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Wake Up, Alert, Happy and Excited Every Morning

Wake Up, Alert, Happy and Excited Every Morning

Wake Up, Alert, Happy and Excited Every Morning

How would you like to wake up every morning, full of energy, happy, alert and excited about the day ahead? This audio will help you feel this way...

Simply listen to the audio as you fall asleep. The audio uses hypnosis or brainwave entrainment to help you feel so relaxed. As you drift off to sleep, the audio will communicate with your subconscious mind and pre-program your dreams, helping you to wake up alert, happy and excited every morning.

How often do you wake up thinking…..”Ugh! Another day to get through. I can’t wait until the weekend”. I would guess that 80-85% of individuals wake up with these thoughts. And the sad thing is that as you are in the alpha state when you first waken these negatives thought impinge on your subconscious and set your thought pattern for the day ahead.

Occasionally we wake up with the thought…… “Wow. I’ve got a great day ahead of me. I can’t wait to get into it!” ...but usually only very occasionally.

How would you feel about waking up in this positive frame every morning? Well, there is an extremely simple way to achieve this desirable situation. It uses pre-programmed dream control and is amazingly simple and effective.


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Purchase the Dream programming audio today and you'll get the FULL Dream Programming report taken from the revolutionary mind power research of Jim Francis.


Also available in The Super Mind Evolution System - along with 14 other cutting-edge Dream programming albums.

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Customer Reviews

I enjoy starting my day with this refreshing sound track. its a great pause before a busy day, to get my head into the tasks to be completed. I am also starting to listen to my music library instead of the radio during the day.

Author: Rorerick Miller

This downloaded but it is barely audible. This is one of the MP3 I paid for and can not listen to on my MP3 and neither can I hear it on my Windows Media Player. The is little or no sound and I have to classify it as poor quality

Author: Sarah

I have been very impressed by this meditation and have had more success with this than many other products.

Author: Gillian

So, this was the first track I tried and it says to listen to one for 2 weeks so I did. I DEFINITELY noticed a shift in my mood, are I'm just so happy I feel and think noticeably more positive now. I did listen to other things but I feel like the benefit mostly came from this and I often DID wake up with this extra curiosity about what the day would bring and excitement about that! Even on Saturdays even though for months I get into an emotional funk on Saturdays.

Author: Athena

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