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Amazing album. Best purchase ever. I am drawn to listen every day. Touches me deeply.


Shamanic Journey: Deep Theta
This evoked such powerful emotions in me!! The visions, me dancing, allowing my Spirit to select my mate...........I'm not sure what was happening to me, but I enjoyed this...


Deep Release
Simply lovely, as I listened I got more and more relaxed, half way through my whole body was relaxed and I was floating completely distressed, my mind was clear of any thoughts, I felt...


Super Mind Evolution System - Complete
I downloaded last weekend this whole package, because I was surprised about the quality of the examples. And they propose an interesting offer at new year. Now...

Hans Schroter

Arc of Light
Very soothing music. I feel at peace after listening to it. Very different from BWE tracks and easy to reply it over and over again.


Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments
I have serious chronic illnesses and pain and when I listen to this I am able to "float" away to a place a harmony and peace. Lovely!

karen franzen

The Awakening
I bought a few products from you and I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased. The music is beautiful, relaxing and I feel a shift in my vibration as well as see the results in the...


Magic Healing Pool: Michael Horsphol
It's great.!Besides working with healing frecuencies and nature sounds, musical composition is exquisite. A so good artistic level must be really healer:) Thank you!


Shaman Spirit Volume 1 (and Shamanic Journey Mixes)
Love these tracks, have listened everyday for about 5 days now. This music is like a reset button for me, it wipes me clean of any negative emotions...

Linda Shea

Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica
Super relaxing and calming, love it!


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