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Shaman Spirit Volume 1: Shamanic Journey

Shaman Spirit Volume 1: Shamanic Journey

Shaman Spirit Volume 1: Shamanic Journey

Please watch the short video below to learn more about Shaman Spirit Volume 1

This collection includes the following 4 albums:

(Hear samples from all the albums in the video above and the audio players below.)

Spirit of The Shaman

Niall creates wonderful magical imagery in this inspiring tribute to the Shaman. The rhythmic energy and mystery within Niall's music celebrates the medicine man and his great wisdom and teachings. The album contains 2 tracks The Calling (25 mins) and The Gathering (27 mins) and features skin drums and native Indian flutes.



Power Animals

Shamans believe that everyone has power animals - animal spirits which reside with each individual adding to their power and protecting them.

From the producer of Spirit of The Shaman comes an inspiring Native American tribute to the Power Animals. Each track sets out to capture the spirit and essence of a particular animal through music. Featuring skin drums and native Indian flutes, Niall creates wonderful imagery and energy. Produced by Niall & Llewellyn

Tracks: 1.The Horse, 2.The Owl, 3.The Wolf, 4.The Eagle, 5.The Bear, 6.The Salmon and 7.The Snake



Great Spirit Told Me

Michael Looking Coyote takes the listener on a meditative journey across the timeless landscape of Native American Spirituality. Both relaxing and inspiring, his words will radically alter your perspective about how to achieve true peace in your life. featuring music from bestseller album Summoning the Spirit.

Featuring Michael Looking Coyote - spoken word, Will Pimlett - Native American flutes and Chris Conway - synthesizers, piano, acoustic & electric 9 string guitars, voices, harmonizer, theremin, low whistle, Native percussion and Native American vocal samples.



Shamanic Journey: Deep Theta

"Perhaps one of the best albums I have ever heard"

"Words cannot explain the power of this music."

"I have been looking for something like this for years!"

It contains 4 stunning tracks with music from the wonderful Spirit of The Shaman mixed with the powerful theta frequencies of
7.5 Hz: Spirit Guide and 4.5 Hz: Shaman Consciousness



The Calling (25 mins) - This track contains Isochronic tones, Binaural beats and 3D sound imaging entrainment factors across two separate waveforms:

  • Primary BWE focus: 7.5 Hz - This frequency is said to be perfect for awareness of self and purpose and contact with spirit guides for direction. As a great side effect, this frequency is also perfect for enhancing creativity.
  • Secondary BWE focus: 0.2,0.5,1.0 Hz - In this particular case, the purpose of the secondary BWE is to induce a deeper connection to spirit guide frequencies. These frequencies are also said to encourage emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

There are 2 versions of this track. One is strong and the second is medium strength with a soft wind background that allowed to add 2 other brainwave stimulation channels. One binaural and one Isochronic. It's our favorite and probably the most effective overall.

The Gathering (27 mins) - This track contains Isochronic tones, Binaural beats and 3D sound imaging entrainment factors across two separate waveforms.

  • Primary BWE focus. 4.5Hz - This is said to be the frequency of the Shamanic state of consciousness
  • Secondary Focus: 0.5 Hz - In this case the secondary focus is used to anchor the Shaman consciousness deeper in the unconscious levels. 0.5Hz is also at the Sub-Delta range where master Shaman tend to have significant brain activity when they are praying and healing others.

There are also 2 versions of this track. One contains soft rain background that again allows more BW stimulation and improves effectiveness.


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Shaman Spirit Volume 1: Shamanic Journey
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Shaman Spirit Volume 2: Shamanic Healing
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Shaman Spirit Volume 3: Shamanic Mind

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Customer Reviews

This volume was easy to listen too, and a wave of change came over my body. I was deeply relaxed within moments, and I could especially feel the musical effect my heart charka. Very well done, recreates the old ceremonial dances of the Indians rituals. Even Though I did not receive a vision, I am sure with continues listening I would have. Keep up the good work. Excellent volume.

Author: Joe

My soul lit-up and I get goosebumps. This is food for your soul, magical. I love it!

Author: Lukas

Wow! What a nice release. I felt like being embraced by love that's always here. Thank you!

Author: Daniela

It is relaxing,positive,...

Author: Nina

I love these tracks and I have bought some of them. unfortunately the free listen shamanic ones crashed about 2 minutes in, so I have been unable to give feedback and listen to the full 25 minutes which is a shame. I was going to recommend them to a friend who loves this kind of work. Is there any way I can get this sent again so I can listen to the whole 25 minues properly?

Author: Alexandra Addams

Love, love, love this music. I've even been playing it during the day while working. I seem to be having days which flow very peacefully.

Author: Pamela

What a wonderful piece, the shaman music brings forth a sense of peace,and calmness i havent felt in ages, thank you so very much

Author: Faye

I love this kind of music it's very spiritual. I start my mornings by listening to it. It makes me feel good.

