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Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments

Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments

Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments

Tune into the frequency of earth - the Schumann Resonance at 7.83 Hz. Also known as the heartbeat of Earth, benefits of listening include enhanced reading/learning, rejuvenation, grounding, ESP activation, anti-jetlag, anti-mind control and improved stress tolerance. It can also help you feel balanced, grounded, whilst calming and focusing the mind. The breathtaking music may be some of the best modern classical music you have ever heard ...the movie soundtrack to the unforgettable moments in your life ...nostalgic, romantic, dramatic ...epic... * Highly Recommended *

Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments Mini Mix mp3

Taken from the Super Mind Music album - Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments.

Check out the reviews tab below to see some of the rave reviews from customers of the FULL 43 minute long album which you can purchase below

The Schumann Resonances

The Schumann Resonances are electromagnetic waves that exist in the space between the surface of the Earth and the Ionosphere - 7.83, 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 Hz. They are said to be the heartbeat of mother earth.

When a person's brain waves resonate with 7.83 Hz, it has been shown in scientific studies to be an essential requirement for physical and psychological health. Laboratory research has also shown that exposing living cells to the Schumann Resonance had the effect of increasing their immune protection.

Many experts believe that the wide range of artificial Electro magnetic frequencies we are surrounded by every day, (including electrical appliances, wifi and mobile phones), masks the natural beneficial frequency of the Earth. This can cause us to feel more stressed, fatigued and 'out of balance.' Therefore by 'tuning' in to 7.83 Hz we get back to a state of resonance or attunement with the planet's own magnetic frequency and experience the benefits which include enhanced reading/learning, rejuvenation, balance and grounding. It is also common to feel oneness with everything around us, which is often described in ancient teachings, and is quite simply 'Harmonic Resonance' with the frequency of our planet.

To understand more fully why the Schumann Resonance is so important to us, please watch the brilliant free documentary Resonance: Beings of Frequency

The Brainwave entrainment

Primary objective: accelerated healing/advanced learning, revitalizing
Secondary objective: balance the electrical activity between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, grounding, calming the mind

- starts at 12 hz - gateway to all frequencies
- ramps down to 10 hz to encourage production of "feel Good" brain chemicals
- continues to 7.83 hz, the first mode of the resonant frequency of the earth
- ramps down to 6.5 hz to center the neural activity between both hemispheres of the brain and to help maintain optimal frequency following response and deepen relaxation
- continues on 7.83 hz
- briefly Ramps up to 14.3 hz, the second mode of the resonant frequency of the earth - this also helps to maintain optimal frequency following response
- continues to 7.83 hz
- ramps back down to 6.5 hz to center the neural activity between both hemispheres of the brain and to help maintain optimal frequency following response and deepen relaxation
- continues at 7.83 hz for the remainder of the track

Other notes:
Frequencies are distributed using multiple frequency waves: Sine wave, semi-sine wave and square wave. Uses isochronic brainwave entrainment plus Jeff's special technique for including Binaural Beats. Headphones not required but preferred.

The Music

Includes magical 21st century classical music from award-winning composers - Romantic, dramatic, epic ...Listening is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...

Special Offer

Enjoy savings with our Unforgettable Theta Trilogy - Each album contains the same unforgettable music, but with 3 different sets of theta BWE frequencies - Spirit Guide, Calm Mind and Schumann Resonance

Benefits of listening include enhanced reading/learning, rejuvenation, grounding and ESP activation, Contact spirit guide for direction, awareness of purpose, creativity and problem solving and Reduce anger and irritability, enhance learning and memory retention, astral and mental projection. Click here for more details

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Customer Reviews

It's like listening to movie soundtracks from the 50's.
I love the big sound. Extremely relaxing.

Author: Denise

Profound and deep meditation that gave me a sense of relief that is hard to describe. Something like coming home when you've been gone way too long.
I love it, and am thankful for the technology that allows us to experience the frequencies that are missing in our modern, busy, earth-alienated lives.

Author: DawnElla Whitney

I loved this music when I listened to it on the site and I love it even more now that I have it at my bedside and in my office to listen to it any time I want. I already own most of the CDs from Super Mind Music and am excited that we now have a direct site to listen and purchase from for all the music. Thank you for giving us what we need to help us make the "shift" to a better life.

Author: Sandy Froggatt

I puchased Schumann Resonance because it was offerd from Elolution.
From the many items previiously bought, this is something else.
Love it, I am totally hooked
Thankz Iain and the team

Author: Anthony J

Love the music very enjotable, soothing and relaxing have recommended it to friends

Author: Gugu

I LOVE Schumann Resonance. Within minutes I was feeling calm, relaxed and happy. I am normally a happy person. But while listening to the album I could feel happiness in every part of my body and emotions. It was like I was surrounded by beautiful light. I immediately sent the Mind Power website to my family members so that they could hear this music, too. Thank you so much.

