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SALE ENDS SOON - Super Mind Music Library and all the bonuses

SALE ENDS SOON - Super Mind Music Library and all the bonuses

SALE ENDS SOON - Super Mind Music Library and all the bonuses

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Make HUGE Savings - 20 Super Mind Music albums for 1 Low Price includes:

  • Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica - Superb acoustic guitar blended with powerful delta BWE - Benefits include pain relief, anti-aging, deepest relaxation, accelerated healing, enhanced intuition, deep connection with subconscious mind and sometimes moments of extreme bliss.
  • Lush Life: Ambient Chill and Dream Trip - Open your mind and clear away all limiting beliefs. Prepare yourself for abundance. BWE mixed with 2 beautiful and unique music albums: electronic/classical ambient and chillout/trip hop.
  • Classic Love: Dedicated to You - 10 beautiful classical love songs including ave maria, enhanced with brainwave entrainment designed to help you give and accept love.
  • Unwind Your Mind: Ambient Journey - Beautiful ambient music mixed with BWE to improve creativity, boost mental alertness and sharpen focus and concentration.
  • Blissful Meditation: Piano Moods - The BWE helps the listener relieve stress and reach deep levels of relaxation, as well as encouraging brain balance, new neural pathways growth and increased mind power. The music contains classics such as the beautiful Moonlight Sonata mixed together with some wonderful 21st century classical piano.
  • Contemplation Stimulation: Classical Peace - This album facilitates deep, contemplative and profound thinking ...and uses a brand new BWE technique. Highlights of the music include the Tchaikovsky Nocturn and the famous Romanze, by Mozart.
  • Dream Maker: Chillout Groove - This chillout music album will help you relax and let go of tension while increasing the ability to visualize in a clear and focused manner. The music is chilled, uplifting, sometimes jazzy, sometimes a little funky ...and has even been compared to Pink Floyd!
  • Creative Genius: Mozart Symphony - This album will help in 3 areas that are most influential on the ability to succeed; Mind Power, Focus and Creativity. The music contains beautiful tracks from Mozart Symphonies 29 and 40.
  • Effortless Efficiency: Vivaldi, 4 Seasons - This audio entrains both sides of the brain separately to substantially improve focus and concentration while keeping you relaxed and feeling good. The music is the popular The Four Seasons composition by Vivaldi.
  • Energy Activation: Holst, The Planets - This full track is designed to give the entire Chakra system an energetic tune-up. From the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra, these energy systems in the body are represented in this audio by corresponding frequencies of tones and pitches. The music is The Planets - a seven-movement orchestral suite by Gustav Holst.
  • Working Rhythms: Mystic Fusion - The BWE is designed to keep you energized, focused and creative at the same time. The music is an exciting combination of Middle Eastern rhythms mixed with modern electronica.
  • Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments - #1 Best Seller - Tune into the frequency of earth - the Schumann Resonance at 7.83 Hz. Also known as the heartbeat of Earth, this frequency helps with rejuvenation, ESP activation, accelerated healing and enhanced learning. It also helps you feel balanced and grounded. The unforgettable music contains stunning 21st century classical moments...
  • Inner Vision: Piano Moods 2 - Enhance your inner guidance and inner vision. Brainwave entrainment uses frequencies to boost intuition, clairvoyance, healing, immunity and coherence - blended with wonderful relaxing piano music.
  • Brain Boost: Beethoven Symphony - The BWE encourages focus and concentration, intelligence, motivation, external problem solving, creativity and improves the decision making process. Blended with the glorious Fifth Symphony by Beethoven and his famous Pastoral Symphony No. 6. Comes with 2 versions - intense and normal! The ultimate brain boost...
  • Sunset Cafe: Pleasure Mix - The music is chilled, laid back ...and fun ...and the brainwave entrainment encourages the production of Feel Good Chemicals to instantly improve your emotional state.
  • The Awakening: Mind Over Matter - Listening to the beautiful chakra music on the complete The Awakening album will awaken and purify each one of your chakras in turn, helping you to feel balanced and healthy. This album is also directly associated with heart and healing.
  • Total Euphoria: Dance Mix - Combines delta frequencies 0.9 Hz - Euphoria, 3.5 Hz - Unity, wholebeing regeneration, dna stimulation and stress relief with alpha frequency 10. 5 Hz - Healing of body, mind/body unity, stimulates immunity, enhances mind over matter, improves love of life, and love of self and others. ...mixed with uplifting dance music for total euphoria...
  • The Journey: Ecstasy of Being - This sublime music evolves slowly and gently - mysterious ethereal soundscapes, choral crescendos and soft, celestial passages ...the Ecstasy of Being is a musical work of great emotional depth. The BWE takes you on a journey through gateways of frequencies to accelerated healing and beyond to universal connectedness.
  • The Spirit: Unforgettable Moments - The BWE focuses mainly on the theta level of 7.5 Hz. This frequency is said to be perfect for creativity, problem solving, awareness of self and purpose and even help with alcohol and drug addiction.
  • Calm Mind: Unforgettable Moments - The BWE focuses mainly on the theta level of 6.3 Hz. This frequency is said to be perfect for reducing anger and irritability, as well as accelerated learning, increased memory retention and even mental and astral projection.

