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Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica
I tried Delta for first time and cos I did not sleep well previous night. I woke up 1 hour later and felt refreshed and relaxed like never before. Thank you.

edison wong

Pineal Gland Activator 936 Hz
Wow! I've only been using Pineal Gland Activator for a short time and I am already noticing an increase in my ability to just "know" things important to me at the time....


The Awakening
This is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have listened to. The words, the pictures, but most of all the music leaves me feeling so peaceful and grateful for all that we have....

Jen Jackson

The Awakening
Euphoric ! the only word to describe it .. best felt than put in words.Nice work.


Arc of Light
This totally sounds like Carlos Nakai at the beach then it kinda slides into everything else that they're calling "New Age" or "Ambient" so where's your edge? I'm sorry, but this really...

Domianna Caruso

I have started using the contemplation music before I meditate and it has helped me focus and then clear for the meditation.

Jan Norton

Pineal Gland Activator 936 Hz
Sounds good - but I need many more days to appreciate its effects!


Clear Reflections: Low Beta
Its like mind spa! Thank U so so much

Rita Mahesh Nathwani

Arc of Light
It is free listening, i dnt see the play button here. i have njoyed listening music every time, you have made it avialable, this is so disappointing now. hope i can hear this before it...


Total Joy and Divine Dimensions: Inner Sync Mixes
Excellent morning workout upper, would not listen to this before bedtime.

Denis Riel

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