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Solfeggio Harmonics

Solfeggio Harmonics

Solfeggio Harmonics

"The Solfeggio frequencies come from an ancient musical scale that was thought to be lost centuries ago and replaced with the scale that is used today (12 tone equal temperament with A=440). They are the original sound frequencies used in Ancient Gregorian chants including the great hymn to St. John the Baptist.

Many secrets lie within the solfeggio frequencies. They are said to contain within them the power of creation and transformation. Solfeggio frequencies are believed to have the capacity to effect matter and consciousness...

Rediscovered and explored through the use of Gematria, esoteric mathematical practices, and the book of Numbers in the Bible, these sacred sounds may very well hold the keys to longevity, super-consciousness, accelerated healing, dimensional travel, and the fabric of time/space itself." from Source Vibrations

In the image above taken from The Hidden Messages of Water By Masaru Emoto, you can see water that has been subjected to 6 of the solfeggio frequencies and then frozen. Each beautiful crystal demonstrates the purity and beauty of these frequencies.

You are made up of around 70% water - so imagine how these frequencies effect you...

This 60 minute long album contains 9 Solfeggio tracks -

174 Hz - Foundation

This frequency will arrange energy and perception in organized cube symmetries, grooming a stable foundation for the acceleration and evolution of consciousness. Through discrimination, the personality becomes a vehicle for internal harmony as the listener becomes prepared to live a life of joy and purpose.

285 Hz - Quantum Cognition

This frequency assists in the acceleration and expansion of consciousness in balanced multi dimensional fields of awareness, accessing occilating equillibrium through the law of truth and wisdom. All shadows are illuminated by the light for gentle healing as strength is reestablished. In addition, personal will discovers true expression through reason followed by corrected action.

396 Hz - Liberation From Fear

The Source of wisdom penetrates the mind and heart in this harmonic blend banishing the obstacles to peace . True memory is restored allowing the listener to have access to the treasures of internal knowledge. The influences of strength and equanimity. prepare the way for liberation.

Liberation from Fear from Solfeggio Harmonics

417 Hz - Transmutation

The revelation of truth allows the listener to release and convert the appearances of difficulty and setbacks, bringing order and inner listening to new heights of personal self-transformation. Internal Guidance is awakened and corrects and orders relationships and communication instilling the expression of clear vision and power.

528 Hz - DNA Repair (Miracle)

Intuition becomes magnified and directs the quality of reason, uniting the source of wisdom and light through the remembrance of the miracle re-discovered in every moment. The listener is gifted with strength and peace as their purpose is unveiled through the instruments of free will and divine guidance.
639 Hz - Relationship Harmonization

The complete healing radiant Light descends upon the listener filling the personal mind with the influences of balance, health and tranquility. Mystifying sweeps of the Light on the path of return, embrace spacious counter melodies, igniting the means of approach to the precious internal unification of opposites.
741 Hz - Consciousness Expansion

Clear vision is enabled allowing the opening and multiplication of a mind that self empowered, organized and free. Internal strength is optimized in the listener finding a vast opening to channel purified expressions of love and purpose.
852 Hz - Awakening Intuition

This track establishes strength through joy in the recognition that the listener is connected to the source of all true power. Intuition and emotion are connected, protected and expanded as the Inner Voice becomes clear and strong in the revelation of divine purpose.
963 Hz - Numinous Accord

The presence of divinity is amplified as the vibrations of the eternal self resonate in this audio track. The balance of strength and peace is instilled in the listener allowing Light and Love to guide the present experience." Source Vibrations

You can hear a few short samples in the audio player below. 

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Associating with Wholeness - 528 Hz Healing Session
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Customer Reviews

Hi Cyndi,
congratulations on your beautiful new web site, easy to navigate and easy on the eye. I purchased the Solfeggio Harmonics and have been listening to it before going to sleep for just over a week. The first experience was extremely blissful, which lasted into the whole next day. It was truly intense.
Hasn't been quite that good since, however I'm becoming more aware of "memories to let go of''
They just surface, I acknowledge them, and it's all good. Thanks so much.
Barb x

Author: Barb

Good stuff!!! Having experienced the miracle of the Solfeggio musical scale through tuning forks, it was great to find another way to be exposed to the healing frequencies!

