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Every day hear 2 Super Mind Music albums online for FREE,

including dance, trance, ambient and chillout music,

mixed with frequencies of bliss, joy and euphoria.

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Super Mind Evolution System - Complete
Wow! There is so much beauty, love, peace and joy when I read, listen or even think about your music, your information and your dedication to share all that you...

Suzy Langston

Shamanic Journey: Deep Theta
THAT WAS AWESOME! Thank you for letting us sample before we buy. I will buy this one as soon as I can afford it!


Peace of Mind: Steve Skudler
This is a great way to begin the day! As I eat my peanut butter breakfast, the music stimulates my mind. Then I'm ready to tackle anything and remain centered!


The Awakening: Mind Over Matter
I simply LOVE this CD! It transforms me. It takes me away from the day to day stresses of life and helps me to just melt right into the beautiful music. This, along with...


The Stillness: Tibetan Dreams
Remarkable, intended to improve someone's health.


The Awakening: Mind Over Matter
I just purchased this soundtrack but I can already sense a difference in my inner peace of mind & sense of calm over my turbulent thoughts. I look forward to many more...

CoCo Podawiltz

Unforgettable Theta Trilogy
Schumann resonance so beautiful it made me cry with joy and I felt a great shift in awareness.I moved into my heart and felt very clear as if something had swept away...


Inner Knowing: Delta Wind
Very relaxing - I go to sleep with it playing.

Richard Hine

Relaxation, Healing and Mind Development Collection
i simply loved it!!it is very effective...thank you so much..............


Financial Abundance
Just three days after getting your program, I started to receive calls for the Healing sessions that I offer, where I hadn't received any in a long time.


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