Author: JD

I have bought in total 7 of your Music CD's and I would have to say that each and everyone of them is meaningful and unique; however,--- `Unforgettable Moments` moves and touches me in a most profound way. I feel so many wonderful emotions and I am transported to a places of peace and serenity. A truly beautiful sound track

Author: Richard Sernia

It is truly amazing how rejuvinated and refreshed I feel after listening to this remarkable recording.

Author: Marie

This CD is absolutely beautiful! I also received the Solfeggio Harmonics as well as Speed Healing and Materialize your goals quickly. I am listening to all of these and think they are
amazing. Please tell me more about the Speed Healing - how
does it realy work?

Author: Eliena Olivier

Absolutely love this. Brings me to a state of peace and later very focused.

Author: Rebecca

The Universal Frequency mixed with some very Powerful and Beautiful music.You will feel inspired after listening to Unforgettable Moments.Highly recommend this one.

Author: DANIEL

I've been using this for a few days now and it definitely helps me to relax. I'd recommend it to anyone that likes some peaceful music to relax to, with an added benefit.
I'm keen to continue using it, along with some of the other titles I purchased, to see some positive changes.

Author: Mark Broadbent

Cannot listen enough-truly wonderful, but 0nly just beggining.


This is truely a masterpiece. The music alone is supurb..the first few times i listened to it i couldn't stop crying, 't know why? it moved me in such a deep leve.It touched my soul essence. It moves me to a new level, I absolutely love this onel

Author: Patricia

This is absolutely Heaven. I can't get enough of it.
I listen through earphones as often as I can, it leaves me so calm and relaxed.
I also play Pineal Gland Activator on repeat throughout the night. I sleep with ear phones and I find myself sleeping very sound.

Author: Lynne Niemann

This is great to listen too any time. I listen to it everyday in the morning to get my day started right. It gets my mind ready to face the challenges of the day.

Author: Chris

I loved this audio. After listening to it, I was so relaxed and felt totally uplifted in spirit. This was amazing, as I only listened to it once so imagine how I will feel listening to it many times. I would recommend this to everyone. They won't be disappointed!

Author: Audrey Johnson

I love this cd! On a recent trip to the store, I found myself humming a tune, but couldn't think of what it was. When I listened to Schumann Resonance a couple days later, I realized it was from this cd.

Author: Lisa

Awesome...so uplifting and easy to listen to. It is exactly what I needed for my "time out"


This music is so very deep an moving. It's remarkable that you can put on your headphones, sit back, relax, and also get the benefit of such healing entwined within the music. Very impressive.

Author: Julie Achterhoff

I love it. I feel so different after listening to it. I did not get an email with the free mp3's starter kit though. How often should we listen to this? daily?

Author: Barbara

Wow! Track 1 shook me right down to the core.I would describe it as pleasure and pain. I feel like I am being cleanse,I want more and more of track 1. I hear it in my head.I've been so numb, all I could feel was pain up until now, as I listen to the other tracks the music help me feel so much,stir emotions, feelings and brought up images which I could not before. I cried, smile and grateful and thankful to feel.Thank you guys for your grate work. I can't wait to listen to it again.

Author: Aishah Taylor

I most absolutely love the deeply relaxing and soothing music in Schumann Resonance. It is difficult not to fall asleep listening to it. Looking at it in another way, it is a very good sleep inducer.

Author: Raja Ezuma

Thank you so much for creating these beautiful cds. I listen to them before I go to sleep and they make me feel so relax. The music is amazing it's like I'm being transported to another place, I listen to it even without the headphones, and the bonuses that I received are also great.They put me to sleep right away.
Thank you again for a job well done.

Author: Isabel Taylor

I cannot speak to highly of this product. It is a gem.

Author: Graham Manning

My daughter and I began listening to this, we could instantly feel the energy go through our bodies and our arms started tingling. This alone convinced me to place an order. What a quality product.

Author: Dr. Kimberly McGeorge

Beautiful music. Very calming. I listen to it at least once a day after a long stressful working day.

Author: Alison, Malaysia

love this music, it is really relaxing and puts me in a calm state...

Author: Rosalyn

I've only listened to "Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments" for tour mornings now, but that was more than enough time to recommend this magnificent MP3 to anyone. Anyone with a pulse. Anyone who takes breaths. Anyone.

What a powerful way to start my day. I've been listening with my eyes closed while gently letting the sound take me where it wants me to go.

I've always been skeptical about the adjective "transformational" to describe an audio, but not any longer.

Thank you.

Author: Bob Zaslow

I have just purchased this album along with several others and I have to say that I am really happy to do that. When I listen these albums, it makes me calm, relaxed, peaceful but at the same time uplifted and energized. Keep up the excellent job!

Author: Monika

I love listening to this mp3, it is so relaxing. Whenever I have a few minutes spare I will put it on, I find I stop totally . Even my dog chills out to it.

