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Unforgettable Theta Trilogy

Unforgettable Theta Trilogy

Unforgettable Theta Trilogy

3 Powerful brainwave entrainment mixes, each concentrating around a different Theta brainwave frequency - 7.83 Hz Schumann Frequency - Benefits of listening include enhanced reading/learning, rejuvenation, grounding and ESP activation. 7.5 Hz The Spirit - Creativity and problem solving and 6.3 Hz Calm Mind - Reduce anger and irritability, enhance learning and memory retention, astral and mental projection.

Please Note: Each album is backed by the same beautiful 13 tracks - Unforgettable Moments - stunning modern classical music - romantic, dramatic, epic ...magic...


4 Hz to 8 Hz - Theta Brainwave level

The theta state is a state of tremendous stress relief. The benefits include improved concentration, reduced hyperactivity and improved memory. Also one’s blood pressure, breathing and heart rate all slow to a much more healthy level that promotes natural healing.


Buy the mp3s individually through the links below, or scroll down to buy all 3 together for just $44.85 $7

Click on the album titles below to learn more about each album or to purchase them individually (links will open in a new window) -

7.83 Hz Schumann Frequency  - Tune into the frequency of earth - the Schumann Resonance at 7.83 Hz. Also known as the heartbeat of Earth, benefits of listening include enhanced reading/learning, rejuvenation, grounding, ESP activation, anti-jetlag, anti-mind control and improved stress tolerance. It can also help you feel balanced, grounded, whilst calming and focusing the mind

The Schumann Resonances

The Schumann Resonances are electromagnetic waves that exist in the space between the surface of the Earth and the Ionosphere - 7.83, 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 Hz. They are said to be the heartbeat of mother earth.

When a person's brain waves resonate with 7.83 Hz, it has been shown in scientific studies to be an essential requirement for physical and psychological health. Laboratory research has also shown that exposing living cells to the Schumann Resonance had the effect of increasing their immune protection.

Many experts believe that the wide range of artificial Electro magnetic frequencies we are surrounded by every day, (including electrical appliances, wifi and mobile phones), masks the natural beneficial frequency of the Earth. This can cause us to feel more stressed, fatigued and 'out of balance.' Therefore by 'tuning' in to 7.83 Hz we get back to a state of resonance or attunement with the planet's own magnetic frequency and experience the benefits which include enhanced reading/learning, rejuvenation, balance and grounding. It is also common to feel oneness with everything around us, which is often described in ancient teachings, and is quite simply 'Harmonic Resonance' with the frequency of our planet.

To understand more fully why the Schumann Resonance is so important to us, please watch the brilliant free documentary Resonance: Beings of Frequency

7.5 Hz The Spirit - The brainwave entrainment focuses mainly on the theta level of 7.5 Hz. This frequency is said to be perfect for creativity, problem solving, awareness of self and purpose and even help with alcohol and drug addiction. 

6.3 Hz Calm Mind - The brainwave entrainment focuses mainly on the theta level of 6.3 Hz. This frequency is said to be perfect for reducing anger and irritability, as well as accelerated learning, increased memory retention and even mental and astral projection.  

The Music

Each album includes the same magical 21st century classical music from award-winning composers - Romantic, dramatic, epic ...Listening is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED... You can hear samples in the video above and the audio player below...

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Customer Reviews

beautiful music, feel good listening to them. I am looking forward to seeing what results may be after several listenings.

Author: Jeff

Dear all,
Thanks a million for this wonderful Theta Trilogy. It is so releasing and my vibrations just switch in an instant everytime I listen to them.
I cannot help but listening to each of them at least twice a day. It is really a need and a great tool to feel inner peace and to let go of all the burdens that are weightening our daily lives. What a bliss!

Author: Sibie

I have been playing the Schumann Resonance at work. Co workers have been asking to listen to it. Referred them to your website

Author: Diane

i found this trilogy very calming and relaxing exuse the pun you could say it is out of this world
thanks hilda.

Author: hilda

I listen to the music before I go to sleep and I really love it. I usually fall asleep before it has ended and I think it is an easy way to get the messages to the subconscious.

Author: Ruth

I just recently got the Theta Trilogy and I haven't used all the mp3's as yet but there are two things I would like to say.

The first is how amazed I was at the generous bonuses that came with the purchase - especially the CHOICE of bonus. How could you have known that I am facing a really serious health challenge and that I needed the Speed Healing? I play that often. I will let you know what happens. Thank you so very much.

The Schumann Resonances are particularly soothing! I play it daily

Author: Cheryl

I am very pleased with the quality of this product , have been listening to it for the past few days and truly enjoy the outcome

Author: Sam

The first time I listened to this music. I had chills running up and down my body. Then about 10 minutes into it I began to sob like I havent done in a long time. The experience was very cleansing. I am feeling less rigid and I am better able to "go with the flow".

I am still looking for the answers to my problems, but I am less worried and agitated which has really helped me and my relationships. Thank you for the beautiful, touching music.

