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Untold Depths

Untold Depths

Untold Depths

Untold Depths is a 60 minute soothing, imaginative soundscape that provides just enough stimulation to absorb your attention and draw you into a deeply relaxed state, but not so much stimulation that it ever becomes distracting.

In this way, Untold Depths really helps to wash away troubling thoughts. It will help you to relax your mind so that you can either concentrate on achieving a state of deep meditation, or let go and sink into a state of blissful sleep.

This is one of those songs that tends to grow on you over time. We like to think that Untold Depths is kind of like a friend that you can call on whenever you need a good dose of inner peace in your life.

With Delta brainwave entrainment - The perfect sleep music

This music contains a continuous binaural beat of 2 Hertz and encourages a state of delta relaxation. Delta brainwaves are most prevalent during deep, dreamless sleep. The delta state is a mostly unconscious state that is essential to one’s physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. People who are able to achieve a state of delta relaxation through meditation will sometimes describe spiritual encounters and out of body experiences. The delta state is perfect for inducing profound spiritual experiences, healing and deep subconscious repatterning. Delta frequency brainwave entrainment music is also a fantastic cure for insomnia.

You'll find a sample in the audio player below. As it contains brainwave entrainment, listening is only recommended to people 18 years and older.

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Customer Reviews

This is the finest deep delta brain entrainment product I have ever listened to. I was quickly transformed to a state of deep relaxation so powerful that in two hours I felt as if I had slept an entire night. As good as this tape worked on the entrainment front what was even better, and what really stood out for me is the fact that the tracks from mind power stand head and shoulders above the competition in regards to their magnificent sound quality and the stunning beauty of the music itself.

Author: Mickey

Loved this used it for my Yoga class last week and the group had an overwhelming response of being extra relaxed this week!

Author: Doreen Zuznis

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