Author: Rod

I've been using this to meditate and am truly impressed by the quality of the sound.

Great product. Can highly recommend it.

Author: Abi

I've been listening to BWE programs for several years. The first time I listened to Solfeggio Harmonics I became extremely light-headed. I thought WOW, this is powerful. I listen while I work and I feel wonderful. Thank you so much for this amazing technology.

Author: Denise

Hello Cindy, Iain and Phil,

These are not only great peaces to listen to, they really make you FEEL the Energy circulating inside you, powering you up and soothing at the same time. Like all other recordings I've purchased from you, THEY REALLY MOVE YOU AND THEY WORK!!! Congratulations to your new internet appearance. Equally as beautiful and powerful as the music one can find here! Keep the good work going on!


Author: Peter

This is a great album - my favourite track is Numinous Accord, one of the longer tracks (9.5minutes). The music is beautifully put together and very powerful. I would recommend this to anyone, especially those who have just discovered the ancient Solfeggio sounds as it is an excellent introduction.

Author: Catherine

The first time I listened to these tracks right before falling asleep, I had such vivid dreams about what I needed the most at that time and it gave me much further clarity. It definitely improves my intuition and awareness. One of my favorite tracks!

Author: Zurina

The Solfeggio harmonics are a superb piece of craetion. It has been years since I have had 10 hours of Continuous quality sleep and that was after listening to the Numinous Accord. Really Impressive!

Author: JC

The songs on this MP3 are some of the most beatiful musical arrangments I ever heard. It is worth buying for that reason alone. I have been having trouble falling asleep. However when I play the " Liberation from Fear " track before my other sleep programs I notice I have an easier time falling asleep. I also notice that my dreams are more lucid and I can remember tham better. It is one of my most favorite MP3's.

Author: Kenneth Murray

I admit to being just a litle sceptical at first, but this recording completely changed my perspective. The relaxation was simply astounding - I have never quite felt that before - and as the recording played I could clearly feel the varying altered states of mind as the frequencies progrssed. It was profound, enlightening and quite incredible. I will be using this regularly and would highly recommend this recording to anyone.

Author: Robert

This series has created a true deepening sense of relaxation, clarity and insight more quickly than I have achieved in performing meditation techniques alone.

Author: Josephine

While listening to the Solfeggio Harmonics for the first time, I had a remarkable experience during the 741 Hz frequency. For the first time in a long while I felt "connected". I felt as part of the universe, so peacefull, calm and vast, as if my consciuosness was expanding. It was a bit like flying through space looking out of the window of a spaceship. Afterwards i was curious about the title of this frequency. It was/is "Consciousness Expanding". Wow!

Author: Maximilian

Magnificent product! As an HSP (highly sensitive person) I could actually feel changes happening in my mind as I listened to all nine tracks. Worth every penny and then some!

Author: William Bruce



I recently purchased this album and I'm very enthused about it. My wife and I have listened to it frequently since purchase and very uplifting. The harmonics are uplifting and never seem repetitious!

Author: Clarence Schlag

I've purchased several products from you and love them all. I particularly enjoy Solfeggio Harmonics. Each track takes me deeper into a meditative state. Thank you.

Author: Laura

I got this at t time to hopefully help our long time friend with cancer although she passed, i think that this tape helped her she was much more restful and at peace when she was listening to it.

Author: lee

The tracks were very nice and soothing! It felt very different when I heard it the first time and I am looking forward to get more results from them.

Author: Lokenath Sen

I purchased the Solfeggio Harmonics 7 days ago and have listened to them everynight before going to sleep. Since listening to these tracks I have had undisturbed sleep for 7-8 hours per night. Also I have noticed that my usual worries which are mainly about running my business are not as intense and I am feeling very relaxed and am able to think more clearly.

