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How to Stimulate Human Growth Hormones Naturally

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How to Stimulate Human Growth Hormones Naturally

human growth hormoneOften called the secret to the fountain of youth, human growth hormones, or HGH, has been credited with reversing the aging process in the human body.

Human growth hormones are produced by the pituitary gland in the human brain. It is produced in high amounts during childhood to help with body growth and to maintain tissues and organs. It is essentially what keeps young people's skin and organs look fresh and function at high levels. However, as we approach middle age, our skin and organs start to decline in their looks and functionality. This is because of the decline in human growth hormones that our brain produces when we get older.

Not only does growth hormones keep us young, but they also have many other benefits to the human body. Studies have shown that growth hormones, in increased amounts in older people, can increase our energy and our sports performance. This explains why some professional athletes take HGH injections. Even if you're not a professional athlete, you should take advantage of the benefits of HGH.

Increased amounts of growth hormones in your body also can lead to a healthier body, with a reduction of body fat and increased lean muscle mass. You'll also see a lowering of your blood pressure and your risk for developing adult onset diabetes will be reduced. Your bone density will be strengthened and your immune system function will be enhanced. Growth hormones also can help with thicker hair growth and better sexual performance with increased libido.

Due to the many benefits of HGH, synthetic injections are taken by people who hope to lengthen their youth and vitality. Some people take human growth hormone injections to relieve pain. However, synthetic injections are unnatural and can cause side effects. If you try synthetic growth hormones in the form of injections, you might experience carpal tunnel syndrome, swelling in your arms and legs, and pain in your joints and muscles. Men taking these injections might even get enlargement of breast tissue. Even if you manage to not get these symptoms, you'll still have to pay a lot of money to obtain the expensive injections. Supplements in pill form are being sold that claim to release HGH in your brain. You could try them, but HGH releasing pills haven’t been proved to work. They can also cost a pretty penny.

There is a better, cheaper, and more natural way to get the HGH that your body needs: brain entrainment. With brain entrainment, you can actually stimulate your pituitary gland to produce more human growth hormones.

But what is brain entrainment, exactly? Brain entrainment is a method of training your brain to produce certain brainwaves through listening to audio recordings of frequencies. Studies have shown that when your brain is exposed to a specific frequency long enough, your brain will start to produce the same frequencies. So, you can influence the types of brainwaves that your brain produces. Different frequencies, or brainwaves, will have different effects on your body. For example, some frequencies will help you go to sleep, while others will help you become alert.

Research has shown that a specific frequency in the delta brainwave encourages your brain to release human growth hormones naturally. Thus, if you listen to audio recordings of this frequency that’s designed to stimulate your pituitary gland to produce growth hormones, you can get the benefits of increased HGH without any of the side effects. It will be a more natural process and you'll also save money as compared to the amount you would pay for synthetic injections or supplements.

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