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Return To Giza

Return To Giza

Return To Giza

Return to Giza is sublime music to relax the body, bring balance to the mind, and awaken the spirit. Based on the Geo-Astro Harmonic tunings of the Earth, King's Chamber and the Great Pyramid. Drawing from a huge collection of world instruments and psycho-acoustic processing, Brian has composed this music to be in tune with the very essence of Man and Spirit, a living dynamic energy.

Return to Giza contains 2 albums: King's Chamber and Gaia's Song. Hear excerpts from both albums in the videos below.

Excerpt from "Three Who Matter-Musicians who are making a difference"...

For the uninitiated, the liner notes of Brian E. Paulson's most recent album, Return To Giza, may not immediately make a lot a sense.

When you hear it, it sounds like the brilliant, evocative New Age music that it is. Instruments and sounds such as whale calls and gourd rattles wash in and out of the mix in an etheral fashion. It's both calming and stimulating, pleasurable either as background or in the foreground.

Using advanced studio techniques, he creates music with digital samplers, synths, and a huge collection of world instruments, including gongs, Mayan and Native American flutes and African kalimbas among others. But when you read the album notes, it's described as being "tuned to the King's Chamber. The high harmonic octave is orange.

Tuned to the Svadisthan chakra and the planet Venus. The Zodiac is Aquarius. "You might call it New Age, but I call it more of a Geo-astro Harmonic, which is based on the harmonics found in sacred sites,"he explained."The new one,Return to Giza,is based on the harmonics of the King's Chamber, and the resident frequencies of the Great Pyramid."

He's trademarked the term "Geo-Astro Harmonic" and defines it as "sound tuned and correlated with the lower and upper octaves of electro-magnetic radiation." The music is intended to relax the body, bring balance to the mind and attune the spirit.

He's utilitarian in the way he approaches his complex, compelling music suites."Each song represents its own world and whatever instruments I use ,tell me how to play it,"he said. "Most of the things on the new Cd are all first takes. Each was written and produced in less than three hours. That's the way I work. I just go. Once I get the seed of the Idea, I'm gone." -- Sound Review from Nuvo Newsweekly

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Return To Giza
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Customer Reviews

We purchase this, when we sit on the patio outside, to enjoy the weather while listening to this.

Author: Christine R

What a wonderful gift to myself! The two tracks on this album are beautiful to listen to and easily helped me to relax and connect with my Inner Guidance. Highly recommended!!

Author: Patti Smith

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