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Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments
I purchased the Schumnn Resonance, Calm mind and Spirit Guide. The music is very relaxing and I really enjoy it. It really is very calming music.

Barb Maxwell

Super Mind Music Library and all the bonuses
there is so much in this package to enjoy,I'm glad I have it.


Super Mind Music Library and all the bonuses
I bought the Super Mind Music Library, and I think it is awesome. Therefore, someone stole my mp3 player a week after my purchase, and I was desperate to...


The Journey: The Ecstasy of Being
The most amazing music makes me fall assleep so deeply, the message after (2nd part is so uplifting) fills me with calm assurance and a total knowing of my path, gives...


Unforgettable Theta Trilogy - excellent product and I also very much appreciate the two bonus recordings - Have an amazing run of luck and The Perfect Sleep System. I have just started using the Theta Trilogy and find it very relaxing. Thanks...

William Hobbs

Solfeggio Harmonics
Magnificent product! As an HSP (highly sensitive person) I could actually feel changes happening in my mind as I listened to all nine tracks. Worth every penny and then some!

William Bruce

Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica
Like clothes with their particular suitability for purpose, going out, going to work, the gym or to sleep, these music choices suit particular situations. It is now 1.30am...

martin rooney

Total Euphoria: Dance Mix
I purchased this as a bit of an energy boost - and to use when I am running. The production values are excellent, and the music top notch - with the tones that 'do the work'...

David Withers

Super Mind Evolution System - Complete
I have felt a change in my outlook on my goals, they seem to be closer to heart then ever before. I will succeed at them also. Thanks, Jim

James Postelwait

Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica
I enjoy it very much, it is absolutely beautiful Thank you


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