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Super Mind Evolution System
I have had the System for just under two weeks, and have just begun to explore all that is there. I love it, and feel it was an excellent investment. I am very, very happy...


Super Mind Music Library
I have been using this product for only a short time and have already noticed a big difference in the way I feel. I am looking forward to being able to achieve my goals in life...

Laury Mitchelle

Feedback. My first point of feedback is the turn-off of your time warning at the website "you have 23 hours... until this webpage is turned off forever." It is silly that anyone would have a webpage that turns off (bad business practice;...


Shaman Spirit Volume 1 (and Shamanic Journey Mixes)
WOW. Amazing. What more can be said about music that is so incredible and technology that delivers exactly what it's supposed to. I walked an...


693Hz Violet Fire Theta Entrainment
Very good. Felt strength or an opening to clarity of mind this is what I meditate on. A need for higher thoughts, "discipline", action, finishing what i start...


Deep Release
I just listened to this audio and found it most relaxing. I have a grandson here that refused to nap and I am going to listen to it again.

Jeanne Schuett

That is such beautiful music. I listened with my eyes closed to the whole mp3 and at one stage it was like I could see light coming into my head. This is a powerful CD and I would love to buy it. I would definitely recommend it. Am interested to...


Brave Heart: Instant Happiness System
I have not tried all of them yet, but what I have listened to. I quite enjoy. I feel that I was waiting all my life for this. thank you so much


Good Vibrations: Jazz Delight
I really like this mp3.

Joyce Dinyar

Shaman Spirit Volume 3: Shamanic Mind
Love it - especially the power animals


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