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This is a general testimonial. I attended a teleseminar and from what I heard I purchased a package of about 20 pieces of music. I play the music for about four hours a day and in just two days I've had major meditation break throughs. Clarity...

Harry Brewster

Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica
I listened to the intense version and I was surprised. It is a very good experience. I tend to hold on a bit while listening to this type of audios, and binaural beats and...


Total Bliss and Earth Energy: Cymatics Trance Mixes
Hi, Absolutely stunning!!! Love it!!! Think I'll be getting it, thanks


Super Mind Evolution System - Complete
I just bought this 2 weeks ago. As recomended, I started off with the Brave Heart System first. So, I am now still finishing up the reading of the...

Sherly Chai

The Triad Wave Collection
Really enjoy listening to this Triad Wave Collection gives me a feeling of total relaxation and peace of mind. It has the effect of removing all the stress from a busy day....


Lush Life: Ambient Chill and Dream Trip
Well, Dream Trip was a great listen. The music was very soothing. I don't want the Brain entraiment was if any. Ambient Chill ,if this was a two part album, I was...

Edward Rivera

Unforgettable Theta Trilogy
Such Beautiful music!!

Pennie Newman

Super Mind Evolution System - Complete
My computer is acting up, so I have been unable to access everything. But, I absoutely love Brave Heart and the 7 minute natural high. My computer turns it into...


528 Hz Golden Om Fractal
I love the flow of this piece. I have been listening every day since I purchased it.


Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments
This is a very powerful recording. I immediately saw results in my personal and professional life after listening to this recording. I highly recommend it.

Christine St. Pierre

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