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Ultimate Mind Music Collection
The Ultimate Mind Music Collection, is effective in helping me to relax and focus when i meditate. I was skeptical in the begining, but now after listening to the...


Classic Love: Dedicated to You
Hi Iain I love Opera's, Classic music is not my favorite. Some give me a feeling of aggression and irritation, but your classics are wonderful, so restful and peaceful. I...

Emmy Masselink

Have Amazing Runs of Luck
I love the dream programming . I wake up every morning without stress, happy and full of positive things to say. My luck has won several contests. I will be coming back for...


Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments
I love listening to this mp3, it is so relaxing. Whenever I have a few minutes spare I will put it on, I find I stop totally . Even my dog chills out to it.


Unforgettable Theta Trilogy
It is extremely beneficial experience, and I built it in my daily routine. Depending on what I want to accomplish, I listed to one of the albums, and things are incredibly...


Clear Reflections: Low Beta
Love Clear Reflections. Have listened to it a few times now and find it beautiful to listen to. Thank you for your gifts.


Unforgettable Theta Trilogy
I really enjoy listening to these tracks. I have insomnia, and these help me sleep. I have one criticism: Two of the three tracks start with a warning not to listen while...


Magic Healing Pool: Michael Horsphol
Ever wondered what it is like to take a Magic Carpet Ride? Get this recording and you WILL go on a Magic Carpet Ride!


Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments
The First Time I Played Schumann Resonanse The Mind Was Clear,A Calm Singular Focus,Reading Focussed Without Being Distracted By Music Or Other Sounds.The Music...

Ed Siery

The Awakening: Mind Over Matter
Sacred Love is the most beautiful music I think I have ever heard. It made me feel so hopeful, so loved, so peaceful. Thankyou

susan chalker

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