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Happiness Booster Free Listen

Press play on the 5 minute video to discover how Ultimate Mind Music works

And then plug in your headphones, and get ready to experience Happiness Booster - For Free

Just choose whether you want to experience the Positive Statements on High or Low Volume and hit play button

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Happiness Booster Low Volume

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Happiness Booster - High Volume

*** Scroll down the page for more details of this album, plus 5 more...***

Music is well known for its healing, stress releasing and happiness boosting qualities ...and when it is mixed with brainwave entrainment the benefits multiply -

Well known benefits of BWE include:

  • New neural pathway growth - This helps your brain work quicker and can slow the effects of aging
  • Whole brain functioning - This helps you reach extra-ordinary levels of performance
  • Better sleep, better memory ...and more

BWE also allows you to experience specific frequencies which can help you relax, help improve your mood, help with creativity, efficiency, and focus etc

When you mix this cutting-edge brainwave entrainment, with a variety of beautiful music - such as classic greats - Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky - as well as modern musical geniuses in a wide range of genres - guitar, piano, ambient, jazz and electronica...

...It is a enjoyable and empowering experience.

Now imagine, a new 3rd dimension is added...

For Example:

1) The Music - On our Better Health album you get beautiful music from Michael Horsphol, one of Australia's top modern composers which is powerful healing music in its own right.

2) The Brainwave Entrainment - We then mix the music with cutting-edge brainwave entrainment that uses specific frequencies to heal your body, such as -

  • 10 Hz good for relaxation and mood, stabilized sleep rhythms, can be used for lowering the perception of pain and general healing
  • 9 Hz healing and effective pain control
  • 7.83 Hz earth resonance, increase tolerance to stress, accelerated healing
  • 7 Hz help with organ healing and treatment of addictions

3) The Affirmations - Now we add 32 health boosting affirmations such as I naturally receive healing energy from the earth and the universe, My lungs are becoming even more healthy than they are now and All limiting beliefs regarding health are melting away.

Get 2 versions for the price of 1

And you'll get 2 versions of each album for the price of 1. A version with low volume affirmations for an almost subliminal experience better suited for subconscious programming ...and a high volume version which works consciously, and subconsciously - thanks to the modulated voice (the voice has been specially engineered to be easily accepted by both the conscious and subconscious minds).

Enjoy Savings Today of more than 30%

All the albums below are just 16.95 but you can purchase Happiness Booster Today for only $12.95 (but only until the timer at the top of the page runs out - so act now).

To learn more about each album Right Click Here to download the following report 215 Transformational Affirmations. It contains full details of all the albums and alll 215 affirmations used in the audios, plus some useful tips for using the special music.

Hear Free Samples in the Ultimate Mind Music Jukebox

Use the dropdown menu to select an album, press > to play, and use the >>I button to scroll through the tracks. You'll find 2 sample tracks from the albums - one high volume and one low volume affirmations.

As the music includes brainwave entrainment listening is only recommended to people 18 years and older. Headphones Recommended.

Ultimate mind Music Collection Includes...

Attract Wealth - Vivaldi, 4 Seasons

Attract Wealth - Vivaldi

The music is the popular The Four Seasons composition by Vivaldi. The BWE entrains both sides of the brain separately to substantially improve focus and concentration while keeping you relaxed and feeling good. This track is well suited for studying, working at the computer and reading. Mixed with 28 wealth boosting affirmations.


Better Health - Michael Horsphol

Better Health - Michael Horsphol

The music of Michael Horsphol - one of the most gifted modern day composers to emerge from the Australian classical scenes in the past decade. His magical music is combined with a wide spectrum of powerful healing frequencies using the latest brainwave entrainment technology, plus then mixed with 32 healing affirmations.


Happiness Booster - Jazz Delight

Happiness Booster - Jazz Delight

Brilliant upbeat Jazz music including smooth, latin, swing and cool jazz with many wonderful solos including guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet and bass (even non-jazz fans may love it!). This fun and uplifting music is blended with positive energy brainwave entrainment for natural serotonin release and 22 happiness boosting affirmations.

