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Lush Life: Ambient Chill and Dream Trip

Lush Life: Ambient Chill and Dream Trip

Lush Life: Ambient Chill and Dream Trip

Open your mind and clear away all limiting beliefs. Prepare yourself for abundance.

Powerful brainwave entrainment (BWE) mixed with 2 albums filled with beautiful, unique music - 1) Ambient chill - 39 minutes of beautiful electronic and classical ambient music. 2) Dream Trip - 43 minutes of chillout/trip hop music

Ready for more of what makes life worth living?

Ready to take the steps to more $$, more Love, more Laughter?

If your answer is YES then this audio is one tool that can absolutely help you get there. Use it regularly and intentionally and I guarantee you that shifts will occur.

How can it get even better than that?

The BWE in these audios has been created to open the mind, to take what's hidden and bring it to light.




Set a FOCUS before you begin. Decide before each session what you wish to work on and then write it down or speak it out loud.

What is it you want more of? What do you want to create? Where can you use more clarity?

Examples of awesome focus statements include...

• What do I need to understand to allow more financial abundance in my life?
• What am I hiding from myself – that if I understood it clearly, would allow me to manifest my Dream Relationship
• In what ways can I bring total healing to (fill in with physical, emotional, financial issue)
• How can life get even better than this?
• What do I need to understand to manifest my perfect vacation?

Once you have your focus you now have two choices on how to proceed – either through movement or through the written word.

Full details of both these methods are included in the Lush Life User Guide which is included with the 2 mp3s.

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Lush Life: Ambient Chill and Dream Trip
Lush Life: Ambient Chill and Dream Trip
+ Unwind Your Mind: Ambient Journey
Unwind Your Mind: Ambient Journey

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Customer Reviews

Gosh! Looks like I had bought all the products! It shows how much I love them. It's so relaxing and therapeutic. Can't afford to purchase now, what a shame!!

Author: Jenab Ahmed



Thank you for the wonderful work and the warmth of your heart you share with other people.

Author: Tatiana

1st my question; when you say "don't try to quiet your mind" can I close my eyes? Now for my feed back: WOW! From the very beginning I was off to a wonderful ride. My thoughts were like a movie; then in the middle the BWE beat was very fast (what I experienced has happened to me before so I was comfortable with it) then my legs rose perpendicular to the floor and they shook very, very fast and my body felt quite warm for the duration of the beats. I was very relaxed and alert at the end.

Author: Alejandrina

It is sure: when you enjoy this music, your live is different: you become a bigger one, somebody who encountered the right way for the house of your dreams


I got the letter telling me I could listen to this but the link never became available.
Can you resend and perhaps I can then listen?
Thank you very much!

Author: Skye

This piece of music has very contemplative and reflective qualities. The surprising thing was that whilst focussing on the subjects as suggested, I was filled with the most intense feelings of gratitude and peace instead of searching or waiting to receive answers to my questions.

Author: Maya

I've just started listening to Ambient Chill to get to the core issues of my life. How timely it was! I do sense "stirring up." Thank you!

Author: Kay

Amazing.... still feeling the drowsy sensation after listening to the full length music. feel like going off to sleep, and it's mid-day here!

Author: Naresh

After I suffered a stroke in 2009, my sleep pattern was disrupted and I couldn't sleep until 5am or 6am every night. Listening to this music enable me ever night to sleep soundly and deeply and wake up completely rested and refreshed. Thank you.

Author: Cesar Dalagan

The effect started immediately: I needed to lie down, kept drifting in and out of conscious sleep. The shifts began soon, better breathing, spine seemed to reset itself. The process is on ... What's with the Chill? It actually was so real ..stirred me!

Quite a Dream Trip!

Author: Prarthana

Thank You:
for the free listening of this musica is a wonderfull peace of musica and it brings you a lot of wonderfull feelings and joy.
Thank you

Author: Adriana Gomez Pimienta

The sounds are hypnotizing and stimulating to the senses; calming to the nerves; and spiritually commanding.


Author: Hughes

Simply amazing !
I am grateful for all these powerful music you are sharing with us.
Thank you !

Author: Amine

I really enjoy listening to these recordings. They set me up for the day. Great job

Author: Scott Bayliss

I LOVE my Lush Life Mp3. I've started a journal to write down what comes to mind as I listen to and contemplate the question: What can I do or who can I connect with to bring more financial abundance into my life? And then, I meditate on the energy of, "I Am consistently in the best vibration to attract wealth." This has become a very eye-opening experience. My paradigms show themselves and I get fun new ideas to play with.

Author: Rose Woodruff

Beautifully relaxing. I had difficulty, however, with the pulsating sounds in the background as my body was attempting to establish its own rhythms as I listened and enjoyed the soothing music.

Author: Tony

Well, Dream Trip was a great listen. The music was very soothing. I don't want the Brain entraiment was if any. Ambient Chill ,if this was a two part album, I was not aware if it. I was assuming there were two albums. When I click on the player for Ambient Chill, it shut down. Nothing was played. I was thinking of ordering some albums early August (poor American Vet),but I need to know what the whole thing is supposed to accomplish. Thanks for the free Listening.

Author: Edward Rivera

Liked the tracks a lot. Will be buying in the near future and checking out your other goodies

Author: Lynne

Thank you..the best music i have ever heard it resonates ..love it ..i danced to it for hours..at the end burst into tears..not from exhaustion..it uplifts ones spirit...wonderfull..thank you again..i shall be purchasing your music...wow

Author: roana

I first listened to Dream Trip at work. After just a few minutes I was tapping my foot and nodding along with the beat. My mood had improved and I felt revived. This is easily the most fun I've had work in a very long time. I love this program!!!

Author: marg m

I realy like the music from the album, started doing the process and the second day already something came up for me that I had forgotten from when I was verry young the process helped me work thru it and I am realy excited to see what shfts will happen for me. I am looking forward to a lushlife :-)

Author: Rosa

This music is so beautiful, clear, and easy listening to.

Author: Emily

Wonderful music that makes me feel good and relaxed, and eases symptoms of EMF.

Author: Oddvar Husby

music is lovely and very pleasant to listen. still do not know what the result would be.

Author: ella

This is a great track! The variety of the music never gets boring and can be listened to again and again. It is one among several like HotFunk832, Heart Desire Intermediate, Earth, Fire, Air, and Water that are a joy to listen to.

Author: John Maybee

The music is wonderful to listen to. I listen to it before I go to sleep.

Author: Dave

Hi, I'd already purchased 'The Supreme Package' because it made economic sense-Wow what a selection -a gourmet feast for my ears and heart, Lush life -immediately took me to another Vibration.I was feeling okay before -and didn't expect anything extraordinary-until my heart heard the music-perfume to my ears. I already have extensive CD music collection, but 'Hand on Heart' as a muscian -Lush LIfe and 'The Supreme Package Download' without argument is the Best Music Package I have purchased..

Author: Anthony Adeyemi

I have purchased a rather large package of mind power music from you and unfortunately have only had the time to listen to the above. But I have listened to it several times. Each time something different comes to the surface from my soul. Not randomly but again and again so I know it is something I must dive into and bring to the surface so I can release it. Powerful stuff!

Author: Jane

Listening to Lush life gives me inspiration to see life in a sunny way and motivation to find enthusiasm to do my work.

Author: Eve

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