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Inner Knowing: Delta Wind

Inner Knowing: Delta Wind

Inner Knowing: Delta Wind

Delta brainwave entrainment for intuition, deep relaxation and healing, mixed with exquisite world flute from the multi-award winning Suzanne Teng.


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Music (over 1 hour long)

Music for relaxation and healing. "Seven tracks of beautiful and heartwarming meditations played on alto flute, bass flute, bamboo flutes and the rare contrabass flute with delicate accompaniment on harp, dulcimer, harmonium and zithers."

Suzanne Teng is a multi-award-winning flutist who has created music for the Dalai Lama and her music was distributed to over 50,000 cancer patients to aid in their recovery.

You can access more of her music here.


Brainwave entrainment

Main entrainment frequencies start at 4Hz and ramp down to 1.175 Hz spending a few minutes at each 0.5Hz interval all the way down.

Secondary entrainments include:
#1:  Alternating 0.5 hz and 0.234 Hz Binaurals
#2 A solid 0.23 Binaural


The World of Delta Brainwaves

Delta brainwaves, the slowest of them all with a frequency in the range of just above 0 Hz to 4 Hz, usually occur when you're in a deep sleep. Delta brainwaves are very important because they give you many different benefits...

The benefits of delta brainwaves include:

Youthfulness and good health. Anti-aging hormones, including melatonin and DHEA, are released when you produce delta brainwaves. Human growth hormone (HGH) is another anti-aging hormone that is increased when delta brainwaves are occurring inside the brain, due to the stimulation of the pituitary gland. HGH maintains the skin, bone density, cartilage, and the joints in your body as well as speeds up the healing process of joint and cartilage injuries. Also, aging hormones such as cortisol (a hormone that's released when you're stressed) are reduced. You'll heal faster after a hard workout and feel revived after a hard day with a boost of delta brainwaves. Your immune system will be stronger, as well.

Pain Relief. HGH can also help heal physical pain including pain from chronic inflammation, injuries or surgeries.

Better emotional health. In healthy amounts, delta brainwaves cause a person to have an advanced state of empathy, understanding, and compassion for others.

Stronger connection with oneself and the spiritual world. You'll be able to connect with your unconscious mind at deep levels and increase your ability to listen to your intuition. Most research suggests that if you can become consciously aware in the delta brainwave state, you will have a nearly perfect sense of intuition. Many people have also reported paranormal experiences, including out of body experiences, connections with spiritual guides, and other spiritual episodes when their brains are producing delta brainwaves.

Also, when we get older, we produce less and less Human Growth Hormones (HGH), which contributes to aging, weakened bones, lessened sexual performance, and a weaker immune system. If you're approaching middle age or you're already past that point, you might want to consider increasing your brain's production of delta brainwaves through brain entrainment.

How to use this audio

We recommend using this track at night time so you can prime the brain for a super restful and healing sleep. You can also use it in the daytime to prep you for a nap. Since HGH and other healing chemicals are generally released during deep sleep, using this track before bed will likely yield the best results.

It is also recommended to sit quietly during your session, using the time for Relaxation, Meditation, Healing Codes, EFT, etc. Let this be your time to be without adding any additional stress or strain to your body system. (The audio will also be effective if you read, or check emails, or anything else you can safely do in an altered state, but if you are looking for the most effective use of the audio practice stillness)

The audio is not designed to work 'like an aspirin' - its not a short term bandaid - but instead it - over time - will work to entrain part of your mind to delta and sub delta - the brainwave pattern that helps with the restorative process...

As with all BWE technology, the more consistently you use it, the more it can begin working for you.

Must be heard with headphones due to frequencies used: .05 and 1Hz and everything in between.

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Customer Reviews

I really love this mp3. I fall alseep and wake up refreshed, rested and ready for the day.

Author: gabriela

This is quite soothing beautiful music. I have it on all day, just under physical hearing.

Author: Katherine

I find this amazing, and something much more than relaxing, bringing you to a place of tranquility and harmony.


Author: RC

The flute from the multi-award winning Suzanne Teng is AWESOME. Nice and relaxing. I am so glad I purchased this music.

Author: Jan

I love this music, Inner Knowing: Delta Wind, is so beautiful and I really enjoy using it while getting ready for bed at night. I really calms me down and I feel very relaxed.Thank you!

Author: Jo Ann

Very relaxing - I go to sleep with it playing.

Author: Richard Hine

I listen to it daily. I love it. It's very calming especially with so many intense energies lately. I look forward to my next purchase!

Author: Stephanie

Soothing music which lulls you to sleep and helps you get up really refreshed

Author: Padmaja K

What a wonderful album... I was not meditating for a long time but I have experienced amazing feelings while listening to it. For sure I recommend it :)

Author: Florbela

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