Author: Julie


It really is wonderful to hear this recording. Being an indescribable emotion and transform me into another dimension. My heart filled with love

Author: José Adalberto Recinos Montes

I enjoy listening to this very much, it's very relaxing and has a style that is classy and retro.

Author: Bob B

Purchased sept 4 2011.at first I was skeptical re order , took a chance and now happy I did . I listen to the program every evening and find has helped me sleep deeper and wake up more alert . I will purchase otters products in the near future .. Thanks for this great music

Author: Bernard

It was hard to choose which product to try first but I finally selected Schumann resonance and I simply adore it- can't stop playing it. I love how it helps focus and energize me while I am problem solving my creative projects. i teach and I even played it while I had the kids do a process. The music is so uplifting and inspiring I feel like I could conquer the world after listening to it. I play it several times a day. Thanks you so much!

Author: Michele Shay

I love this and play it nearly every day before I go to work. I have great days at work now and I don't stress out like I used to. I feel more relaxed and able to cope in my fast paced job. Finding Schumann Resonance Unforgettable Moments has changed my life a lot in a little more than a week. I am a happier person for it.

Author: Cheryl

Beautiful music, with arrangements unlike any I had ever heard before, along with the entrainment technology are a great combination

Author: John Doyle

I am at a loss for words; This is one of the most heart-opening, beautiful collections I have ever experienced. In addition to listening with a stereo headset whenever i feel the need to re-connect I play it into the room daily. I absolutely believe that listening to this audio has changed my personal vibration. I recommend it to anyone who feels lost in the face of this global shift we are all experiencing. I am so grateful to be a part of this new technology! What a ride!

Author: Linda Knowles-Dieter

When I listen to this piece my body mind and spirit fill with incredible feelings of energy, which causes me to want to be involved in creative projects. I have a tendency to put off involving myself in doing something creative and then my zest for life diminishes and it all goes down hill from there. Listening to unforgettable moments lifts me immediately

Author: Gay Monkman

Great. It realy touches me. The only problem was that the quality over the computer was sometimes bad.
Bud the product was beautiful.

Author: Anton

I love, love, love this music. Pure genius! Well worth adding to any collection of inspirational music.

Author: Eliabel

this music is very moving. I would listen to it all day if I had the time. My ears start buzzing start after a much more than an hour wearing headphones, soreluctantly I have to stop.

Author: Hazel Saville

I am completing post graduate studies (29 years since formal study). I find listening to the Schumann Resonance, I quickly relax, my breathing slows, and I feel motivated and focussed. I really feel "in the groove", and am much less scatty. Beautiful to have playing loudly when I'm home alone, too.

Author: Christina MacPhillamy

I love the Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments, as soon as I hear the first few notes I can feel my bodies energy centers come to life and start uplifting!

Author: Julie

This beautifule music makes me full of energy and good feeling., I feel free of stress, it stimulates me for being better, do more and gives me more self esteem. It's a great feeling-thank you so much !

Author: Tatyjana

Recently I have been practicing a technique called "Quantum Jumping". Usually I do the meditation without any background music. Once I added the above selection as background music, my "Quantum Jumps" have become so much more powerful, easy and interesting.

Author: Jim McPherson

I am French... will this explains to deep resonance this music has with my soul ? It is as to be laying in a boat, slowly rocked by the lapping of the water...

Author: olga proniewski

I found the music to be exceptional and it was quite easy for me to relax in a focused way. My mind has become so quiet, which is a tremendous healing for me. I wasn't really sure how the brain entrainment technology would work, but I've noticed that I'm much more calm, relaxed and direct in my communication. In many ways I talk less but say more than I have in a long time. I certainly recommend any of the Trilogy I purchased.

Author: Will

Two words to describe it: --- Amazingly unforgettable!!!

One word to describe it so perfectly ---- BLISS!

Thank you so much...

Author: Al Bruce

I purchased the Schumnn Resonance, Calm mind and Spirit Guide. The music is very relaxing and I really enjoy it. It really is very calming music.

Author: Barb Maxwell

Beautiful melodies resting peacefully in recliner chair daily Remembering my active life entertaining with voice as well as Piano Accordion/ Piano enjoying all types of music gleaning knowledge now in my seventies have the time to listen
Thankyou sincerely dorro 17

Author: Dorothy Corbett

beautiful pieces and excellent to listen to while studying

Author: Elena C

I did not find this easy to listen to, but rather disturbing and it kept me awake and unable to relax.

Author: Laura E. Ireland-Naples

The music is absolutely amazing, stumbled on the website tonight and blown away by the most amazing sounds, love it.I will be back. Thank You.

