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Super Mind Evolution System - Sale

Super Mind Evolution System - Sale

For nearly 10 years, Jim Francis and a small privately funded team carried out research into advanced mind power. All of their discoveries were classified as leading edge knowledge, with a few in the 'world first' category.

Get the complete research today and much more for 1 LOW price...

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With the Super Mind Evolution System you get these 15 REVOLUTIONARY Dream programming titles (Many with different versions - over 25 mp3s in total...)

  • Supreme Self Confidence - $14.95
  • A New Zest for Life - $14.95
  • Financial Abundance and Freedom From Stress - $14.95
  • Improve Awareness and Insight - $14.95
  • Amazing Intuition and Remote Viewing Ability - $14.95
  • Quit Smoking Forever - $14.95
  • Lose Weight Naturally - $14.95
  • Patience and Tolerance - $14.95
  • Materialize Goals Quickly - $14.95
  • Reduce Stress Levels - $14.95
  • Attract The Perfect Partner Into Your Life - $14.95
  • Effortlessly Find The Perfect Job - $14.95
  • Incredible Runs of Luck - $14.95
  • Wake Up Alert, Happy and Excited Every Morning - $14.95
  • Improve Your Health - $14.95


You also get another 7 UNIQUE audios with accompanying reports from the research -

  • The Psychokinetic Problem Solving Program - Produce 'inspired' answers almost at will - $29.95
  • Celestial Luck - Tap into future luck knowledge and Synchronicity Luck Program - Discover your natural luck cycles - $49.95
  • Lucid Dreaming - Live out your fantasies in your dreams ...and remember them - $29.95
  • The Extraordinary World of Alpha - Reach deep levels of meditation - $29.95
  • Find Your Purpose In Life - Become more fulfilled, more motivated and much happier - $29.95
  • The Ultimate Visualization Exercise - The most powerful visualization exercise ever discovered - $29.95


You also get these 14 stunning ORIGINAL reports taken from the research, many containing BRAND NEW information and discoveries -

  • Subjective Communication - Connect with other minds to create win/win situations - $19.95
  • The Mindpower Jackpot System - Accept financial windfalls as your right - $19.95
  • The Psychokinetic Problem Solving Program - Produce 'inspired' answers almost at will - $19.95
  • Contact! - Attract love and romance into your life with your mind - $19.95
  • Remote influencing - Heal people from a distance - $19.95
  • The Amazing Mental Pendulum - Find out the answer to almost any question - $19.95
  • Remote Viewing - See people, places and events in the past, present and future - $19.95
  • Concepts From The Edge - Learn how to induce an out of body experience and telekinesis - $19.95
  • Psychic Manifestation - Discover the real secrets of reality creation - $19.95
  • How to be a Winner in Life - 4 simple steps to success... always - $19.95
  • The Hidden Secrets of Mind Power Technology - Get a deeper understanding of your mind - $19.95
  • Make a Living from Roulette - Increase your chances of predicting the next color - $19.95
  • Prevent Attack with Remote Hypnotic Commands - Protect yourself - $19.95
  • Kahuna - Keepers of the Hidden Secret - Clear away negative emotions - $19.95

Plus you get the powerful Brave Heart System with these 10 audios and videos...

  • 7 Minute Natural High! - Encourage the natural production of feel good chemicals in your brain - $19.95
  • The Immune System Booster Kit - Strengthen your immune system with 2 powerful energy healing methods - $19.95
  • The Fear Removal Machine  - Experience a deep sense of well being, peace and security - $19.95
  • The Feel Good Trigger - Reduce fear and anxiety while promoting a balanced and peaceful mindset - $19.95
  • 7 Minute Trigger Tune Up - Instantly improve your emotional state... Just about anytime and anywhere - $19.95
  • Diamond Light Code Releasing Fear!  - 'Re-tune' your internal electromagnetic environment to a love energy frequency - $19.95
  • The Perfect Sleep System with 2 audios - Feel totally refreshed and rejuvenated - $19.95
  • Accepting Happiness!   - Draw more happiness automatically - $19.95
  • Energy Shield Visualization - Create a flexible and protective force - $19.95
  • 9 Minute Happiness Booster   - Start every day with a big smile - $19.95

EXTRA BONUS - You also get a huge library of 50 more self improvement ebooks, audios and videos - which includes more brainwave entrainment mp3s, NLP mp3s, guided meditations and subliminal videos - see below

"This system is quite simply the best I have seen"

"It is simply one of the most comprehensive and well put together packages I have ever come across and is offered at a cost which is truly a fraction of its real value ...this is almost certainly the most powerful and effective 'mind power' system currently available."

