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Inner Vision: Piano Moods 2

Inner Vision: Piano Moods 2

Inner Vision: Piano Moods 2

Benefits - Increased health and immunity, coherence, inner guidance and inner vision

Frequencies used:

  • 12 Hz - Gateway to all frequencies
  • 10.5 Hz - Encourage production of feel good chemicals, healing, improves immunity, mind/ body balancing mind over matter
  • 8.3 Hz - Associated with clairvoyance
  • 5.5 Hz - Associated with inner guidance, and increased intuition
  • 0.1 Hz - Associated with all the organs and muscle , access to information stored in the unconscious mind and increase immune functions.

According to The Institute of Heartmath, 0.1 Hz is the human resonant frequency – the frequency at which spirit, heart, mind, emotions and body systems are in alignment. The more coherent we are, the greater the resonant energetic link we have with others and the environment.



Wonderful classical and contemporary piano music including a little Beethoven and Chopin mixed with some relaxing 21st century piano music. Hear samples in the audio player below.


Brainwave entrainment technology

There are a couple things that will make you want to keep this track in your library for ever!

1. Multiple Binaural Beats Entraining 3 distinct frequency ranges:
New innovations in brain training technology now allows us to use  multiple binaural beats at different frequencies at the same time without causing cross interference.  This is really important because in the past, it was impossible to use more than one binaural beat at different frequencies because it would cause interference that would lessen the effectiveness of the intended entrainment.  This track uses 2 separate and distinct binaural beats simultaneously without any cross interference or degradation of the intended result.

2. Multiple Wave Forms:
This track use 3 wave form to help deliver the optimum cortical evoked response for each entrainment level.   When attempting to entrain multiple frequencies simultaneously, it is important that the brain can follow each entrainment frequency separately and independently.  In order to assist this process, we've assigned different waveforms for each entrainment phase.
a    8.3 Hz - Pyramid Wave
b.    5.5 Hz - Sine Wave
c.    0.1 Hz - Square Wave

3.  Multiple forms of Entrainment:
This track is not limited to the use of Binaural Beats. This track contains a proprietary blend of entrainment mechanisms including Isochronic tones. We are sworn to secrecy on the other entrainment elements because they are "the secret sauce" that allows for advanced tracks like this one to be produced.

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Inner Vision: Piano Moods 2
Inner Vision: Piano Moods 2
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Blissful Meditation: Piano Moods

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Customer Reviews

I have listened to and enjoyed the Inner Vision:Piano Moods 2 for four nights in a row. I was very relaxed and enjoyed it very much, but cannot relate any tremendous change I am aware of. However, on a very subtle level, I had an "opening" feeling on the top of my head. Almost like wind gently blowing through my hair in that certain spot. I would like to think my inner vision has been stimulated, and will continue to enjoy the music, hoping someday to have something profound happen.

Author: Cindy

I have listened to this CD every morning on my way to work. I have noticed I have been able to emotionally deal with losing my job this coming Thursday. Before this I would have been really upset. I have been able to see my friend as he really is. I now believe he is not the one for me and I deserve more.

Author: Elizabeth Porter

I do love it! Amazing job! I am looking forward to buy more of your products!

Author: Gerard

this is lovely music - just makes me float away. only bought 2 or 3 days agobut love it and feel happy when listening to it!!

Author: nicola diaz

I use this music to play in the background as I do my writing. It is very helpful.

Author: Carol

the music in the tracks I've listened to so far is beautiful! After listening to this particular track I experienced a sense of inner peace and well being (that's not a common experience for me).

Author: Wendy

Beautiful Piano music.
Best for deep relaxing.

Author: Katrin

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