Author: Gavin

Truely amazing...I listen before I nap or late at nite

Author: Maureen Sassano

Beautiful music love listening to all the albums however wish the BWE warning could be edited out

Author: Terrie Figueroa

I have been a music lover and had an interest in meta-physics for most of my life. As soon as I heard this album I knew that it was one of the most beautiful pieces of music I had ever encountered and coupled with the Schumann Resonances really had an effect upon me so spiritual and up-lifting I just wanted to listen to it over and over again, and since I discovered it a few days ago that is in fact what I have done at every opportunity. I just can't get enough of it, thank you one and all.

Author: Avis Newell

Wow... wonderfull BW music. Great buy!

Author: andrea

I felt my mind going into a trance and a chill through my body the first time I heard Schumann Resonance I now use this to meditate. My children has has noticed a difference in me all I can say is thank you thank you for this peace of mind

Author: herky

I have built up body stress due to medical reasons and have found your music tracks extremely helpful especialy for sleeping as I have had a great deal of trouble with this up until I purchased your tracks. Thankyou so much for all the effort and time you put towards helping others in need.

I love the tranquility and relaxing music as it brings a calming peace.

I also purchased speed healing and have found this music amazingly helpful for sleeping and to bring me into a restful state

Author: Linda Clothier

I have been listening to BWE (I even have a program to create them myself) for 2+ yrs. I was skeptical if these would actually work because I couldn't physically hear the entrainment.... but all I can say is ASTONISHING!! These pieces are some of the most emotionally moving songs & the BWE is hidden so well that I can listen to them anywhere (except driving, lol). I will be buying ALL my BWE from your site from now on! Excellent customer service too!

Author: Cynthia W

I recently purchased this 44 Minute Audio Track. It really is quite Amazing. After listening to this for the first few minutes I was beginning to feel totally relaxed. At the same time I had an overwhelming feeling deep down inside me of awe at the splendor of our Universe and God.

Another thing that I found that when this Music starts to play you tend to start looking at your life in great detail.

Author: Francis Kuhn

Absolutely beautiful - so peaceful - goes straight to the heart.

Author: april

A profound feeling of peace washed over me as I listened. I was moved in ways I never have been moved by a piece of music. I listen every night to help me get to sleep. I definitely feel positive changes in myself emotionally. Thank you very much for making it available.

Author: Barb

Hi I just want to inform you that I am absolutely ecstatic about the mp3 audios that I recently purchased. It is really wonderful and I make sure I listen to them every single day. I totally love the Schumann Resonance and I listen to it every evening just before I go to sleep.Absolutely Brilliant!
Thank you so much for such wonderful products!

Author: MALA

I'm listening to this music round the clock... lifts me up while calming me at the same time. Unbelievable!

Author: barbara

The Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments is a great audio, every time I listen to it I feel more relaxed and my mind is more clear. I recommend it to everyone.I love it

Author: Gordon Kellison

This audio is absolutely beautiful! Each time I listen, I feel very relaxed and at peace.

Author: Elle

Such uplifting, beautiful melodies to which I listen
I am enjoying all of the tracks more and more and
though I don't exactly know how the "bwe" affects me I feel transported to a most relaxed state.
Thank you.
Bill Wade

Author: bill wade

Your video/music I found to be extremely beautifully done. The images and words combined with the music were very positive. I'd love to see more video/picture and the music you folks create in future releases. It reminds me somewhat of MindVisions and I think your team could develop some extraordinary versions. Please consider doing this. I also want to thank you for allowing free listening. I am not at the point where I can purchase much of anything except milk/bread, maybe soon.

Author: Carole

Absolutely fantastic! Felt a change in energy straight away; dream are becoming easier to remember!

Author: Elsa

Schuman Resonance is working much deeply than it is. I've started listening by free sample, which was offered and after a some time of listening I started noticing big changes. Then ordered full album: I started listening each day, in the morning after wake up in meditative position and was reading some materials - affirmations for chosen topic. After 2-3 weeks of regular listening, I began noticing big changes inside myself, and felt that my belief system has changed dramatically.

Author: Marius

whenever I listen to this album I feel truly relaxed and relived. It is also good without headphone when I am working in my office. when I listen to this wonderful music I feel more productive, positive and sometimes I experience calmness in the middle of stormy day. Thank you!

Author: Bilgin

really nice and relaxing music...thank it...it fees good
I love to listen to it at the end of the day before going to bed and it is quite calming and pleasant.

Author: Sara

the most relaxing music i lost my husband one year ago and now listening to this I have peace and no more tears thank you for music from the heavens

Author: joann

I love this ! The music is so awesome and I can keep on playing it. I also find that my mind is alot calmer. Only thing is I find that my mind is so awake that I have not been really sleeping for 2 nights, and yet I dont feel so worn out. Is it the music?

Author: Cherry

Most beautiful music. Wonderfully relaxing.

Author: Marina

Amazing results, the stress left my body after the initianl listening. What a fantastic product.

