restful sleep. Beautiful' Judith

'I think it's just fabulous.'

'I just listened to this music and I think it's just fabulous. I sent it to my spiritual friends over the world and I am sure they will all enjoy it just as much. Thanks again for this free gift. Love you.' Marlou

'Divine music'

'Divine music, so relaxing and easy to listen. Thank you so much, love everything I got from you so far!!!!!!!!!!' Voula

'I did really feel like I had gone on a journey'

'WOW, Thank YOU so much for this gift. The music is awesome, I love the way it loops & builds - I did really feel like I had gone on a journey. And the BWE left me feeling very calm & happy,

I have been meditating for years & sometimes still struggle to find that special place but this took me there. Fabulous! Many Thanks,' Julia

'Thank you for sharing this amazing work'

'This inner journey filled the alleys and pathways of my mind and spirit with pure light and energy as never before. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing work with us.' Luis

'Very strong sensation in the pineal gland'

'Thank you very much for such a wonderful gift! I am a bit surprised by the experience I had after I listened it the first time ( I havent listened it the second time yet).after about 7 or 8 mins I had a very strong sensation in the pineal gland ( draw one line on the brow area horizontaly and another line verticaly through the centre of the skull, imagine the point where the two imaginary lines meet, that point), nothing unpleasant but it seemed that area wants to open up.' L Sen

'calming, but moving and thought provoking'

'This piece was calming, but moving and thought provoking. I was able to get through a difficult piece of work in PEACE.' Jean

'top piece of Music which cleared, touched and cured my brain'

'I don't know how can i thank you. That is the top piece of Music which cleared, touched and cured my brain. From the first session. ' Ibrahim Ali