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How to Calm Your Mind

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How to Calm Your Mind

calm mindWhen we have a calm mind, we make less mistakes and we are less stressed. Fear, doubt, and obsessions go away with a calm mind. We make better decisions and sleep well at night. But how do we achieve a calm mind and experience these benefits? There are several different ways that you can try in order to have a calm mind.

Try a new hobby. When you do something that you enjoy, your mind relaxes and becomes calm. Many people enjoy reading or writing, so try these activities. You could take up painting - doing art can be very relaxing. Find what you love to do and do it often to calm your mind. Assembling model cars, scrapbooking, sewing, and knitting are examples of hobbies you could try.

Replace negative words and thoughts with positivity. We often think negative thoughts without realizing it and these negative thoughts can cause anxiety and prevent us from having a calm mind. Try to be aware of your thoughts and the words that you use and replace all negative words with positive words. Keep on doing this until you use positive words without having to think about it.

Do calming exercises. Here’s an exercise that you can try to get a calm mind. Sit down and just focus on the present. Forget about the past and worries about the future - think about the here and the now. Experience all the senses at this present moment, including the feel of your chair against your body, the air around you and how it feels on your skin, how your clothes feel, your breathing, the sounds around you, and the colors that you see. Focus on that for a few minutes and your mind will feel calmer. There are so many other exercises that you can try, but all of them require focus on one or several specific things, which helps your mind forget about all the million things that are running through your brain and just calm down.

Breathe. Most of us go along with our daily lives breathing improperly. We take shallow breathes and don’t take the time to stop and focus on our breathing. Breathe long and deeply when your mind is busy. Focus on your inhalations and think about your exhalations. With a couple of good breathes, you’ll soon experience a calm mind and instantly feel less stressed.

Move your body. Athletes are able to focus and get in the zone. They have a deeper connection with their bodies and thus their minds are calmer and able to focus easier. Get a calm mind by exercising when you can - it has been proven to reduce stress and increase clear thinking. After a good workout, you'll feel more relaxed, both in mind and body.

Meditate. Practice meditation techniques in order to get a calm mind. Try to meditate daily, even if you do it for a few minutes. You could try listening to a meditation CD. Get yourself in a quiet room and relax your body. Close your eyes, listen to the CD or soothing music, and focus your thoughts on a specific thought or image. You'll walk away from your meditation session feeling refreshed and with a calm mind.

Try one or two or all of these methods to get a calm mind, and you’ll experience all the benefits of a calm mind, including less mistakes, less stress, and a happier state of being.

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