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Shamanic Journey: Deep Theta
I made ​​my first journey ... together with shaman and it was something indescribable. Visions or fantasies which were so real ... Got the answer to the question to...


Deep Release
It was so soothing. If I had been relaxing on my sofa I would have fallen asleep. I truly liked it.

Willie Mae McKoy

Good Vibrations: Jazz Delight
Great to listen to which I am doing now. Great background for while I am working on the computer


Sunset Cafe: Pleasure Mix
I liked it


Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments
really nice and relaxing music...thank it...it feels good I love to listen to it at the end of the day before going to bed and it is quite calming and pleasant.


The Journey: StellarDrone Schumann Mix
THANK YOU, absolutely delightful and so peaceful and insightful, the music combined with the images allowed for a whole new dimensional perspective. Now feel calm...


The Awakening: Mind Over Matter
This music is very relaxing. It seems to have a way of removing the clutter from my mind. I find it very enjoyable.


Your newest music,Harmonic and Indigo Bliss is awesome,it gives you goosebumps!!!! it's so beautiful. it lets me know l need to start buying more music again. THANKS!!!!!! Margaret


super MP3 s and very helpful


Solfeggio Harmonics
Beautiful collection of sounds, providing a multilayered synthesis of electronic rhythms and music that is soothing and upifting, all at the same time. My favourite track is 174 HZ...


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