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Synchronicity, Celestial and Unlimited Luck programs

Synchronicity, Celestial and Unlimited Luck programs

Synchronicity, Celestial and Unlimited Luck programs

Scientifically put, luck is "an individual’s psychokinetic interaction with their environment". It is their inherent ability to manipulate (usually subconsciously) events within their environment to produce positive unexpected windfalls.

But most amazingly of all, there appears to have been no concentrated scientific investigation at all into this phenomena.

There has been vast well funded research into all sorts of quantum psychics, cancer cures, atomic energy, space propulsion systems, digital information storage and transfer - but no known research whatsoever into the primordial paranormal events which impacts on 100% of the human race - LUCK.

This is nothing short of an extraordinary omission.

Until now... Get these 3 programs...

Celestial Luck - Tap into future luck knowledge

This brand NEW mind power program created by the research team enables your subconscious mind to tap into future luck knowledge, and to transfer this knowledge to your conscious mind in a clear and precise manner. The report also reveals their startling discoveries, including what may turn out to be another biorhythm!

Over 12 months of experimenting went into the script that we've now turned into a powerful mp3. You'll learn how to train your subconscious to receive strong emotions or impressions impelling you to take certain actions to enjoy financial windfalls on a regular basis.

You'll probably also notice an improvement in health and well-being too.

Synchronicity Luck Program - Discover your natural luck cycles

The research team developed a totally new program to enable you to create synchronistic events to your advantage.

Comes with UNIQUE audio which will help re-program certain basic subconscious beliefs that you have held since a child. This audio will help you become more aware of your natural luck cycles, you may find that you become more intuitive and you'll feel good about yourself. You'll probably feel more refreshed, more positive and more enthusiastic about life in general.

It will enable you to recognize apparently unrelated synchronistic events. You'll suddenly recognize what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you.

Bonus - Unlimited Luck - A new way to attract luck

This powerful short report reveals a stunning new way to attract luck... It's simple and it works! Imagine how much EASIER your life would be if you were always lucky...

Maybe you play poker, backgammon or other games where luck is a factor?... get the edge over opponents.

Imagine how much money could you make if luck was always on YOUR side...This report is also available in The Super Mind Evolution System - along with 19 other cutting-edge reports.

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Customer Reviews

Have tried others . This product is great. Amazing

Author: Leo Bou

I have bought the programs above a few days ago. I just love them and I intend to make some comments in the near future. However, I would like to know if Jim Francs lives in Australia and if he had a Brazilian friend named Claudia who lived in Sydney around 1998 (that would be me). He gave me at the time a manuscript of Mind Surge Programs from Australian Lateral Concepts Group. If he is who I am thinking he is, would you please ask him to write to me? Thanks. Claudia

Author: Claudia

Two days after using the Luck recording something very lucy happened to me. It's private so I won't say what it was. Basically if you believe luck will come to you it will.

Author: helen

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