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Magic Healing Pool: Michael Horsphol

Magic Healing Pool: Michael Horsphol

Magic Healing Pool: Michael Horsphol

We're proud to welcome you to the music of Michael Horsphol - one of the most gifted modern day composers to emerge from the Australian classical scenes in the past decade. His magical music is combined with a wide spectrum of powerful healing frequencies using the latest brainwave entrainment technology ...and then mixed with tranquil nature sounds - for total relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Music

Michael adds a quality that can be best described as a musical soundscape that causes the listener to transcend time and space.

He has been playing and composing for over 40 years. His catalog ranges in depth from symphonies to solo piano music to orchestral arrangements in the light in his new role as Head of Orchestral Music in the Light for Blue Pie.

Michaels music has been licensed to numerous placements around the world including: The Discovery Channel, Broadjam, BBC3, National Geographic, ABC Documentaries and ABC TV to name a few. With a catalog of over 20 titles and songs being produced on a daily basis, Michael is now one of Australia's most in demand producers.

You can learn more about Michael and his music at his websites http://www.earthsongtapestry.net/ and http://soundtracks.earthsongtapestry.net/


The Brainwave Entrainment

The purpose of this track is touch upon the major frequencies associated with healing the body and relaxing the mind. Listening to this audio will help you relax into deep meditation while the frequencies encourage your brain to heal various aspects of your body.

This track should be heard with headphones whenever possible.

The frequencies used -

  • 12 Hz centering frequency, associated with the throat
  • 10.5 Hz associated with the heart, thymus and circulatory system
  • 10 Hz good for relaxation and mood, stabilized sleep rhythms, can be used for lowering the perception of pain and general healing
  • 9 Hz healing and effective pain control
  • 8 Hz great for general healing, enhanced relaxation
  • 7.83 Hz earth resonance, increase tolerance to stress, accelerated healing
  • 7 Hz help with organ healing and treatment of addictions
  • 6 Hz associated with heat generation and the heart
  • 5.14 Hz associated with the stomach
  • 4.6 Hz associated with the blood and spleen
  • 4.0 Hz reduce blood pressure , help with addictions, deep meditation, helpful for people who suffer from exhaustion
  • 2.5 Hz useful in pain relief and insomnia
  • 2 Hz Associated with soothing the nervous system
  • 1.05 Hz  associated with the pituitary and the release of Growth Hormone (this frequency is present during the entire track.)


The album comes in 2 versions - one with nature sounds, and one without.

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Magic Healing Pool: Michael Horsphol
Magic Healing Pool: Michael Horsphol
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Magic Healing Forest: Michael Horsphol

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Customer Reviews

The magic healing pool with nature sounds was very relaxing to listen to. I went into the vortex and out many times. It stimulated my imagination and spurred me on into believing I can do what I set out to do. Fascinating. Tana

Author: tana

Oh my, this is so relaxing, beautiful music.
Thank you!!!

Author: kay

I prefer the one without the nature sound.
The music is soothing.

Most good headphones are 20-25.000 Hz.
Besides this, the human ear can't hear frequenties lower or higher than the above mentioned freq.

How can the body react on the frequenties mentioned under THE BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT ; The frequenties used, 12 Hz,10.5 Hz 10Hz Etc.

I would like a feedback.

With kind regards,


Author: George Vandenberg

It's great.!Besides working with healing frecuencies and nature sounds, musical composition is exquisite. A so good artistic level must be really healer:) Thank you!

Author: MarC

This is absolutely amazing. Deep and profound relaxation, powerful meditation. It's so good I linstened to it twice, with the sounds of nature and without. I feel great like I could transport a mountain.

Author: Djimy Theodore

After sitting here for a while trying to find words to describe this wonderful, peaceful and heavenly music I decided to let you find out for yourself because there are no words to describe this! What a Masterpiece!

Author: Felix

What an amazing piece of music. It seemed to take me to another sphere where life is blissful.

Author: Daphne

Ever wondered what it is like to take a Magic Carpet Ride? Get this recording and you WILL go on a Magic Carpet Ride!

Author: Gerhard

Absolutely Beautiful.

Author: Sue Bridgeford

This is some of the most beautiful and uplifting music Iv'e heard in a long time. I listen to it in the morning to set me up for the day.

