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The music created for Layers is like the revered lotus flower. An important ancient Egyptian symbol, the lotus represents creation and rebirth. It is the only flower that rises from the muddy swamp to produce both flower and fruit. While seeking the light, the lotus is a metaphor for the creation of the universe from the watery chaos into the self-created sun god, Atum (atom).

This bio-sonic music, like the lotus, can be used to induce an ecstatic state, stimulate the mind, relax the body and behave like a tonic for good health. The mind-body-spirit practice of yoga and meditation can be greatly enhanced by this music.

Layers is music performed on sacred global instruments. By utilizing musical instruments known for their psycho-spiritual properties, I am able to elicit the power of emotion, resonance and entrainment, thus developing a synergistic approach to bring about the coherency of our human energy field.

This music can re-pattern our brains and nervous systems as well as the endocrine glands and corresponding chakras. Layers acts as a wave guide for consciousness with the power to alter our concept of time and space and increase our awareness of our true selves so we can begin again to reflect this Divine nature of light.

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Customer Reviews

OMG, this is soooo beautiful and energictic. I do love listening to all the music, but this one is deep way deep and I love it.

Author: Siemone Adele

I understand more listening to it it makes me wish for a larger purpose, to be part of something bugger than myself. It motivates me to finish what I have started. I appreciate a higher group purpose, listening to this.

Author: Mark Scanlon

This ios awesome -- totally awesome.

Author: Kris

The music is beautiful and very inspiring but it's too short iunfortunally. I would have order it straight away if it was longer.For an album I thought it should be more than an hour at least.

Author: Mireille

Hi. I just listened to the complimentry audio of Layers and it was very beautiful, relaxing, a wonderful listening experience. Thank you for sending it to me.

Author: carrie

amazing sound

Author: vincent

What a beautiful and calming composition. I used the music to soothe the soul as I was working through a challenging time. I found it to be very effective in bringing me back to balance and harmony and enabled me to make a decision in a short period of time. I am always amazed at the great compositions and wonderful products coming from mind power.
Thank you for your wonderful work.

Author: Rosalyn

i have no words to describe this music!
brian, you are a God sent to represent
HIS music. thank you! reni.....toronto

Author: reni de sousa

This was actually very nice. It was soothing and comforting, would be great for someone who is sad, like I am quite often because I am still grieving the death of my husband. It is great for reflection time. Does this contain brainwave entrainment? It would be nice if it did, but even if not, it is very calming. I will listen to it again later on today while trying to reflect on my life. I am seriously considering purchasing this.

Author: Lee Worton

Soothing, wonderful and so nice to listen to.
Thank you

Author: Shak

I truly enjoyed listening to Layers. I felt relaxed and at peace while listening. The music is truly beautiful.

Author: Mary

This music is amazing and i loved it.

Author: Rosie Bachand

Wow, with one listen it takes you into another place of peace, calm, and comfort. Beautiful, a must have in your library for anyone who enjoys relaxing sounds.

Author: Carroll Baker

What a great way to start the day! Made me feel like something really nice has just begun. Many thanks.

Author: Daniela

This is very much on my wish list. I really enjoyed. I could see listening to it on a daily basis. It makes one feel good all over. I like all of the instruments in very inviting. I also enjoy the lotus flower. Thanks for letting me have the opportunity to give this a try. I'd sure like to get this one soon. Christine

Author: christine

Thank you for this wonderful album. I've injured myself and have been in pain for a week now and listening to this helped me relax for the first time.

I'm going to buy this album. Thank you again.

Author: Michele Andree Lemieux

It was simply amazing use of Tabla(drum) and flute creating calming effects!

Author: Nimesh

I bought this !!!!!! It TOTAOLY RESINATES with me. It is AWSOME !!!!

Author: John Schoettmer

The sounds are wonderful and so relaxing and put me in a very peaceful mood, the ideal music to listen while on the bus going home.

Author: Merilyn

All your music is beautiful...just spectacular! Thank you!

Author: Lata

Its a beautiful piece of music, enjoyed it very much.


Author: Behram

Absolutely beautiful!! So fluid, transporting and gentle like a breeze. It inspired a feeling of quiet euphoria and a happy smiling heart. Love it!

Author: Suzie

Amazing album. Best purchase ever. I am drawn to listen every day. Touches me deeply.

Author: Jean

When you combine many different instruments both sacred and energizing, you create a masterpiece of sound. I use the wonderful music in "Layers" to wind down during work at lunch time, and then after work as well. I could listen to it all the time, and there is all the other great audio products from MindPower MP3 that I want time listening to. Just listen and you will find something that is time well spent.

Author: Ron Szasz

I love this. I play it in the background on repleat at work as a soothing calming ambience. I work in a training organisation and I have had delegates comment on how peaceful it is sitting waiting in my area and how it seems to clear their minds. I even had a couple of delegates come and just sit in my room mid course when they were having trouble learning. Aparently it helped. For me, I love to paint and draw to it too. Im looking forward to some more music in this style from mind power.

Author: Leisa Zoeller

feel more balanced and calm

Author: carlos

relaxing chill or great for a stretch
Thanks for the listen

Author: Malcolm

I love this. My days just flow. If I have a problem, I deal with it so much easier

Author: Wendy

What an appropriate title,Brian E. Paulson takes you on a majestic journey of the soul. His use of a variety of instruments from around the globe, coupled with its etherial tempo make it perfect for meditation, and relaxing your stress away. A must have addition to your collection.I also recommend Mayan Fire Dance to energize yourself

Author: Doug Mayhew

It was almost a disappointment after listening to the RebbeSoul from yesterday. Why am i supposed to listen to Mother Music?

Author: Rosie Bachand

This music, sings out with joy and love..the beautiful instruments, seem to pull, on your heart, as the lovely music, just washes over you, like an ocean..in your soul.

Author: Chris

Not a testimonial - but rather a question. When I listened, I heard a lot of static sounds, not clear music. This is distracting and disappointing. Are all his recordings like that?

Author: Barbara

just listened to LUSH LIFE,as well as have been listening to all the other free music so far. This music is soooo beautiful,l will be ordering asap!!!! Thanks for thinking of us. Down loaded new music. Layers is such an uplifting piece,makes you want to go an island paradise and never come back. It also seem to work with strengthening my lower chakra's, it does get you moving (smile). Thanks a million for this beautiful music.

Author: margaret

Brilliant - Music is just fabulous and the different instruments are so unique -can hear the distinct sounds of each. Thank you

Author: Nadiya

OK let me put it this way, Layers is the most underrated album, I can vouch for that. it just does the thing it is described as "mental tonic". whenever I felt very low or in a very bad mood, it has lifted me out of that. also the musical piece itself is a treat to the ears. To Brian paulson and entire mindpowermp3 team -"Thank you very much!"

Author: L Sen

beautiful music, l love it

Author: Ida

The music of this man who after reading a bit about him and all of the types of different instruments he uses to create such an array of different touching sounds that are soothing and emotional with different feelings to experience! It was an enlightening experience and am so grateful for finding this music and to be able to share it with others too!

Author: Eugene M Liekhus

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