Author: Cheryl

At this moment I feel so privileged to have locked into this absolutely powerful and empowering collection of amazing works that do as they say they will. It is this opportunity that I have given myself tat has raised my vibration totally to a place that feels awesome to me
The collection of beautifully orchestrated albums absolutely provides a wonderfully relaxing medium for change to happen effortlessly, automatically and easily
Bless you, great work team

Author: Sue McDonald

Such Beautiful music!!

Author: Pennie Newman

These are really beautiful. Not only do they work, they're enjoyable to listen to.

Author: Cieme

Beautiful music that really did make me feel calm and yet invigorated in a sublime way.

Author: Linda Andrus

Schumann resonance so beautiful it made me cry with joy and I felt a great shift in awareness.I moved into my heart and felt very clear as if something had swept away negative energy and replaced it with vibrant silence.
Calm mind so relaxing.I have had many astral experiences which have been unsettling but after listening to this music I had an astral experience that same night which felt like the most natural thing in the world and I have been unafraid since then.
Thank you for your wisdom

Author: kerry

I purchased the Unforgettable Theta Trilogy a short time ago, the soundtrack is a better quality and easier listening to than any other bwe products I have purchased. I feel calmer and more relaxed since using it and I don't get stressed.

Author: Erle Ingram

I've only been using the Unforgettable Theta Trilogy soundtracks for a few days and I am already experiencing some things that cannot be explained rationally. It's as if I am either accurately guessing what is coming, or what I'm desiring is manifesting almost instantly! Even my dreams have been a lot more in depth, and my conscious awareness in them has made them exponentially more exciting. I am amazed at what is happening to me. Simply amazed.

Author: B Awesome

I have been listening to the unforgettable theta trilogy for a week now and I must say that the music resonates with me in such a calming and spiritual way....love the music....

Author: loz

This is a mind blowing set of music. If you find you are battling to understand some written material, read it with this playing in your headphones, and it makes it crystal clear.
Another good one is Good Vibrations Jazz Delight - even more mind blowing. Try, buy and rave about it

Author: Martyn

I really enjoy listening to these tracks. I have insomnia, and these help me sleep. I have one criticism: Two of the three tracks start with a warning not to listen while driving, etc. This is very disruptive to to flow of one track to the next in my playlist. It would be better if the warning was a separate track that I could listen to once then discard. I don't need to hear this every time I listen.

Author: Dale

nice, but all the audios are the same, which was a HUGE disappointment. The vibrattion levels might be different, but it's not perceptible by most.

I wish they were different, like the samples were

Author: Gale

I purchased the Unforgettable Theta Trilogy, and the first few times that I listened to these MP3's, I experienced a great sorrow, I feel I was releasing negative energy, since then, I am amazed how much better I feel emotionally, and spiritually.

Author: Karen Miller

I have seen some changes in the form of motivation, as well as feeling lighter. I find myself smiling for no apparant reason. The music is simply beautiful as well. Instead of turning on the T.V, I listen to this all day while doing my chores and other activities that aren't fun. I've been very productive as a result. Thanks. What a blessing!

Author: stacey

First one I played, I loved-Unforgetable moments
Did not like the 2 others.
The one with constant rain downfall was irritating
The 3rd had singing/talking on it, I prefer just the ones with music only.

Author: Alice Ridden

I have been listening for about a week now and I am so much more calm, peaceful and well rested. These have been some of the most relaxing meditations I have ever experienced. There are fewer and fewer anxiety/panic attacks. All I can say is, "thank you."

Author: R. Graham

I recently bought the Unforgettable Theta Trilogy. I have already noticed some changes in the way I feel and I love the music that the Schumann Resonance mp3 is composed with.

Author: Angela Sparks

I have started listening to theta triology and overall agitation in the mind is much lesser

Author: Swethaapriya

This product is soooo relaxing and inspiring. Beautiful arrangements that seems to soothe the soul while listening. Thank you so much for the joy of listening

Author: Carmelle

Certainly a good buy, however would liked to have heard different music with each as it sounds all the same although each for a different purpose. My Brain gets a wee bit confused with this and would have preferred to listen to different sounds for each specific experience.

Good buy no less. Thanks

Author: jacqui

It is extremely beneficial experience, and I built it in my daily routine. Depending on what I want to accomplish, I listed to one of the albums, and things are incredibly easier.

Author: Zoran

When I listen one of the albums from the Unforgettable Theha Trilogy (or any other BWE album to be honest) I'm overwhelmed with positive emotions. I feel so blissful and happy I start to cry. I'm such a cry baby and I simply love it! Thank you very much for those beautiful albums.

Author: Nina

i need mp3 music for active my mind , because i must save more information and never forget it . and i need pass the hard exam . specially i need my mind work with out delay .

Author: nasrin

This is some of the most beautiful and relaxing music that I've ever encountered. I am so happy to have discovered these albums as they evoke a range of emotions from: love, joy, harmony, tranquility, and peace. They are my go to after a rough day. I have not felt such a stillness of the mind in a long time. Very addicting!

Author: Veronica

I purchased a library of the mind, body and spirit music system. I find listening to the music with BWE integrated very soothing and relaxing. I intend to continue to put the positive effects of the music to practice as I observe myself changing in a positive fashion! The quality of the recordings is exceptional. Thank you so much for these wonderful products.

Author: Timo

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