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Welcome to the home of Super Mind Music

Super Mind Music combines cutting edge brain wave entrainment (BWE) with beautiful classical and contemporary music to provide you an easy, enjoyable and effective way of improving your life.

And the BWE really is cutting-edge. It's engineered by Jeff Gignac, who many consider the world's leading BWE expert.

...and the music really is beautiful, and includes genres such as ambient, classical, piano, dance, jazz, chillout and guitar...

...and the feedback from listeners has been incredible. Read some of their thousands of testimonials here...


You can also buy other revolutionary audios here...

There's the Dream programming albums. Simply select what part of your life you want to improve, and listen to the mp3 as you fall asleep.The album pre-programs your dreams while you sleep...

This discovery was made during 10 years of advanced mind power research. You can get all of this 'world first' research, all 15 Dream programming audios, plus 21 other reports in The Super Mind Evolution System.

Plus there's the healing Bio Sonic music from award winnning composer Brian Paulson, the spiritual solfeggio frequencies (which includes some of our store best -sellers) and some great music from paradise.

...and you get a mystery bonus gift with each purchase :)

How to navigate the site

It's easy. Just choose one of the main categories from the top left of this site ...or choose which part of your life you wish to improve from further down the left hand column ...or choose from the top 10 most popular albums in the right hand column.

Click the product titles for more information, audio samples and customer reviews.

New visitor?

When you download your free Super Mind Music album here, you'll also get to hear 3 of these following top recommended albums in full for free...

Take a look at our top 4 recommended albums...

1 Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments
#1 Best Seller in 2011

2 Shamanic Journey: Deep Theta
#1 Best Seller in 2013
The music will probably remind you of an epic black and white movie soundtrack. It's nostalgic, deeply touching and very beautiful.

We then mixed with music with 7.83 Hz, the rejuvenating Schumann resonance which is vital for our psychological and physical health.

It's the perfect match for the music. It's our personal favorite and highly recommended.

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The music is extremely powerful and energetic and contains authentic Native American drums and flute, and is mixed with modern synthesizers.

The stunning music is mixed with theta BWE ...this is perfect for shamanic states of consciousness.

The result is a truly awesome experience. Highly recommended.

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3 Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica
#2 Best Seller in 2011

4 The Zen Zone: Cello Enchantment
#1 Best Seller in 2014

Relaxing classical and Spanish guitar mixed with deep delta BWE which is associated with sleep; deepest relaxation, deepest healing, deepest connection with subconscious mind, instant pain relief and even anti-aging.

The deep brainwave state combines perfectly with the acoustics of the guitar. Our 3rd Fave.

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The hauntingly beautiful cello of Jami Sieber will transport you to another realm. The enchanting music is mixed with frequencies that will take you up to the edge of gamma into the zen zone of higher brain functioning, enhanced insight and compassion.

This is a must for anyone who seriously considers themselves a world music fan.

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New products

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The Triad Wave Collection
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The Triad Wave Collection with professional license The Triad Wave Collection Under A Million Stars