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How to Encourage Natural Anti Aging Hormones

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How to Encourage Natural Anti Aging Hormones

anti agingDo you know how aging works? Aging doesn't happen just because our bodies get old. It happens because our brains stop producing a very important anti aging hormone - human growth hormones.

Human growth hormones, or HGH for short, are produced naturally by the pituitary gland in our brains throughout our child and young adult years. The hormones work in helping our bodies grow when we're young. They also strengthen our bones, maintain our skin tissues, and increase our muscle mass. When we reach our middle age years and beyond, this important anti aging hormone is produced less and less. And so we age. Our skins become weaker, our bones brittle, and we lose muscle mass.

It makes sense to think that if we found a way to maintain the output of this anti aging hormone produced by our brain, we could actually reverse the aging process. Thats why some people have dubbed human growth hormones as the fountain of youth.

These anti aging hormones have many benefits for our bodies, other than reversing the aging process. They can help with strengthening the ligaments and other connective tissues in our body and make us healthier by making our immune system stronger. When you have high levels of the anti aging hormones in your body, your risk for certain diseases, including adult onset diabetes, becomes significantly lower.

How do we encourage anti aging hormones to be produced by our brains even when we reach middle age? Do we inject ourselves with synthetic growth hormones? Some people have gone down this route, but it can get very expensive fast and synthetic injections are unnatural and come with several side effects, including joint pain and swelling in the arms and legs.

Is there a more natural way to get more of the anti aging hormones in our bodies? Yes - through brain entrainment. With brain entrainment, we can stimulate our pituitary gland and get it to produce more anti aging hormones.

What is brain entrainment, exactly? Our brains produce many different brainwaves at different frequencies. Each frequency has a different brainwave, with a different purpose. Some brainwaves inspire creativity, others help us relax. Now, when we listen to audio recordings of frequencies, our brains will produce brainwaves that operate at the same frequencies as the audio recordings. We can take advantage of this by listening to audio recordings of brainwave frequencies that we want our brains to produce, whether it's to help us sleep or to motivate us to complete a difficult task. This is brain entrainment.

Certain frequencies in the delta brainwave have been found to encourage natural anti aging hormones to be released by the pituitary gland. You can take advantage of this discovery by listening to audio recordings of this frequency in order to enjoy the benefits of the anti aging hormones.

Instead of resorting to expensive and unnatural synthetic injections, try brain entrainment in order to enjoy all the benefits of anti aging hormones. This process is much more natural than the synthetic injections, not to mention much cheaper. There are supplements on the market that claim to release the anti aging hormones, but they are not inexpensive and they haven’t been proved to work.

The benefits of increasing the amount of anti aging hormones in your body are many. With the latest brain entrainment technology available to us, there's no reason to not want to do all that we can in order to reverse the aging process. Try brain entrainment today and start releasing the anti aging hormones into your body naturally. Your body will thank you.

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