Author: Daphne

I love these energies as they really take me out of it

Author: Sue

Since a while I have been listening to BWE musics. From EquiSync, HemiSync, etc..One friend gifted me the Unforgetable Theta Trilogy. Here the heart is engaged along with the mind. I got nearly all of your collections, piano mood, calm mind, spirit guide, pineal gland activator, solfeggio, deep delta acoustics, awakening mind over matter etc....these are inseparable music I carry all around on my ipod wherever I go- I never missed an opportunity to listen be it on plane, wating place etc...Thks

Author: Vikash

This music and BWE is beautiful, calming, and delightful to listen to. I am enjoying all the range of the MP 3 ,s I purchased. Well worth it.

Author: Linda

Wonderful !...and so relaxing after a super-busy day. Thanks for the great music.

Author: Tina

Renaissance of my senses...in touch with my subconcious through its pleasant sleep inducing melodies.

Author: A Chai

Beautiful music. The download process, however, is a little confusing, arriving in different emails. I am unsure if I received everything I bought. All in all, though, it's a good product.

Author: Gretchen Kennedy

I have listened to Schumann Resonance for the past 2 nights, I find I was able to relax completely after an extremely stressful day. I plan on listening again tonight. Thank-You!

Author: Nancy P

i have been listening to this cd for the last 3 days and i find that there is a release of long pent up grief and sadness leaving me with a feeling of lightness. i only hope that with time i will have peace of mind which i have been yearning for for quite some time

Author: v s vedasubramaniam

If this contributes to my mind power so much the better but the music is simply beautiful and is such a pleaasure to listen to.

Thank you

Author: T

This is an awesome product, it brought me to a deep relaxing followed by a feeling of lightness and connectiveness after meditation. It's really unforgettable and it made me search for more info on schumann resonance. I've made incredible discoveries so far, related to the use of light and the rythm of planet Earth.

Author: Graciela

It works super!


I enjoy listening to the Schumann Resonance in the morning while I am getting dressed. It seems to set a positive and productive tone to my day.

Author: Brandy

I cannot begin to tell you the effect that that piece of music has had on me. I cannot afford to buy it outright but i listen to the intro again and again and again. I never tire of hearing it.
I think your company is wonderful and i wish you every success in the future.

Derek Donaldson

Author: derek donaldson

I have serious chronic illnesses and pain and when I listen to this I am able to "float" away to a place a harmony and peace. Lovely!

Author: karen franzen

I found this quite exciting and same time refreshing.
I like to say its better than I expected.

Author: Nanda

Hi All
Excellant as expected

LOL Gavern

Author: Gavern

The First Time I Played Schumann Resonanse The Mind Was Clear,A Calm Singular Focus,Reading Focussed Without Being Distracted By Music Or Other Sounds.The Music UpLifts Your Spirit,Embracing Me That I Listened To It For Several Hours Every Day.Enrapturing....

Author: Ed Siery

I have serious chronic illnesses and pain and when I listen to this I am able to "float" away to a place a harmony and peace. Lovely!

Author: karen

When I first listened to this exquisite music, I was blown away by its sheer excellence. It spoke to my heart and its need to be filled with good vibes. It told of world's unexplored and ethereal. I was addicted and I listen to it everyday especially when I need to relax, focus and be creative.

Author: Elizabeth Kariuki

My Brain seemed to be thanking me for listening to The Schmann Resonance : Unforgettable Moments . The music has an effect of the most beautiful music and feeling in the world. I felt more alive and aware of surroundings anticipating events even. And Thank you

Author: Leon Edward

The music is very soothing. Not Sure of the impact or effect on me as yet. However, I enjoy listening to it and have it on as background music most of the time even during sleep

Author: Win Ong

This is not only spectacularly beautiful, but I find it to be very relaxing and calming. I'm going to be buying more music from these guys.

Author: Chris MacN

Schumann Resonance - I absolutely love this track and have come back to listen to it time and time again. There is something very compelling about it.

Author: Sue

I bought this for my son, it's too early to tell yet regarding the benefits, but he certainly seems to be more in touch with reality these days. I'll send you a brief background on what I'm dealing with here, it's a nightmare to say the least. I'm getting used to people running scared when they hear this story,

Author: Ann Marie Kinninmont

Feeling younger and more vibrant every day! Have been listening at least three times daily, it really makes me feel so good. Beautiful music and the additional benefit of BWE is great! Thank you!!!

Author: Latifa

I love It !!!

Author: Michelle

Dear Friends,
You have brought here even more that people notice.
Beside the importance of sound, the composer must possess, within, great richness of sensibility and the ability to pass it towards the others.
A magnificent finding by MIND POWER MP3!
Congratulations and best wishes to all,

Author: Paulo Teller


Author: artua

I bought all 18 and love them; especially Schumann Resonance and The Awakening. Moves the heart and energy.

