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Improve Your Overall Health
With each listening I felt more and more centered and healthy and motivated to assist the process, instead of relying on willpower and hope alone. Thank you. I am still...


Contemplation Stimulation: Classical Peace
Stunning! Wow all your BWE is just so awesome! thank you!!


Spirit Guide: Unforgettable Moments
I love this mp3! I practice positive affirmations while listening to this and feel it helps me relax and put more into my affirmations.


Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments
Beautiful music. Extremely relaxing.


Good Vibrations: Jazz Delight
In a world full of wonder, one wonders why we live in a system that thinks for us, independent thinkers, what a rare thing indeed. To think freely is such a rare thing...

paul anthony donaldson

Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica
I seem to be sleeping better while Deep Delta plays almost inaudibly in the background.

Ally Dixon

Arc of Light
I am listening to Arc of Light passage of peace. Just a little while ago, I was in tears, and so sad. This music isn't a mindless loop of repetitious sounds or tones, it changes, and it...


Financial Abundance
Wow!!! Three days after I starting listening to dream programming Financial Abundance and in conjunction with numbers provided by my physic I won $1500 in the lottery


Super Mind Music. Would have liked more meditational music. Some of the ones I thought were for meditational, was too funky and upbeat for keeping the mind still. Jeanette

Jeanette Jones

Magic Mind: Walking With Merlyn
I really felt I received stuff whilst listening answers to a few of my questions I have had for a while. Pretty amazing really


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