"Anyone who has purchased the system, read the e-books and listened to the MP3 entrainment/hypnosis recordings will already know that the whole 'feel' of this package is different from the usual stuff... there is very little about 'universal laws' or the standard quasi-spiritual 'explanations'. Instead the emphasis is on the real cutting edge discoveries that underpins Jim Francis' system, and the practical application of his discoveries."

"The information in the 'The Super Mind Evolution System' e-books is truly powerful, but when combined with the brilliant series of MP3 recordings designed to make the whole process of change automatic, this system is quite simply the best I have seen." Peter Roe, Master Hypnotist


"This has got to be the most comprehensive body of work, EVER!"

"This has got to be the most comprehensive body of work, EVER! I have been looking for something that would cover everything and this is it! I’ve tried Silva, Remote Viewing & Influencing, Brain Wave Entrainment, Hypnosis, Energy Healing, and Meditation. This program covers all of that and more. It should seem overwhelming, but it is put together so neatly that it all just flows. I feel that it is worth so much more than price. It is a great value, and everyone involved in producing this deserves a pat on the back for a job well done." Karla

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Click here for full details of the system

Discover your FULL potential.

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Our price: USD 67.00
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Customer Reviews

Your system is so exciting and gives the individual such self emplowerment. Finally a system that gives EVERYONE the ability to choose "how do I want to live my life". Fantastic!! :)

Author: Sharon Cook

This product is a true mine of priceless resources from e-books to brainwave entrainment audios listening to which you experience immediate effect. This has to be the best library ever put together.

Author: Joseph

I am always amazed how products come in just at the right moment in my journey. The SMES is a wealth of tools. Thank you!

Author: Renee

This system is super!(no pun intended).I can see progress and it's only been 4 weeks.This program is huge so it will take some time to complete!Be patience!

Author: Craig

My computer is acting up, so I have been unable to access everything.
But, I absoutely love Brave Heart and the 7 minute natural high. My computer turns it into about 10 minutes.
For the past year I have been having headaches in the back of my head. The natural high seems to eliminate it for several hours. The music makes me smile.
Have written several times to receive the remote viewing of the lotto numbers. Would still appreciate receiving it.

Author: Barbee

I have to admit, it is now into Month 2 for me, and I haven't followed the program as directed. Sometimes life gets in the way, ya know? However, just listening to the Alpha, Deep Alpha, and several of the Dream programming MP3's has utterly shifted my outlook on what is possible for me! I've gained so much more in the way of insight and clarity with these meditation aids, and also created some pretty cool outcomes via the Dream programming!

Author: Clayton B.

It's been around six months since I purchased the SMES. The changes I have experienced in my life have been profound, and I have been rewarded from the discipline the course itself needs for you to achieve great success. Some things have not changed yet, but now I know that they will, (after all, I've seen and lived in this world the world using my own map) and this new mindset has helped me to improve in every area of my life. The BET technology has helped me to improve every area of my life.

Author: Arturo

Hey guys. Purchased the supermind evolution system about 2 years ago. Its packed full of awesome info and if you use it, you will grow into the person you want to be. Somethings work instantly and somethings take a little more time. As long as you don't rush and you keep at it you will surprise yourself. This really works.

Author: Brent

I just bought this 2 weeks ago. As recomended, I started off with the Brave Heart System first. So, I am now still finishing up the reading of the "22ToolsToTransformYourFear" material.

This SMES program is really huge and has become part of my library :)

At the same time, I really enjoy the album of "Sunset Cafe: Pleasure Mix". Simply refreshing and relaxing music to be listened everyday.

Author: Sherly Chai

I listened to a sample of this music, so decided to download the package. I am pleased to say that it is much better than I expected, anyone interested in this kind of experience will know what I mean! And anyone who does not soon will. An excellent package, well done and I will certainly be back!

Author: Bob Williams

It works great!

Author: Paolo

Wow! There is so much here to enjoy. I believe we need a forum or some form of community to best put this system to use. For example, as I was going through the downloads, I realised I had already bought this some time ago, but I recognise I need people to work with to make it work at all.

Does anybody want to help get this up and running?