Author: Susan

I jsut love this album that really gives out tons of positive energy, calms the mind and brings up your mood in just a few seconds of listening to it.

Author: Annica Björkman

Addictive! After using this, ordinary music seems weak. Look the way it makes me feel and cannot wait to get more!!

Author: Lynn Meadows

Does what it says on the tin at a reasonable price.

Author: Mike Denton-Anns

It was sooooo beautiful to listen to. My body and mind felt so alive and happy. I was in total harmony with the vibration and became one with it. Incredible!

Author: Jodie

Absolutely beautiful. I downloaded the sample a while back and listened to it over and over again especially late at night when I couldn't sleep. Just had to buy the full version along with the other two cds of the trilogy. Thank you for making my life more calm and relaxing.

Author: Sara

I am feeling much less anxious and scared and sleeping better while in the midst of a transition. No more panic attacks.

Author: Mimi

Amazing music, and so very grateful for your company providing such beautiful music for the soul.

Author: Sandy Rudzinski

Wonderful music.Restful and enjoyable.A real relaxing and opening experience.

Author: azeema

Just purchased the Super Mind Music Library and this was the first one I downloaded. Wow...what a wonderderful one to start with!!!

Author: Suzanne

I absolutely adore this music. It seems to lift me helps me reach inside to find peaceful and simple joy in my everyday living. I feel moved after listening.

Author: Margaret

Beautiful music.. I listen at work and it helps to keep me calm, focused and alert... I highly recommend the products and have already referred several friends. Kudos for making these products so affordable.

Author: Kim

This is a very powerful recording. I immediately saw results in my personal and professional life after listening to this recording. I highly recommend it.

Author: Christine St. Pierre

Very beautiful music. I find it calming and uplifting at the same time. Peaceful enough to have in the background while doing other activities or to listen to as you fall asleep. There are so many choices here at Mindpower that you are bound to find something you love.

Author: Sharon

OMG what an amazing set of 'Unforgettable Moments'. I was transported to Paris on the first track with the accordian player, and I haven't even been to paris. The rest of the music just seems to vibrate all over your head and makes you want to smile, cry, or just relax. If you haven't listened to any of these snippets of music with your headphones, I would almost insist that you try them for your own sake.

Author: Alexandra

Wow - after listening to Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments every night as I go to sleep, I wake up feeling bliss!

Author: John

From the three bought this is the one i liked most. Music being subtler than words, even if words are powerful, i believe sooth our inner system much better, on condition it is really inspired...Beautiful album, liking mst of the tracks, with only two exceptions.
Bit disappointed, because, finally i bought three and i couldn´t get but 2 free, The "Luck" one was repeated. I wasn´t lucky....

Author: Carlos Manuel

i have a sample of a 9minute Schumann. it really helps to ground and the music is listenable to again and again unlike others i have listened too and more effective.

Author: martin

This music reminds me of the soundtrack to one of those sweeping, epic movies--the kind they hardly make anymore.
It is very relaxing and just feeds your soul.
I like to listen to it when as I go to sleep at night, or when I rest in the afternoons sometimes.
I like that while it sounds so beautiful, at the same time the brain wave entrainment is actually doing good things for your mind!

Author: Christine Orth

I love this music. Feeling more calm and yet motivated. I have more energy. Thank you.

Author: Elaine Archambeault

I have been listening to this every day and it brought more joy into my life almost immediately! Thank you so much!

Author: Sara

I purchased this recording because I truly liked the sample music. It is so pleasant as background music while I am on the computer. If anyone enjoys the kind of music on the sampler, then I would strongly suggest that they purchase this full length recording. The beneficial effects of the brainwave recording are a big bonus to this recording.

Author: Jacob Psutka

The most incredibly beautiful music you will ever experience. A must have for everyone!

Author: Marcy

I only recently learned of your products and have purchased a few but my favorite and the one I have seen a major difference for me is the Unforgettable Moments Mp3..whether I am feeling tired or under the weather with allergies or just have the blahs...it immediately makes me feel better and my outlook on life takes on a different perspective. The 1st time I ever heard it and then went outside, it was like I was looking at the world thru different eyes!!

Author: Maria Aguilar

Thank you for this wonderful gift, yes, it is a gift. This gift of the most beautiful music I have ever heard came to me today at the most challenging time in my life. This wonderful music just opened me,lifted me and has given me hope. I will forever be thankful. I will purchase this trilogy of music as soon as I am able. Please know I am blessed to have received this today. Nameste

Author: Carol Gould

The most beautiful music I have ever heard all in one album, you just don't want to stop listening, it is really gripping. Made me feel so peaceful and relaxed afterwards


This is beautiful music..so peaceful and calming, yet full of emotion - I love it!
I listen to it every day, it's like an addiction!

Author: Sarah

I love the Schumann Resonance because of the strong emotional charge I feel when it hits that certain crescendo - that tingly feeling is superb!

