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The Ecstasy of Being

The Ecstasy of Being

The Ecstasy of Being

This sublime meditation music evolves slowly and gently - mysterious ethereal soundscapes gradually blooming into choral crescendos that border on climactic ...before receding into soft, celestial passages that envelop the mind and open the heart. The Ecstasy of Being is a musical work of great emotional depth – a composition that reaches the heights of elation whilst remaining utterly peaceful.  Track 60 minutes long.

You can hear this music in the video below A Message from The Future...

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Customer Reviews

Chris, your compositions rock! I first downloaded the Sacred heart, that was my first encounter with your music. I have found a way of connecting with them. They always give me the "Floating on a cloud" which is amazing! I would recognize it from anywhere because it is heavenly! Keep up the good work. My visualizations are a piece of cake!

Author: carolyn

Simply blissful!

Author: Diane Sherman

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was wonderful music to lisen to make me filling good and happy. thank you.


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