Author: Steve McNally

I got the Super Mind Evolution System and the Brave HEart System, and, well it seems like everything there is just ridiculously so much content! But I don't feel overwhelmed as there is a clear starting strategy which is great.

I've read quite a few of the reports and been listening to the Alpha Mind Control audio, which was crazy on the first listen but I persisted, and alreday 3 days in life is better - honestly!

Love the Solfeggio freqs & the Schumann stuff - not enough space here for +

Author: Caroline

Wow! There is an amazing amount of material here! I am having trouble pacing myself! I am already feeling and sleeping better.

Author: Lynda

Firstly this product content actually lives up to the promises made on the sales page. It is comprehensive and detailed and represents value way beyond cost.
Secondly the various programs are set out in a manner that, combined with the enclosed planner, ensures progressive and systematic progress through the material for maximum result.
This is a very good product and is highly recommended

Author: Richard

This is mid bogling stuff. I am trying to work out where to start. There is so much amazing content and I just have to figure out my priorities. I am looking forward to the expansion of my mind and all that is to come from this.

Author: Darrell

I bought it, and I am amazed by the new set of knowledge for which I gained. I will make a new novel to inspire others to go on the path I took.

Remember my name

Author: Thai Morris

I feel reults already I feel calm and more peaceful
I can hardly wait to see the other amazing results I know that will happen as I use this! Many Thanks

Author: Judy

I love the Jazz album. Of course I bought it. It is very enjoyable.

Author: Debora

The world is now my oyster. I'm already feeling and experiencing in real terms the most profound changes. I cannot recommend this enough!

Author: Becky

I downloaded last weekend this whole package, because I was surprised about the quality of the examples. And they propose an interesting offer at new year. Now after a few days listening some of them I really feel myself better and I sleep more better too. It will take some time for evaluate all the tracks but I am sure they will be useful as the ones I already used. Thanks for this to the Mind Power team!

Author: Hans Schroter

I highly recommend the Super Mind Evolution System. It is unbelievable the number of products you receive. They have been so beneficial to improving in such a short time my life in so many ways.

Author: Annie

I've just begun listening.. but have had results so far with connecting to other people in my alpha state and suddenly things seem to run smoothly... I'm totally excited and can't wait to try out all the other stuff.

Author: Virginia

A well-organized, original, clearly communicated and comprehensive package!

Author: MK

I have been amazingly surprised after listening to several of the mindpower, super mind music, mp3's. So much of what I have been formulating in my mind has manifested itself. My thoughts are much more clear and vivid.

Author: Bob

Wow! There is so much beauty, love, peace and joy when I read, listen or even think about your music, your information and your dedication to share all that you do. Thank you so very much. You have become my homepage and my desire. I am moved.


Author: Suzy Langston

I have felt a change in my outlook on my goals, they seem to be closer to heart then ever before. I will succeed at them also. Thanks, Jim

Author: James Postelwait

I like very much the Mp3.


Just started reading and listening. Very intrigued. Will be applying the techniques in the days to come.

Author: James Mullarkey

A Really Well-Thought Out Product. Continue the Good Work. Feel that Ur Bonuses are Astounding and of the same Impeccable Standards. Hope u rule the Music World with the Blessings of everyone.


I love the work you guys are doing to help people raise their level of consciousness through all the media available. The quality of the material presented is fantastic and Jeff Gignac brainwave entrainment and programs are wonderful. I´m thankful to get to know all of you! Thanks.
(From the translator, to Portuguese, of The 2012 Tapping Solution World Summit, Brad Yates´The Wisard´s Wish, and others)

Author: Liliane

I am overwelmed. This system is so huge and imforrmative. The PDFs I keep rereading because you learn a new huge piece of how things work and that changes your view about other things in the book and how you view life. MP3s are awesome,
I feel my mind Awaking...I have had this for a week and a half. Thanks so much.

Author: Wendy

Beautiful music that seems to really work!! ^_^

Author: Liz

After you have sorted out your downloads, which are quite a lot, you get a wealth of BWE enhanced music, nice to listen to and very effective. You will get a broad variety of targets to apply the music to. And you get extra bonuses in the form of ebooks, more sounds etc.
It's very much worth its price. Go for it!

Author: Wolfgang Baron

Paid download files do not work. Support no idea which files have been purchased and unwilling to help.
Very unhappy and concerned at my loss of over a hundred dollars.

Author: Darryl

This program is awesome. Just the knowledge contained in it is well researched and full of scientific jewels. I love it.

Author: Lawrence



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