Author: Micki

I really enjoyed Schumann Ressoonance. The music was absolutely beautiful. I'd recommend this product without any hesitations. I think people are so used to getting ripped off throughout life that they are hesitant to purchase products like these. It's a shame because there missing out on such an amazing life altering experience. Thank you.

Author: Molly

From the first few notes, I love this music, I feel it speaks to me at a soul level and listen every chance I get. Thank you for sharing this blissful recording with me.

Author: Melinda

I've been listening to the tracks while I sleep and have definitely started noticing differences. The only complaint I have is that when I downloaded the tracks none of them could play in itunes until I ran them through an mp3 repair program.

Author: Chris

I just want to let you know that the Schumann Resonance is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have heard in a long time, and I've never been into the more classical sounds. It evokes such strong emotions within me that it brings me to tears everytime I listen to it which is almost daily. Thanks, just wonderful!!

Author: Carol

Wow great beauty I play it over and over and
don't get tired of it and I feel the relaxing energy that comes from within it.

Author: ralphy4u

Beautifully, relaxing music. Sounds like a movie sound track. Very calming.

Author: C

The music is soothing and puts me in a peaceful place. I could listen to it all day, every day....and I do everyday. I highly recommend this album and will be buying more myself.

Author: BrendaLee

I recently purchased several MP3 audios. I make it a habit to walk about 45 minutes before dawn. I listen this audio while walking along the beach and the residential area. I feel very calm and seem to have a clearer mind. I try not to think althogh it is sometimes difficult to avoind various ideas and thougts coming unintentionally. I believe that this is meditation itself to access to the Source or God if you will. Very relaxing. I have a strong feeling that someing good will happen.

Author: Tom Hawkins Sr.

Purchased the bundle of 20 albums on special and I am both thrilled and delighted to be in receipt of some of the most beautiful music I have ever had the pleasure to hear. A must for anyone trying to alter their current state of being. An absolute exquisite array of music. Thankyou for special opportunity. Tristin

Author: Tristin

This music brings me the inner peace and well being that I find in the wild places of Nature. During the long winter here in Mount Shasta, it helps me return to the natural medicine of being outdoors in Earth Mother's sanctuary.

Author: Karen Sheeks

Ooooohhhhoooooohhooooooo!!!!! DUDE!
THIS music, for me, just could not be better! And, I'm so glad that I found it here on this cool site! This music gives me a profound relaxation and helps me get rest even more & in a better way after a tiring day! One of the best thing I have ever experienced!
Love It! Enjoy It! (& I Live It!) NO ONE can change my mood after this! :D THank You & XOXO to all!

Author: Satvik

Finally a website not only with the technology of BWE, but beautiful music.
I bought the 20 products and made playlists and listen to the in the morning, afternoon and the evenings.
When I am stressed, this gets my energy back to a higher level.
Thank you,


Author: Ronald Terry Reich

I LOVE Schumann - I used to play his pieces when I was learning to play the piano as a teenager.
The music so transports me into realms unknown and lifts me to a higher consciousness. My whole body shifts and even the neuropathic pains decrease in volume.

Author: Fay Rodgers

Beautiful classical music. LOVE listening to this recording. However, Spirit Guide + Calm Mind use the same exact music as Schumann Resonance and it feels like I am always listening to the same thing. Really wish the music was different!!!!

Author: Michele

Absolutely beautiful music. I love that I can use it while i'm working on the computer. I downloaded ti to a USB stick and that means I can take it with me and listen while on the road - like when I arrive at my hotel, etc.

Author: Lynne

Just a few days ago I purchased the Super Mind Music 20 album package, jam packed with amazing music, brain wave entrainments & I am so happy I did ! My 12 year old Beagle, Polkadot totally Loves the music, I play the downloads & magically she chills out :) Personally I already feel better, I am very surprised how calming the Schumann Resonance album works for my being in only a very small amount of "time". Thank YOU ! The Music is Awesome ! :)

Author: Therese

Really one of my favorite just sit back and enjoy the music and let the magic work.
Many thanks for such good quality sound recordings!

Author: red

I feel like a new person every time I finish listening. This music is awesome.

Author: Rony

Beautiful music. Extremely relaxing.

Author: Mary

This is a great product. The music that plays with BWE is relaxing and effective.

Author: esdsix

really , this is fantastic and give me a real calm and lovely feeling while all stress is flowing away from me ; I listen at least two times a day.

Author: Ivan Baldewijns

Took advantage of listening to this during the free offer and I like the way it made me feel. Made me feel whole and energized. I'm not one who can sit still so I would listen to this while cleaning the kitchen or doing other light activities. I still received the benefit.