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Super Mind Music Library - All 20 unique and powerful albums



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Deep Delta: Unforgettable Moments $29.95 FREE
Brave Heart: Instant Happiness System $44.85 FREE
The Perfect Sleep System $39.95 FREE




''Your music transformed me'.

'Your music transformed me. Whenever I listen to it I feel at peace with myself and the universe. Now I am another person, better than the one I had always been, and most importantly people notice it without my even knowing it ...and they tell me. When I tell them I have a secret and want to share, they just don’t believe me. Thanks a lot for all your sharings.' Tidiane

'' If everyone listened to Mind Power MP3s the world would be a much better place'.

'I have been with you for quite a while and I have a lot of your music. I found that I am much calmer in my day to day life. Also with my study I found I could focus and concentrate so much better. Brain Boost and Effortless Efficiency were great when I had an exam, I would just breeze through. I believe if everyone listened to Mind Power MP3s the world would be a much better place. I am now in a peaceful place because of it. I love all the albums I have and I am grateful to all who have made this possible.' Sue-Ellen

''Love it! I listen to them almost everyday for about a year and the results are great!'.

'Love it! I listen to them almost everyday for about a year and the results are great! I feel more relaxed in my sleep, more energized throughout my day and more focused on all my tasks ^_^ You can’t find this kind of quality music and beats anywhere else (at least I haven’t seen any). I totally recommend this to anyone.' TrueArtGirl


'My brain was working like it had never worked before'.

'The mental balance that mind power mp3′s create is really cool. I knew that I felt better after listening, but I had no tangible evidence that these ‘feelings’ were anything more that wishful thinking. Until I watched an episode of Wheel of fortune. I’ve always been reasonably good at the game but suddenly, I’m solving the puzzles with only a couple of letters.I was much faster and more accurate than the contestants! The knowledge of the correct answers just flowed through me! I realized that my brain was working like it had never worked before. This is really cool stuff.' Rev Marge


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Customer Reviews

I have heard quite a lot of bwe music but this beats them all hands down, you can feeel the effect within minutes and leaves you with the feel good factor for the rest of the day and even the follwing day on one listening.

Author: Paul from ireland

I've tried many BWE programs but this Mp3 set is the best I've ever listened to. I like the music which adds to the elevating experience that I get. It is definitely transformational.

Author: Eric

I love the mind power MP3s I have purchased to date. The brainwave entrainment is working well. I listen to them every night. The acid reflux which has been bothering me for the past 2 years is finally feeling alot better and I am feeling better overall. Purchasing these MP3s was a good decision.

Author: Diomaris

I've been unemployed for the last 2 weeks,although I am a very positive person, worries and fears had set into my system deeply. After just one play of ther complimentary trial track my fears my anxities left me. The beauty of the acoustics reminded me of the beauty and order of the universe. It settled into every fiber of my being and I feel relaxed and joyous. I have hope.
TY for providing this wonderful gift.
One more comment, I never bother making reviews, but it would be wrong not to.

Author: Angie

I have listened to a variety of Mind Power MP3's and have loved them all. Amazing, wonderful, fabulous...

