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Shamanic Journey: Deep Theta - Free Listen

Shamanic Journey: Deep Theta contains 4 stunning mixes with music from the wonderful Spirit of The Shaman mixed with the powerful theta frequencies of 7.5 Hz: Spirit Guide and 4.5 Hz: Shaman Consciousness.

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The music

Taken from the powerful Spirit of the Shaman. Niall creates wonderful magical imagery in this inspiring tribute to the Shaman. The rhythmic energy and mystery within Niall's music celebrates the medicine man and his great wisdom and teachings. The album features skin drums and native Indian flutes.

The brainwave entrainment

The Calling (25 mins) - This track contains Isochronic tones, Binaural beats and 3D sound imaging entrainment factors across two separate waveforms:

  • Primary BWE focus: 7.5 Hz - This frequency is said to be perfect for awareness of self and purpose and contact with spirit guides for direction. As a great side effect, this frequency is also perfect for enhancing creativity.
  • Secondary BWE focus: 0.2,0.5,1.0 Hz - In this particular case, the purpose of the secondary BWE is to induce a deeper connection to spirit guide frequencies. These frequencies are also said to encourage emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

There are 2 versions of this track. One is strong and the second is medium strength with a soft wind background that allowed to add 2 other brainwave stimulation channels. One binaural and one Isochronic. It's our favorite and probably the most effective overall.

The Gathering (27 mins) - This track contains Isochronic tones, Binaural beats and 3D sound imaging entrainment factors across two separate waveforms.

  • Primary BWE focus. 4.5Hz - This is said to be the frequency of the Shamanic state of consciousness
  • Secondary Focus: 0.5 Hz - In this case the secondary focus is used to anchor the Shaman consciousness deeper in the unconscious levels. 0.5Hz is also at the Sub-Delta range where master Shaman tend to have significant brain activity when they are praying and healing others.

There are also 2 versions of this track. One contains soft rain background that again allows more BW stimulation and improves effectiveness.

You can hear one of the 25 minute long tracks in FULL for FREE in the audio player below. (The mildest of the 4 mixes)

Headphones required

Listening only recommended to people 18 years and older

The Calling 7.5 Hz

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Same track - Alternative player

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If you have any problems with the audio player stuttering, please allow the song to load more fully first by pressing play and then pause...

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