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Every day hear 2 Super Mind Music albums online for FREE,

including dance, trance, ambient and chillout music,

mixed with frequencies of bliss, joy and euphoria.

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Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments
I have been listening to BWE (I even have a program to create them myself) for 2+ yrs. I was skeptical if these would actually work because I couldn't...

Cynthia W

Creative Genius: Mozart Symphony 1
I have listened to classical music before,however I did not care much for it. After listening to creative genius I feel the desire to let you know that I will be...


Unforgettable Theta Trilogy
I love this music especially the one to calm the mind, I listen to it every morning to calm anxiety in me.

Diana DuBois

Solfeggio Harmonics
Magnificent product! As an HSP (highly sensitive person) I could actually feel changes happening in my mind as I listened to all nine tracks. Worth every penny and then some!

William Bruce

Arc of Light
I have an autoimmune disorder, Giant Cell Arterisis, which is inflammation of the temporal artery. One's jaw, temples and eyes get very painful and it can lead to blindness unless treated....

Marianne Schaefer

Soul Whispers: RebbeSoul
Truly sweet caresses and whispers to our soul who finds it a calming pause in this wonderful human experience; throughout this piece, the soul expands, dances and evolves upon...


The Zen Zone: Cello Enchantment
It gave me a bit of a headache for the first 10 minutes. After with the voices it was ok ,but I didn't relax very easily.


Synchronicity, Celestial and Unlimited Luck programs
Two days after using the Luck recording something very lucky happened to me. It's private so I won't say what it was. Basically if you believe luck...


The Awakening: Mind Over Matter
Absolutely Beautiful! I so enjoy listening to this, such a feeling of wholeness!


hey! hmm, surprisingly broad effects provoked in me memories of the first part called for me, some poor soul is accompanied by pain and do not let the music out there, I was not afraid, in fact I felt safe. second experience is that I have a...

bari attila

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