Author: kerian

Hi, joe here, just wanted to thank for the wonderful music on the majic healing pool album, I listen to it on my hikes when I sit and rest along the trails, very inspiring, as i sit and watch nature unfold. Thank you and keep up the good music.I wish you peace, Love, joy, and harmony.


I am enjoying this music a lot. I'm listening to it everynight with my earphones, and I'm hoping that it will help me to heal my ailments.

Author: Helen

This was my first download and I really enjoyed the music intensely. It helped me
to calm my mind and I felt like I was somewhere else. I would recommend Michael Horsphol's music.

Author: Diane

Very helpful in calming the mind and allowing the body to slowly relax and contemplate with focus!

Author: Terry

Both my wife and I use the download and she feels much better the morning after when she listens to it the night before. When I listen to it I feel my brain changing, moving around, feeling organized. I feel rested and more awake and generally better.
I really do enjoy listening to this recording.

Author: Gary Crakow

My wife and I have been using Holosync and found them to be very powerful. However we are finding that the Magic Healing Pool is so much more enjoyable and so much easier to listen to as the music together with the brainwave entrainment technology makes the experience very pleasant. It is now part of our daily routine and something we look forward to every day.

Author: Aurelio Sienes

Very calming and soothing music and I love the nature sounds behind it. My sinus problems have lessened considerably since listening to it every night as I go to sleep. I seem to sleep better also. This has been a wonderful 1st experience with Mind Power mp3s! Highly recommend!

Author: DH

This is a great combination of beautiful music and BWE. I was having tension in my jaws, and after listening to this album for 3 days the tension went away. I continue to meditate with it everyday as it is very soothing and truly magical.

Author: Jett

I have been going through the process of personal development Books, Tapes, Cd's etc; I purchased some music above and the Spirit Guide. I have never had an experience like what I have felt from these amazing, highly creative and gifted Healers. The Healing Pool truly lives up to the name, I am going through a Healing process and this released a lot of resistance I was in floods of tears, but felt a sense of inner calm and peace....... I have connected to my Spirit Guides (Amazing grace).

Author: Loraine Otoo

I feel better just listening to this music

Author: Brad

Not exactly relaxing music but nonetheless nice to listen to. I have listened to it every day since I received it and it seems to relax me even though it is quite busy. I like it!

Author: Nick Passmore

I have only had the program a short time but I find it very relaxing. I plan on listening to it every day and know it will make a big difference in my health.

Author: Ken

very soothing and feels good :) thanks!:)

Author: Betsy

Wonderful and relaxing. Perfect for meditation.

Author: Mary Lou

This is the one that I am really experimenting with. Since i haven't had it but a couple of days I really can,t give you a testimonial just yet but I am sure I will shortly. Thank you very much and I look forward to giving you a testimonial in the very near future.

Author: Charles Boardman

I have many albums and am delighted. I particularly love this track. There is a wonderous place called De Eftling in Holland and it a magical park in a forest based on fairy stories and this music took me back there amazingly - just stunning!! Over the last year of listening to these, my approach to life has definitely changed and truly love how these work so melodiously. Thank you! :)

Author: sacha hart

Like taking a magic carpet ride. Exquisitely floating along the clouds. Joyous journey from beginning to end.

Author: Regina

What an amazing piece of music, I have just listened to it today and feel energized, yet calm, makes me feel at one with the world. Can't wait to see how my next 24 hours goes.
Thank you,
Diane Knaus

Author: diane knaus

Hello all you nice people out there,
due to overactivation at work the tendons of my thumb got cramped and I cannot stretch my thumb any more. Every day I am applying manual therapy to releasen it.
While listening to the Magic Healing Pool, my thumb became more and more straight.
Love and light to you

Author: Betty Blandin

Only listened to the mp3 without the nature sounds, but this is great "SUNDAY MORNING" music. Don't know if it actually does any healing but you won't find a more relaxing beautiful piece of music. Bravo Michael & Mind Power great composition and excellent mastering.

Author: Tom ⌐GANDALF⌐

I listened to this on line & loved it so much I had to order it immediately. I felt so relaxed & at peace. I would recommend this to anyone with any stress or issues in their lives (and don't we all)

Author: Lynn

Uplifting, calming and tender

Author: Susan Tennant

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