Author: Janine Canning

this music is amazing, wonderful, profound. i truly look forward to engaging with it, it is a beautiful experience. i congratulate the composers and thank you for making it available.

Author: sara

MUST have it!!! This product is a GEM! Clearing up blockages. Since i used this, i am able to channeling much clearer and ideas are flowing into my head. This company and they products are a MIRACLE maker. I can say without any hesitation. Thank you and blessings!

Author: Gerard

This album brings a stillness to my being. It speaks to my whole self. I have only been listening for a short time and yet it moved me into a place of harmony from the first time I listened to it. I am looking forward to listening to it each day to see what treasures I find within myself. Thank you.

Author: Dolly

All I can say is; WOW!!! As I was listening to it, At one point I actually started laughing because I felt sooo happy. By the time the album finished, I had a smile on my face, literally, and I felt very peaceful. I slept like a rock and woke up ready for the day - that was with just 6 hours sleep and no alarm clock. Another thing I noticed; I went grocery shopping and there were several (4-5) people that smiled at me and said hello. That's something they don't do too often around here.

Author: Alejandrina

I have only just downloaded the mp3's and am planning on taking them on holiday for the last week of January,

Author: Maureen Mueller

This is a hauntingly beautiful recording that produces effects on multiple levels. It conveys a celestial quality and produces energetic shifts emotionally and mentally. I highly recommend it!

Author: Nina Lockwood

Beautiful and relaxing, so easy to listen to.

Author: Renee

just downloaded it a few days ago and have been listening to them as often as i can. ive been sleeping better and my high blood pressure has dropped 10 points. im interested to see what else changes after a few weeks.

Author: jaime


Author: kIM

I love the Solfeggio Harmonics MP3. I listen just before going to sleep, and I have found that I sleep through the night and wake up well rested. I believe the harmonics really do help to keep one in a more relaxed and calm state of being.

Author: Linda

After listening to Solfeggio Harmonics I felt at peace and clear headed. I also liked the free Dreaming programs I recieved with it. I happened to have had a very lucky day after listening to it before bed. I look forward to going to bed now And find that I seem to sleep better through the night. I find listening to the tapes a healthy way to relive stress. The sounds seem to remove alot of the senseless chatter in my mind allowing my body to relax. It also seems to clear my sinus passages .

Author: peggy

have been listening to this recording the last few evenings before retiring for the night & have been listening to Deep Delta about 2 hrs prior...I can feel changes throughout my body, a new depth of sleep & a change to my days that I just can't put into words just yet, odd for me as never caught short of a word...all good, many thanks

Author: Colin

video and audio

Author: Stevo

I am making some progress. Just got stsrted.
Will get back to you later

Author: Ralph Bland

Absolutely exquisite sound combinations used in the Sacred Frequencies - Source Vibrations series;
528 Hz Golden Om Fractal
693Hz Violet Fire Theta Entrainment
936 Hz Pineal Gland Activator
...these frequencies resonate deep every time, best favorite is Pineal Gland Activator...excellent!

Author: Gordon

I am new to all this so I don't exactly know how to describe what I feel while listening to these amazing recordings. I just have faith that they are doing exactly what they have been created to do.

Author: Erin

Since purchasing this product, I have listened to it at least once a day and i can already tell a noticable difference in the way I view, think and rationalize things..even the way I analyze things now... Great product . I will be purchasing more items at first chance...I am now more assertive in my job and actions as well...Thanks a bunch for everything you provide...

Author: D. Dixon

This is wonderful - I have listened to the album every night on going to bed and it gives me a profound sense of peace and deep relaxation. I am a Reiki Master and can feel energy when playing this music it activates certain chakra centres and changes with each piece of music and some are activated together. It is truly a wonderful experience and I urge others to experience this too. Thankyou so much.