Author: Mel C

I listen to this over and over again... love it!! Such beautiful music that is so relaxing... this song prompted me to buy the whole set :-)

Author: Nadine

This was my first purchase and I am very satisfied. Thank you for the wonderful music

Author: Anna

This testimonial is really about the products in general. I have tried such products before. Some did not seem to do much for me, and others left me feeling worse. I started with the free MP3 "The Journey" and felt good immediately. My inner self said to me "This is the stuff!!" I have been using these on a regular basis and find myself feeling better all the time. Very positive fedback from my inner self. Thank you for this!

Love and Gratitude,
Rob Hayes

Author: Rob Hayes

Gradually..I realized negative and toxin attitude live with me after several days I heard this mp3.thanks for you all

Author: Safri

This is one of my favorites of the Mind, Body, Spirit Set! Lovely music!

Author: Elaine

I want to thank you for allowing me to increase control on my emotions. Simply wonderful.

Author: Juan Romero

I just LOVE this music. I go off into a whole new realm when I am listening to it. My husband likes to listen to it when he goes to sleep. He says it helps him sleep better. I love to listen to it when the sun is rising in the morning. I listen to the birds singing along to the music. It is very enchanting.

Author: Aurora

Fantastic album

Author: Mila

To be aware that we are part of the universe, yet alsohave an integral bond with everything, can be felt so much stronger using the Schumann Resonance.

Author: J.O.WUISAN

I purchased the Mind, Body, Spirit music system - standard package, and I am delighted. How it's going to take me a while to get through all the wonderful music albums and bonuses, but it's a challenge that I'm more than up for. The Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments album is my favorite..... it has to be the most beautiful and soothing music I have ever listening too. Kudos to Mind Power! I look forward to all the physical and spiritual benefits of my music!

Author: Rachel Leah


Author: Julie

This music is so moving and passionate. I just love to listen to it. It puts me in a good mood afterwards and I feel energized.

Author: Phyllis Thompson

The music is really great!And listening to for just one week in the evenings I noticed that in the morning after it I really feel much more energy.Some evenings I missed-the result-a big difference in my mood.Will definately continue.

Author: natalia

The music is really great!And listening to for just one week in the evenings I noticed that in the morning after it I really feel much more energy.Some evenings I missed-the result-a big difference in my mood.Will definately continue.

Author: natalia

I loved listening to this as I packed to move...it kept my mind calm and focused and I was able to do more in less time. Thank you!

Author: Michael-Linn Beebe

This beautiful classical music is calming and soothing and its perfect to listen to during my yoga practice.

Author: Rachel Leah

This track always helps me get centered, it is easy to listen to over and over. Thank you for your work in the realm of working to make our brains work better for us. I wish you much continued success and new discoveries to help all of us out here.

I think that those who seek out your products are in a better place, we realize that we have greater potential, & that with help, we can achieve greater things. Too many folks don't reach out or see that help is out there.

May everyone find peace

Author: Spike

I'm loving this! I can't wait to use it every day!

Author: Angela Pearson

Beautiful, Inspiring, Epic

Author: Gregory Anderson

I really enjoy taking a break from work and listening to the audios. It's like the chaos of the world melts away and all of a sudden i'm laying on the beach, feeling the breeze and listening to the waves. Thanks for these audios.

Author: Elaine Nicol

love this cd - i seem to get so much more accomplished during the day than ever before. I usually play it twice a day

Author: ruth

Hi I bought this cd a few days ago and we just love it. I find myself listening to it at least 2 times a day. thank you for providing such a wonderful mix.would recommend to anyone.

Author: dawn west

Amazing Listening and wonderful music

Author: Makita Gabriel

I was a part of the Mind Power community for several years before and had many products and enjoyed them all, especially the Schumann Resonance. Then my hard drive crashed and had to be replace without us being able to save anything. I lost a lot of what I loved so much about these programs.

I was so excited to find you again and have begun to start my collection up again. I play A Million Blessings during the daytime and Meditative music and Dream programming music at night. Thank You

Author: Gail

This selection is truly unforgettable it speaks to you from the heart, I wake up everyday to this and drink a tea with it and it really is magical, if I could only give the whole world this feeling the world would be a better place. The way I see it is this type of music a relaxation is for gods and goddesses the whole world should be God and goddesses and the way to become one for those who don't know what I'm speaking of here should take some time out your day and just give this album a chance

Author: Anthony

I have bought and listened to many of the Mind Power products over the years - nearly 6 years. They are the absolute best and a pleasure to listen to. The BWE audios are also tops.

Author: Eliena Olivier

I listen to Schumann Resonance: unforgettable moments every evening, it is the most beautiful, uplifting yet soothing music I have ever heard. Plan to invest in more of your inspirational and creative music. Thank you for what your making available.

Author: Frances Radcliffe

Free gift/Download does NOT work for Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments... :(

Author: Al

Love it. Highly recommend it.

Author: John

Christopher is a music genius-he actually made tears roll down my cheeks while listening-no ones been able to do that on a BWE.Thankyou
Carol S.Australia.

Author: Carol

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