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Shaman Spirit Volume 1: Shamanic Journey
I have all of these Shamanic Healing volumes and I love them. I can really feel the earth talking to me and what a connection to spirit. My affinity is always...


Soothe Your Soul: Piano Moods 3
I love the beautiful piano music of the CD. I can listen to it over and over again and always find more fun in it. It also harmonizes my energies - when I'm tired I feel...


Shaman Spirit Volume 3: Shamanic Mind
Love it - especially the power animals


Shaman Spirit Volume 1 (and Shamanic Journey Mixes)
My soul lit-up and I get goosebumps. This is food for your soul, magical. I love it!


Solfeggio Harmonics
I purchased the Solfeggio Harmonics 7 days ago and have listened to them everynight before going to sleep. Since listening to these tracks I have had undisturbed sleep for 7-8 hours...

Janine Canning

Solfeggio Harmonics
The first time I listened to these tracks right before falling asleep, I had such vivid dreams about what I needed the most at that time and it gave me much further clarity. It...


Financial Abundance
Well, I havent yet reached financial abundance, but i love falling asleep with this. So thank you


Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments
Absolutely fantastic! Felt a change in energy straight away; dream are becoming easier to remember!


Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica
This is one of my all-time favourite mindpower mp3's. The last 5 years have brought me immense challenges beyond description, yet with regular immersion in this wonderful...


Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica
I have listened to the one of your mp3 and I am very impressed. I have quite a collection from other companies and the one I got on deep delta is really relaxing.


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