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What is brainwave entrainment?

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What is brainwave entrainment?

It is a well-known fact that our brains are electrochemical organs, made up of billions of neurons which communicate with each other by sending electrical signals. When examined by medical equipment like electroencephalographs, brain activity is displayed graphically in wavelike patterns, which are called brainwaves.


brainwavesAlthough the different frequencies of brainwaves are not always clearcut, there are gradations within each category, or the categories are often intermixed, basically there are 4 general categories of brainwaves.

Beta Waves

These are the waves that our brains generate when we are wide awake, active and engaged in mental activity, usually involving more the left hemisphere, which is the rational, reality-oriented hemisphere of our brain. When beta wave activity becomes very intense, in actuality, our brain hemispheres become less synchronized in their functioning.

Alpha Waves

These are lower frequency waves, which are generated when we are in a relaxed state and not actively engaged in rigorous mental, problem-solving or task-executing activity. For example, when we are executing routine tasks, like taking a shower, putting on makeup, doing light housework, we are usually in alpha waves. Our thoughts are really not concentrated and our minds wonder freely. When we are engaged in relaxing activities, or when we are meditating, we are usually generating alpha waves. When in an alpha state, a person is more receptive to suggestions, since beta activity, with its reality-checking orientation is no longer in charge. Creativity, and creative visualization can be facilitated by alpha waves. Our brain hemispheres become naturally synchronized, or in-phase with each other.

Theta Waves

The frequency of these waves is even lower resulting in deeper relaxation, and sometimes trancelike states, where the mind feels as though it may have gone to sleep although it hasn't. Prolonged daydreaming, or meditation can induce this low-frequency brain activity, during which an apparent loss of time may be experienced, or the person might say that he had lost touch with the real, material world and was elsewhere. Theta waves are also conducive to visualization and creativity and the mind in this very relaxed state is even more receptive to suggestion and hypnosis. Here, too, our brain hemispheres are synchronized and we experience wholebrain functioning.

Delta Waves

This is the slowest band of waves that our brains produce and they occur when we are in deep, dreamless sleep. These waves are very beneficial for the body which restores and heals itself when in this state.

How Brainwave Entrainment works

The primary function of brainwave entrainment audio is to help TUNE the brainwave rhythms of the person to specific states. Brain science and EEG research dating back over 100 years has shown that specific brain rhythms are associated with specific emotional and cognitive outcomes. For example; it is known that when a dominant brainwave pattern or rhythm has a frequency of 10 cycles per second, it is very likely that the brain will produce the positive brain chemical serotonin. Serotonin is has a powerful effect on mood and increases sense of well being.  Most depression medication works based serotonin.

This is only one example of 1000's of possibilities. Specifically, brainwave entrainment audios exerts its positive effects by offering specialized audio frequencies to the ears and skull that encourage the brains internal patterns and rhythms to match and then follow the frequencies in the audio. This is called The Frequency Following Response.

The Frequency Following response is a natural phenomena that occurs when the right frequencies are heard. Using this natural phenomena combined with advanced audio processing technology and over 100 years of brain research, we are able to create brainwave entrainment audios to help tune and optimize the brain for an unlimited amount of possibilities.

Benefits of Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment comes in many varieties, colors and flavours and can be created for general purposes such as relaxation, to very specific purposes such as increasing verbal skills.

benefits of brainwave entrainmentThere are however, some common benefits that most brainwave entrainment audios have in common. Here they are:

* New neural pathway growth & increase in brain power
* Balancing of the brain's electrical activity & whole brain functioning
* Improved memory
* Balancing of Emotions
* Mozart effect benefits multiplied
* Regulation of sleep cycles
* Positive brain chemical release such as DHEA and Serotonin
* Mood elevation

Here are just some of the long term benefits of using brainwave entrainment:

Brainwave entrainment increases your brain's processing power

Listening to brainwave entrainment builds new neural pathways which encourages the growth of special fibers within the brain.

As these new fibers grow, they increase the surface area available for receiving incoming information. The more of these fibers the brain has, the quicker it can process information. Think of it as bodybuilding for the brain!

Brainwave entrainment can counteract the effects of aging -

The more you listen to brainwave entrainment, and the more new fibers your brain will develop. This makes the brain stronger and allows it to operate at its full potential rather than just a portion of it. This can counteract the debilitating effects of aging.

Brainwave entrainment helps you reach extraordinary levels of performance -

One of the major benefits of brainwave entrainment is the balancing of the brain's electrical activity or whole brain functioning.

As various parts of your brain start to work together, neural pathways begin to fire more rapidly. This can help your brain to reach extraordinary levels of performance and higher thinking ability, which in turn produces intense creativity, clarity and inspiration.

Important Information and Warnings Regarding Brain Wave Entrainment Audios

Brainwave entrainment audio technology works by stimulating and enhancing specific types of brainwave activity that produces cognitive and emotional enhancements. During this process your brain will produce more desirable types of Neuro-chemicals and less of the undesirable ones. In other words you'll feel better more often. Your brain will also experience an increase in blood flow, increased production of NEW neural pathways, axon and dendrite growth. These are all extremely valuable things, however there are certain pre-existing conditions that should they exist must be considered before using our programs.

Those who should consult a qualified physician before using this technology are... - Pregnant women - People who wear a pacemaker - Individuals who have had or are prone to stroke and seizures - Epileptics- People that are under the influence of medication or drugs - People who are taking mood altering substances, legally or illegally - Individuals under the age of 18

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