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The Journey: The Ecstasy of Being

The Journey: The Ecstasy of Being

The Journey: The Ecstasy of Being

This sublime meditational music, by The Awakening composer Christopher Lloyd Clarke, evolves slowly and gently - mysterious ethereal soundscapes gradually blooming into choral crescendos that border on climactic ...before receding into soft, celestial passages that envelop the mind and open the heart. The Ecstasy of Being is a musical work of great emotional depth – a composition that reaches the heights of elation whilst remaining utterly peaceful...

...the brainwave entrainment takes you on a 60 minute journey, through gateways of frequencies to accelerated healing and beyond to universal connectedness.

This track contains various frequency ranges that we believe will help you achieve balance, peace of mind and a full feeling of connectedness to yourself and the universe.

Below is a chart outlining the frequency ranges that this track address as it starts from beginning to end.  

  • 12 Hz Centering, mental stability - Gateway to all other frequencies
  • 9.0 Hz - Awareness of causes of body imbalance & means for balance
  • 9.41 Hz - Pyramid frequency (outside)
  • 9.6 Hz - Mean dominant frequency associated with earth's magnetic field
  • 10.5 Hz Healing, Relaxed alertness associated with the heart chakra
  • 12 Hz Centering, mental stability - Gateway to all other frequencies
  • 13.8 Hz - Associated with Frontal Lobes (the seventh sense, final decision making)
  • 14.1 Hz "Earth Resonance" Earth Harmonics - accelerated healing
  • 26: Hz Schumann Resonance (4th level)
  • 30 Hz Edge of Gamma: Compassion, Intelligence, Enlightenment, Inner and out Connectedness

Watch the inspirational video below 'A Message from the Future' to hear the music and see the mysterious message from the future...

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The Journey: The Ecstasy of Being
The Journey: The Ecstasy of Being
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The Awakening: Mind Over Matter

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Customer Reviews

The most amazing music makes me fall assleep so deeply, the message after (2nd part is so uplifting) fills me with calm assurance and a total knowing of my path, gives me a calm feeling to my core and gets rid of any doubts. This is so amazing.

Author: dori

It is really, really powerful.

It brings out feelings from my heart that I never knew I had.

Totally relaxing!

Author: Neil

I bought The Journey and The Schumann Resonance about a week ago, because of the accellerated healing properties that was claimed for those vibrations.

The reason I bought them is because about 5 years ago I had to have a sinus op during which something apparently went quite wrong and I was left with a chronic cough that has become worse over the years, regardless of any medication. Nothing helped.

Now, after only a few days of listening to your MP3s. there is an amazing improvement!

Author: Natasha

For quite a few years I was following and a user of brainwave entrainment, and always wondered what if it was overlaid with world or contemporary music. And now I found it in your site. As an amateur musician, I found tremendous enjoyment with the musical composition and still hear the underlying entrainment. A question, if I may, is it binaural beat or isochronic tones as the entrainment process? Regards, Norman Alexander.

Author: norman alexander

I have been listening to The Journey for a few days now, and it is really keeping me calm and helping me to sleep better. I had an incident at work yesterday where someone was verbally attacking me for no reason, I normally would stress and obsess about it, but I started listening to the MP3 and within minutes was calm and put the incident out of my mind. I also have been listening to some of your other MP3's and find myself calmer, in a better mood, and laughing more often.

Author: Robin Shelp

Love Vibration: World Energy
Super Mind Evolution System-Complete
The Journey: The Ecstasy of Being

Author: Konstantin

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Super Mind Evolution System - Complete
I like very much the Mp3s.


This music collection is beautiful and uplifting, however I am not sure if it had any brainwave entrainment with the music? This is similar to Merlin.

s g

Super Mind Evolution System - Complete
Wow! There is so much here to enjoy. I believe we need a forum or some form of community to best put this system to use. For example, as I was going through the...

Steve McNally

Heartbeat of Gaia: The Trilogy
WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! absolutely stunning music..... Thank you


Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments
Thank you so much for creating these beautiful cds. I listen to them before I go to sleep and they make me feel so relax. The music is amazing it's like I'm...

Isabel Taylor

Deep Release
I have been working with the Healing & pain relief series for several days now. I was involved in car accident three days ago. I was rear ended at a stop light. Although I have visible...

Laura Roberts

Elegant Efficiency: The Sweetest Strings
Hi I couldn't. Listen to the above compilation as I'm currently using an iPad. Any suggestions? Regards Len

Len Heilborn

Thank you for this wonderful album. I've injured myself and have been in pain for a week now and listening to this helped me relax for the first time. I'm going to buy this album. Thank you...

Michele Andree Lemieux

Relaxation, Healing and Mind Development Collection
Bloody Magic Stuff.


The Zen Zone: Cello Enchantment
It gave me a bit of a headache for the first 10 minutes. After with the voices it was ok ,but I didn't relax very easily.


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