Author: Judith Miller

I love the work you guys are doing to help people raise their level of consciousness through all the media available. The quality of the material presented is fantastic and Jeff Gignac brainwave entrainment and programs are wonderful. I´m thankful to get to know all of you! Thanks.
(From the translator, to Portuguese, of The 2012 Tapping Solution World Summit, Brad Yates´The Wisard´s Wish, and others)

Author: Liliane

We got the introductory offer, and we have begun, it is powerful, amazing, and definitely helping us to balance, have peace, be open, and hopefully so much more. Thank You.

Author: John and Belinda Axelson

I am very happy with my purchase.
I have been increasingly looking for relaxing music and this has managed to get my mind adrift...

Author: Marieke Smuts

The Journey is one of the most beautiful, relaxing and peace-inducing albums I have ever listened to. A million thank-yous!

Author: Jane Irving

I have been listening to these downloads every day whilst walking to work, and I feel a lot more positive this week!

Author: MT

I play all the mps. Just can't get enough of them. Totally relaxing. So far favorite
Schumann and still processing the package. One of the best purchases I have made. Thank you.

Author: joan klein

I ordered the Super Mind Music Library and all the bonuses and have listened to almost all of them, some 36 tracks, and have found them to be the absolute best music, brainwave entrainment and hypnosis mp3's that I have used. I have used dozens of others most of which are quite good but not up to the standards and quality of Mind Power. I am very happy with my purchase and at $97.00 they were a very good buy for so many. Keep up the good work.

Author: Brian Neal

Amazing Music!
Such variety...Trance, Chill Out, Classical & Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Classical etc etc.
All with the added benefits of Brain Wave Technology...Amazing!
Providing the free sample tracks is a great idea, otherwise I just wouldn't have believed how good these mp3's could be.
I purchased after repeatedly playing the samples and so wanted the full versions.
I Sometimes play them without headphones, through external speakers and my partner commented how great the music was! Thanks Max

Author: max

I suffer from Tinnitus, thanks to this beautiful music I am able to meditate and distract my mind to a beautiful sound.


So many beautiful and moving albums in one source. Just love them so much and they are already working on me!!

Author: Debra Haworth

I discovered your music while preparing for surgery. Upon seeing all your titles, I felt like a kid in a candy shop, uncertain about where to begin. I chose the Top Ten Listening Experiences and I know I made the right choice. I find the tracks to be so soothing, so calming--perfect for visualizing cells regenerating or just letting myself float in and out while I recover. Rehab will take six months, and I am so grateful to have Super Mind Music as my companion and guide through this process!

Author: Elizabeth

Excellent customer service - immediate response. I was highly satisfied!

Author: E

Excellent music, it changes one's vibration quickly and effortlessly.

Author: Eugene Byers

If sound is the vibration that bring us near our ORIGIN the one sound and vibrations you guys are composing are such a delight for my soul that there are no words I can find to tell you how much I enjoy all of them, classical - instrumental ect.ect.

Author: Marina

Just purchased the collection of 18 Super Mind Music downloadable mp3's. Really lovely, I am working my way through them one by one and I am delighted with the beautiful music and nature sounds. My favourite up to now is the Schumann Resonance, it really does make you feel happy. I will report back with any interesting developments.

Author: Esther McGaw

An awesome, must have collection - I can't believe I hesitated so long before getting this library of music. High caliber, great results. Don't miss this one!

Author: Jeff

I bought the Super Mind Music Library, and I think it is awesome. Therefore, someone stole my mp3 player a week after my purchase, and I was desperate to listen to the Super Mind Music Library again while away from home. So I drove immediately to the store to buy another MP3 player in order to have my Super Mind Music Library with me at the office while I work. It is very relaxing; A pleasant music. I recommend it.

Author: Jean

I just started out receiving the demo's and right away I could feel a change just from the demo's alone. I knew I had to get the full library if the demo's worked this great. I intend to buy Ultimate Mind Music system very soon to add to my collection of some really powerful and awesome audio's. Thanks Mind Power for everything! Donna C

Author: Lori K

I enjoy the variety in this library. Very calming and stimulating all in one purchase.

Author: Penny

Listening to the variety of absolutely beautiful music coupled with the BWE is a powerful tool for raising my vibration. I would love to hear some of the piano master pieces of Richard Clayderman & BWE.