$16.95 $12.95

Improve Psychic Powers - Christopher Xiao

Improve Psychic Powers - Christopher Xiao

8 stunning modern classical tracks including the haunting Sunrise Over The Arctic, the joyful Waltz of the Birds and the dramatic Mar Mediterraneo. Mixed with brainwave entrainment (BWE) using the powerful Schumann Resonances frequencies - which are said to help boost psychic abilities, including ESP, mixed with 25 powerful psychic power boosting affirmations.


Improve Relationships - Nickie Hart

Improve Relationships - Nickie Hart

The piano music is relaxing, romantic and enchanting, and is written and performed by Nickie Hart from the UK. The BWE is designed to open up and increase the energy flow to and from the heart center. This audio is designed to help people feel love, give love and receive love in balance - mixed with 28 relationship boosting affirmations.


Super Success - Elixir Acoustica

Super Success - Elixir Acoustica

Experience soothing acoustic guitar mixed with BWE designed to energize and relax at the same time. This audio is designed to improve a person's ability to learn, process information and complex problems better than ever before. Mixed with 31 success boosting affirmations.


Get all 6 amazing albums for just $101.70 $67 - SAVE over 30%
and you'll also get these 2 Bonus Ultimate Mind Music Albums for FREE...

Easy Weight Loss - Piano Moods

Easy Weight Loss - Piano Moods

The music contains some wonderful modern piano ballads. The brainwave entrainment helps the listener relieve stress and reach deep levels of relaxation, as well as encouraging brain balance, new neural pathways growth and increased mind power. Mixed with 29 weight loss affirmations.

Good Luck - Mozart Symphony

Good Luck - Mozart Symphony

The music contains beautiful tracks from Mozart Symphonies 29 and 40, including the world famous movement 1 from his symphony 40. The brainwave entrainment helps in 3 areas that are most influential on the ability to succeed; Mind Power, Focus and Creativity - mixed with 20 lucky affirmations.

Click the Add to Cart button below to save over 30%...


Just $101.70 $67 - For all 8 Ultimate Mind Music albums (16 mp3s in total)

30 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident you'll be overjoyed with The Ultimate Mind Music Library that we're taking all the risk out of buying. If at any point during the 30 days after your purchase you're not completely satisfied we'll refund you 100% of your money back.

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The Triad Wave Collection
Love the gentle music that can place you in a harmonious state without having to have ear plugs in. Thank you for the peace it brings.


Elegant Efficiency: The Sweetest Strings
I am a university professor and had been struggling helplessly for two days with a difficult issue in one of my courses. I sat to work at my computer and...

Pedro Maldonado

Spirit Guide: Unforgettable Moments
I love this mp3! I practice positive affirmations while listening to this and feel it helps me relax and put more into my affirmations.


Heartbeat of Gaia: Christopher Xiao
I have listened to bwe audios for several years, most are boring and not something I want to listen to. The audios from Mind Power are quality recordings with...


Heart Chakra 639 Hz: Being In Love mixes + Being In Love Album
I loved the combination of music with a few sparse but incredibly powerful reminders about loving others, ourself, and God. I felt I was...

Wendy Tuck

Unforgettable Theta Trilogy
I love this music especially the one to calm the mind, I listen to it every morning to calm anxiety in me.

Diana DuBois

The Awakening: Mind Over Matter
I just purchased this soundtrack but I can already sense a difference in my inner peace of mind & sense of calm over my turbulent thoughts. I look forward to many more...

CoCo Podawiltz

Solfeggio Harmonics
This is wonderful - I have listened to the album every night on going to bed and it gives me a profound sense of peace and deep relaxation. I am a Reiki Master and can feel energy...

Perri Bewsey

Have Amazing Runs of Luck
Great mix. haven't had enough time to listen as much as I would like, but I am sure something good will come of this. many blessings, Chris

Chris Tanner

Solfeggio Harmonics
I am making some progress. Just got stsrted. Will get back to you later Ralph

Ralph Bland

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