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Effortless Efficiency: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons
I feel very relaxed whilst working on my accounts!


I certainly recommend Elegant Efficiency! Very soothing & good even when entertaining. I don't know about the claim to help sleep rythms though, but am open to experimentation..

Neomi Dsouza

The Journey: StellarDrone Schumann Mix
Hi web Masters . I don't know how can i thank you for your perfect humanity well done deeds on the sickle of the last innovation cleared upon the internet which...

Ibrahim Ismail Ali

Arc of Light
Mesmerising(: Beautiful clarity, depth and surround sound that encompasses a three dimensional experience and peace and relaxation. Stunning(: Very talented musician.

Barbara Gibbs

Pineal Gland Activator 936 Hz
Simply Excellent!


Shaman Spirit Volume 1 (and Shamanic Journey Mixes)
Wonderful!I would recommend this to everyone.I just purchased this,and can feel a big reduction in pain When I listen to it,I feel like I'm...


Good Vibrations: Jazz Delight
Really impressed with this....total listening pleasure. I felt as though I was on a Tropical Island.... sipping Cocktails while watching the sun go down... It is amazing...


Shaman Spirit Volume 1 (and Shamanic Journey Mixes)
What a wonderful piece, the shaman music brings forth a sense of peace,and calmness i havent felt in ages, thank you so very much


Soul Whispers: RebbeSoul
This CD is "AWESOME", love the mix and the energy I felt after listening to it. All I can say is (GREAT WORK)!!!


Brain Boost: Beethoven Symphony
I am very busy at my work and the Mind Power MP3s have helped me to increase my efficiency and creativity while keeping me calm and grounded. I am glad I found the...

U - Healthcare Executive

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