Author: Denise

I love these songs. They take me to a place i feel I have been before.

Author: larry burns

Wonderful!I would recommend this to everyone.I just purchased this,and can feel a big reduction in pain When I listen to it,I feel like I'm floating,my whole body relaxes,I feel at peace.and it continues even after I'm finished.But energizing at the same time,sounds strange,but true. I have a lot of back pain,and it goes away while listening to it.I love the music,it's so beautiful and uplifting.You guys are great,thank you for this wonderful gift

Author: Dawn

this is a awsome i loved the layers of bass and a very good wake up meditation thank you . I Have not found my way in life yet but this track is very peaceful

Author: Kenneth Moran

Hi the music was great and i keep playing it all over again,

Author: paul donaldson

As Michael Looking Coyote began his introduction his words hit home with me.

Those around me have noticed I've been very angry, for some time now. Listening to his words about sitting still brought home to me it's nearly impossible to stop and just sit, watch and listen to what is happening around me.

He reminded me of times when I was younger when I was connected with the earth and learned to just sit, listen and watch. It felt good to so again and it took some of the stress out of me.

Author: Jim

This isn't a testimonial but more of an inquiry. Why do I get headaches after listening to these cds. Please explain what they are doing - someone mentioned vibrational shifting.

Author: Liana

Great music....inspirational...

Author: Joana

The sheer power activation contained in these pieces is such that I'm having to listen only one track per day.

After listening to "The Calling" from Spirit of The Shaman, every chakra is glowing, and I've had to ground rather decisively. I'll redirect this into creative work and see what emerges!

Author: Jocelyn Jensen

Love these tracks, have listened everyday for about 5 days now. This music is like a reset button for me, it wipes me clean of any negative emotions and connects me back home to the universe where I truly belong.

Author: Linda Shea

I purchased this and other mp3's from you last week. I have been listening whilst working and reading. I find I am better able to concerntrate when listening to your music and I am much calmer. I love the selection of music I purchased and look forward to many hours of listening. I had purchased BWE mp3's several years ago, but never go in to them as it was pretty boring. To mix it with lovely music is a real breakthrough. Many thanks!


I love it, I listen to them quite often. I particularly love the flute. I have not gone into any journeys because I have not listened to them when I can sit in meditation. I also bought the Shamanic Journey BWE.

Author: Karen Suepaul

please send me :-)

Author: ivan

Soulful, beautiful music that transports you . well worth buying

Author: debbie skye

I have listened to this for free several times, and I finally purchased it a week ago. I am just blown away. It is like taking a walk into a world of paradise and peace.
I have shared your website with many clients; and my client (I am a healer) Mr Franscois Odendaal, (email address: fodendaal@mweb.co.za) purchased 60 albums from you in December.
I have shared your music with so many of my clients. I first listened was Miss Magickal" - it took me to a blissful, peaceful place.

Author: Verona Rochat

WOW. Amazing. What more can be said about music that is so incredible and technology that delivers exactly what it's supposed to. I walked an incredible journey with my spirit guides while listening to this. Truly amazing. definitely recommended to anyone interested in this method of deep healing.

Author: Karan

AS a six year old child at Star Light Park Elementary School Phoenix Arizona WE had the honor of attending a Navaho Nation Native American Indian " Powwow " saturated with the Most Beautiful Shamanic Journey Spiritual music that Has captured My heart all these years, " IT " Creates a Spiritual chemistry flow in your Mind and blood stream that can keep you active and thriving with I AM alive feelings that keep you Awake for several days and inspire you Two think and dream wonderful scenes of Joy

Author: Clifford C Cox

I am, or was trying to listen before buying, but it do Not open and play.
I've tried numous times but no not a thing happening.. I will try again, and hope works now . if not then I must go find eles where . and hope the best.
Sorry I wished I was able to write something nice here.
Thank you. All the same your stuff is great and I'll be buying soon in the future.

Author: Wayne

I just purchased the Mind Body and Spirit Music System a couple of days ago and I am very pleased with the albums I have listened to so far. In particular, I keep returning to the Shaman Spirit because it is addicting...relaxing yet energizing! I love putting on the headphones and disappearing into the Spirit journey. Thank you!

Author: Cynthia

I listened to the free sample and just loved it. I'm so glad I bought the full album. I love it. The music is so moving.

Author: Tasha

I have all of these Shamanic Healing volumes and I love them. I can really feel the earth talking to me and what a connection to spirit. My affinity is always with the shaman. Thank you so much for putting these sounds together I appreciate you, these volumes are worth listening to for anyone who wants to go inwards for enlightenment of self. Thank you again Angela

Author: Angela

Listening to the tracks, I can really feel a shift in my body. I am more relaxed and at ease.

Author: Kelli

This is definitely one of my favorites.I like to listen to this while painting,helps me to get into the mood

Author: Dawn

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