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The Awakening
I've bought and received many samples. I enjoy them. They make me feel better-- but no more than FREE PBS Classical music. Just once I would like to pay for something that lives up to the...


This music, sings out with joy and love..the beautiful instruments, seem to pull, on your heart, as the lovely music, just washes over you, like an ocean..in your soul.


The Awakening
A lot of emotion,very intensive and wonderful.i feel in sacred love ,the same vibration in my heart without know for which chakra is made.thank you very much.


Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments
I most absolutely love the deeply relaxing and soothing music in Schumann Resonance. It is difficult not to fall asleep listening to it. Looking at it in...

Raja Ezuma

Spirit Guide: Unforgettable Moments
This is the most relaxing and rejuvinating music I have ever experienced. It certainly leaves you feeling motivated and like you have a new way of seeing your life.


Brain Boost: Beethoven Symphony
I have found this track is excellent to listen to while painting. It seems to put me "in flow"/ "in the groove" whatever you like to call it, where I find it easy to...

Jennifer J Pyke

Good Vibrations: Jazz Delight
Very much enjoyed the music. It did however leave me feeling anxious. But at this time I have a lot work on.


Working Rhythms: Mystic Fusion
This is my favourite album in the Super Mind Music library. The music is beautiful, and the feeling I get when I listen to it is one of sheer joy. I love it!

Merlyn Gabriel Miller

Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments
I am completing post graduate studies (29 years since formal study). I find listening to the Schumann Resonance, I quickly relax, my breathing slows, and I feel...

Christina MacPhillamy

The Zen Zone: Cello Enchantment
Beautiful, helped with todays emotions of easily upset by friends and family...looking at my horoscope....Hee Hee, I was in tears, now I feel soft and my heart is...

Katie Jane Long

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