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Good Vibrations: Jazz Delight
Thank you so much for the free gift. Just finished listening and feel very pleasant. Today has been filled with some difficult situations. Thanks again and many blessings...


Pineal Gland Activator 936 Hz
Soothing and very effective at the same time. Wonderful sound and top quality. (As all your products). THANK YOU

Michaela Wedde

Massage therapy and reiki sessions bring me in touch with many clients and at times I connect with clients who ask about my calm demeanor which stems from many years of meditation and contemplation. I find your music so wonderfully inspiring,...

Janet Redmond

Improve Patience and Tolerance
I bought this for my cousin who has been screaming at everyone beavuse she has low toelrance levels. I see a change in her within two days of her using this program. I am...


Creative Genius: Mozart Symphony 1
I have listened to classical music before,however I did not care much for it. After listening to creative genius I feel the desire to let you know that I will be...


I bought 52 albums the other day and I like what I heard so far. I can barely hear the brainwave sound and I am assuming they are in there. Thanks for the great deal.

Laura Stack

Brain Boost: Beethoven Symphony
Hi there i have listened to Brain Boost for the last few days but can't say I have noticed any difference yet. Will keep you posted if I notice any improvement. Regards...


Working Rhythms: Mystic Fusion
Since placing my order, I have choosen to work with Mystic Fusion. I must say I made a right choice for my current situation. I am just starting a business I need to keep...


Elegant Efficiency: The Sweetest Strings
So very relaxing and yet energizing. Going in and out, up and down and my heart rate stayed calm. A very peaceful journey, laying back with my eyes closed. When...


Good Vibrations: Jazz Delight
Yummy music! I love it! In fact, I found myself doing things so easily... it is truly a great album!


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