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Every day hear 2 Super Mind Music albums online for FREE,

including dance, trance, ambient and chillout music,

mixed with frequencies of bliss, joy and euphoria.

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Solfeggio Harmonics
I had a really emotionally rough morning earlier in the week. I got out my iPod and plugged in my ear-buds and listened, really listened, to this album. I felt SO much better...


For the first time ever I tried listening to a subliminal Dream CD. I love the rain like sounds that are played alongside the messages, it allows me to completely relax and luls me to sleep, so that the rest of the tape can do its work. It also...

Olja Keserovic

This music if amazing and i loved it.

Rosie Bachand

Inner Knowing: Delta Wind
This is quite soothing beautiful music. I have it on all day, just under physical hearing.


Attract the Perfect Partner
I have only listened to the mp3 a few times but immediately found it to be completely relaxing. The very next day after my first time listening to it, a lost relationship...


Financial Abundance
What I would Like to say is that The Financial Abundance Dream Programming is a very Powerful and Life enhancing tool for my subconscious Mind and I have had it for less than a week...


Spiritual Journeys of the World Volume 1 plus The Stillness: Tibetan Dreams
I am so loving this set and the big plus was "The Stillness Tibetan Dreams" I have lots of Mind Power MP3 titles so I was...

Ron Szasz

The Awakening: Mind Over Matter
Beautiful Music and the BWE does not overpower what you are listening to unlike some i've tried


just listened to LUSH LIFE,as well as have been listening to all the other free music so far. This music is soooo beautiful,l will be ordering asap!!!! Thanks for thinking of us. Down loaded...


Super Mind Music Library and all the bonuses
Excellent music. Very calming and relaxing. I listen to the album when I wake up at night and then I can go right back to sleep.


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