Author: Renee Brady

Just starting my journey!! excited to discover all the hidden gems in your library! watch this space!!

Author: Amali

Excellent music. Very calming and relaxing. I listen to the album when I wake up at night and then I can go right back to sleep.

Author: Jay

I enjoy the QUALITY of the music. I'm more focused and no longer suffer from the dreaded mid-afternoon slump.

Author: Andrew

I am just completely amazed at the power of these audios. Listening to the music while I work has me feeling focused, calm and overall just great. Thank you.

Author: Alan

I like the music very much and use it, when I read or sit with my laptop. Very good, indeed.

Author: Peter Møller Andersen

I've only had the Super Mind Power a few days and most of that has been used for downloading. I have enjoyed what few recordings I've listened to. Music is great and has helped calm the stress.

Author: Steve

Nice variety and functionality. Just starting to use it. I like the integration with the music which makes me want to hear it more and more.

Author: Gadi B.

I can never thank you enough for creating the premium mind body spirit music system!
So much value for so little money. Since I bought it on August 15 I listen to it every day and the bonuses are amazing! I feel a change already. I am only at module one I can hardly imagine how my life will have changed when I finish module 6
I feel so grateful

Author: Adriene

I just downloaded this and so have not listened to many but what I have I find to be very relaxing, satisfying and peaceful....thank you

Author: Linda Oostmeyer

Really loving the music in this package, folks: both for its own sake, and - surprisingly - from the BWE perspective.

I'll be honest: I've been a bit sceptical about BWE in the past. I really only bought this package as instrumental music I could work to (I'm a writer, so lyrics can break my focus and distract me)

But I've been listening to your music almost non-stop since I bought it - it really does seem to help.

Brilliant stuff - I'll definitely be buying more!

Author: Tanja

Amazing technology combined with beautiful music to soothe your body mind and spirit is what I am experiencing daily with this collection. Very impressed with the free music downloads that has been gifted after my purchase. This music is life changing!

Author: Renuka

It's hard to find something more relaxing than to tune into the world of super mind music at the end of the day. The music is amazing and the BWE lets you fall into a blissful state of mind.

Author: Nathan

I've been using the Beethoven Symphony (Intense) daily, the Fast Learn Ballet occasionally, and the Psychic Affirmations Low sparsely. Initially I did experience the light irritability that came with prolonged listening, however I took some time for about a week 15 minutes a day now I can listen to all 3 comfortably. The result I have noticed so far is being able to predict the weather up to 5 days in advance if I ask the question of myself and speak without thinking I know what's coming.

Author: Jordan

Well I bought this collection because I love the music!

Personally, I use this music to work, it gets me in the flow and I tend to work faster and effortlessly.

as a Certified Master NLP Programmer by INLPTA, I highly recommend it!

Author: Luis

Very nice. I find the music helpful when I meditate, say after a heavy kettlebell session. The schumann frequency is really cool too, as it has helped my concentration in mathematics research. Inexplicably my piano playing has improved and become less stressful, even though the violin is my primary instrument. Keep up the good work.

Author: peter

I love music & How it makes Me feel.

Author: Michele

Having just purchased the Premium B/M/S system and sampled a few I am impressed with the ease of the purchase along wjth the quality, depth and clarity of the recordings.
I am sure that as I journey through this tmpressive collection it will be as good if not better than that experienced to date.

Author: graham somerton

I've tried out a variety of different brain wave entrainment companies and what stands out to me about mindpowermp3 is the breadth and variety of beautiful music their entrainment overlays. Most of my favorite albums are the ones with classical music as I already know and love the music. Now I get to enjoy the benefit of beautiful music along with the entrainment. It's a fantastic combo.

Author: Brett

Too early to have a real feedback, but I like the quality and variety of musics, which guarantee that I will be able to practice without getting bored by the repetition.

Author: Pierre

Great Music you can go on listening for ever!
For the ones who would like to experiment, Solfeggio Harmonics are available, and to top it all, membership to 2 great sites, wow!

Author: Praveen

I am just a beginner with this technology but I feel so enthusiastic about its effects , I am so thankful to discover it .

Author: Maria Ricaurte

there is so much in this package to enjoy,I'm glad I have it.I love the jukebox

Author: Dawn

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