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Brain Boost: Beethoven Symphony
Love the classical music - listen to it everyday while working!


Heartbeat of Gaia: Christopher Xiao
What a wonderful sharing on your part. I could not help but smile and I could feel that smile all over...thanks. A little heavy on the rainstick use outside of that...

T. Cain

Dream Maker: Chillout Groove
I have never had more lucid, clarifying dreams in all my life.

James Garrett

Wonderful relaxing enjoyable music.

Antje Struthmann

Synchronicity, Celestial and Unlimited Luck programs
Two days after using the Luck recording something very lucky happened to me. It's private so I won't say what it was. Basically if you believe luck...


Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments
This is a very powerful recording. I immediately saw results in my personal and professional life after listening to this recording. I highly recommend it.

Christine St. Pierre

Sacred Chants: Orenda Blu
absolutely wonderful. loved this item.


Spirit Guide: Unforgettable Moments
Very powerful method to achieve heart/mind coherence. I listened to this album while in the garden among the trees and had a most wonderful experience


ARC OF LIGHT-passage of peace. Calming and soothing. Feel like I'm blend-in one with the nature, my real kind of music. Amazing masterpiece!


Contemplation Stimulation: Classical Peace
Hypnotizingly Amazing!!! Melts stress and worries instantly!! Superb!


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