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Calm Mind: Unforgettable Moments
I aspire to be calm and peaceful at all times - these tunes are made for me!!


Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica
Thank you for allowing us to have a taste of this blissful music superbly executed. It really aided me to feel calm and even cheerful despite the day to day problems in the...


Solfeggio Harmonics
Magnificent product! As an HSP (highly sensitive person) I could actually feel changes happening in my mind as I listened to all nine tracks. Worth every penny and then some!

William Bruce

Arc of Light
Thank you for the invitation to listen FREE! This music is absolutely beautiful, HEAVENLY ---I want to listen to it forever. I had no idea about you or your music or this website---I have...

Claudia Jacobs

Super Mind Evolution System - Complete
My computer is acting up, so I have been unable to access everything. But, I absoutely love Brave Heart and the 7 minute natural high. My computer turns it into...


Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments
This was my first purchase and I am very satisfied. Thank you for the wonderful music


Eternal Love: Nickie Hart
I find Nickie Hart's Eternal Love very calming and relaxing. As soon as I turn it on, I feel myself resting in the arms of the Beloved. My vibration instantly rises and any...


Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica
Having listened to the free audition of this album this morning I found it restful. I have a collection of solo guitar disks already and have always liked the sound. The...


Super Mind Music Library and all the bonuses
Well I bought this collection because I love the music! Personally, I use this music to work, it gets me in the flow and I tend to work faster and...


Shaman Spirit Volume 1 (and Shamanic Journey Mixes)
I love this kind of music it's very spiritual. I start my mornings by listening to it. It makes me feel good.


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