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Super Mind Evolution System

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The ground-breaking ebook reveals secrets from the research that have never been released to the public for free before... 

  • Discover the Kahuna way to create your future in 5 steps.The powerful Hawaiian Kahuna priests were the keepers of occult secrets known only to a privileged few ...until now. (Full technique given in Chapter 1)
  • Learn how to produce a specific dream to help change your physical reality e.g. improve your overall health. Learn about the dream universe and how to remember dreams and generate the dreams of your choice. (Full technique given in Chapter 2)
  • Learn how to access ALL knowledge ...past, present and future... by tapping into the field. Learn how to use your mind to connect with ...and influence... another person’s mind.(Chapters 3 and 4)

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Super Mind Evolution System

Super Mind Evolution System

For nearly 10 years, Jim Francis and a small privately funded team carried out research into advanced mind power. All of their discoveries were classified as leading edge knowledge, with a few in the world first category. Get over 25 Dream programming mp3s, 7 more mp3s and 23 reports from the research.

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