Author: Perri Bewsey

I bought these last week and am trying them out, so far I really like them, relaxing, mellow,and daydreamy. I haven't listened to them on headphones yet, I imagine they would be great to meditate to. Really happy with them.

Author: Siobhan

I really enjoy lstening to the Solfeggio Harmonics while I work. They lift my mood and I can really feel the good hormones rushing through my brain. I'm really glad I found the mindpowermp3 site!

Author: Rebekah

This is one of the most powerful meditation tools I have ever used. It has me waking up feeling creative and joyful each time I listen. I strongly recommend this album to anyone who likes brainwave entrainment meditation.

Author: Adam Duvel

I have been listening to this and it really helps my energy and positivity.....if anything starts "hitting the fan" i am able to take action in a calm stable manner. LOVE IT!!

Author: joan tole

HI, I just love these harmonics. They resonate so deep in my being!Thank you,

The only problem that i have had is that I sent a ticket because I was over charged. There was special for three and I was charged the regular price for each one. I was over charged $7.75.

I love Christopher's music also. So Healing...

Author: jennifer jerabek

These recordings are so beautiful and powerful. Thank you for making them available! I look forward to listening to every track over and over again.

Author: Linda

Beautiful collection of sounds, providing a multilayered synthesis of electronic rhythms and music that is soothing and upifting, all at the same time. My favourite track is 174 HZ Foundation 1, for me the calming tones and deep percussions resonate the most. I am listening to this wonderful set of harmonics every day, and the entire album has become a firm favourite.

Author: Yvonne

very easy to listen to very relaxing I listen to this everyday to reap the benifits

Author: betty

Dear Cyndi -
thank you so much for your incredible help. I am walking through a very difficult time. Having worked as a healer for a very long time I am shocked to understand how much I gave away, not protecting myself enough. Since months I had terrible panic attacks which I didn´t take serious. Right now I am forced to learn how to nourish myself again before I can nourish and help others. Your music helps me tremendously building up protection. I know you understand. Love Gabrielle

Author: Gabrielle

very powerful stuff

Author: siobhan

I love the Solfeggio tracks, so deep and peaceful... can really make shifts in your conscious state, so best not to use while driving...

Author: Linda Lang

I enjoyed the tracks very relaxing and quite
enlightening. Felt great while listening and continued to feel that way long after listening
to the tracks was over.

Author: Paul

This is an amazing package!! I am listening to it at night and in my home. I am experiencing transformational energies and DNA upgrades. You will love it!!

Author: Jane Zuckerman

Love it

Author: bs

I had a really emotionally rough morning earlier in the week. I got out my iPod and plugged in my ear-buds and listened, really listened, to this album. I felt SO much better afterwards that I set the album to repeat and went to run my errands wearing the ear-buds, something I have NEVER done before.

Thank you very, very much for this beautiful work.

Author: BC

This collection of nine frequencies is ideal for quickly restoring calm and focus. By listening to one during lunch or break, made me feel more strong and centred.

Author: Frank Nagler

I bought this music & "Heartbeat of Gaia" few days ago and started listening right away. I love the music and the feeling I experienced after listening to the music. My body feels energized and full of energy and I really feel the chakra energy is awakened. Not to mention that the tune is simply beautiful. Thank you for the great product :)

Author: Yuri

Thank you.

It's been only a few days since I have purchased this Mp3 and been listening to it once a day.
Yes, I have notice some shift in a very good and positive way.
If this could happen in only a few days, what will it do in a few weeks and months.

Go for it beautiful people, it will help ease your journey.
Many blessings to everyone.
I love you all


Author: Angela

I recently purchased the The Solfeggio Collection of meditation MP3's. wow what fantastic experiences I am having using these meditation sounds and vibrations for the many different mind shifts. Thank you Mind Power

Author: Raewyn Weller

I am using the Solfeggio Harmonics first thing in the morning, whilst still in bed and whilst visuaising my perfect day. Having the music playing softly in the background seems to set the right mood.

Author: Rob

Absolutely beautiful and powerful, deeply relaxing.

Author: Xia

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