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Have Amazing Runs of Luck

Have Amazing Runs of Luck

Have Amazing Runs of Luck

Develop the mindset of someone who believes they are always lucky, and once this is part of your conscious and subconscious thinking, you will start to experience amazing runs of luck...

Simply listen to the audio as you fall asleep. The audio uses hypnosis or brainwave entrainment to help you feel so relaxed. As you drift off to sleep, the audio will communicate with your subconscious mind and pre-program your dreams, helping you to improve your luck.


Special Offer - Get 2 Bonus mp3s and Bonus Report

Purchase the Dream programming hypnosis audio today and you'll get the 2 EXTRA versions recorded by Jeff Gignac - 1 with brainwave entrainment and one without. You'll also get the FULL Dream Programming report taken from the revolutionary mind power research of Jim Francis.


Also available in The Super Mind Evolution System - along with 14 other cutting-edge Dream programming albums.

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Customer Reviews

It's amazing that the first day I tried this dream programming, I noticed that the following day, I've had amazing luck.... even my officemates noticed it! whatever that I say comes true and whatever that I wish for comes true.... hehehe! Thanks again and much much love and luck to you!

Author: Karen Javier

I have only had time so far to this one track but there is definitely something to this because I'm feeling extra inspired and I had a dream last night of marrying an old very dear friend who has a home on the ocean in west Florida. I remember thinking in my dream that all my concerns about financial well-being are "no longer." I'm anxious to get to the other pieces I've downloaded. Thanks! Great way to start this 2012 "new beginning!"

Author: Polly Goodyear

I was impressed with the download choices available. I tried each of them but was most impressed with the hypnosis track. I am calmer and more sure of myself. Before I felt fear and was unsure that everything was going to be ok but now, I know there is something really amazing coming for me and it is just a matter of time before everything shifts into place. It is helping me get out of the way of my good and just get into that space of allowing. This is after only three nights, very nice.

Author: Deborah Perry

Only been a week or less of using this system, nothing to report to date, how ever I do like the audio

Author: Ellis

Fantastic CD! Very relaxing and pleasant to listen to and most important: effective. After using it a couple of times, I started remembering and dreaming of very lucky events in my live which actually happend but I had forgotten about them. Remembering all this improves my mood and adds positive thoughts and feelings to my everyday live. I'm looking forward to what's going to happen next and I am very thankful for your powerful CD's because I love to see results quickly!

Author: angela

I have been using Runs of Luck for the past few weeks. I have very grandiose dreams, but I don't remember them very often. Since starting this at night I have had very vivid dreams that I am remembering. I wake up wondering what the message was. As for luck, I have been waiting on a real estate deal to fund and I got a text message saying the buyers had the money. I think it is opening up areas in my life that were stuck and bringing solutions.

Author: A Smith

This product is just so different from the others. After my 4th listening I just have such a firm knowing that things are changing for the better for me. I feel lucky, blessed and almost as if I cannot fail in any endeavor where luck plays a role. Thanks

Author: Maryna

I have been using the product for a week now and notice that I feel more relaxed and aware of opportunities in my environment. I have combined this mp3 with a small select set, and I feel my health improving. I know it is early days, and I am watching the changes with interest.

Author: Lynn

Great mix. haven't had enough time to listen as much as I would like, but I am sure something good will come of this.
many blessings,

Author: Chris Tanner

I have been using this product for two nights now, and already feel so much more positive about good things happening to me. It's not just a belief, but a KNOWING. That has led to good things and "lucky" events actually happening. I look forward to waking up each day!

Author: Angie

Hi just want to say I have this Amazing Runs of Luck and really believe things are changing for me already! I play it before sleep at night and its really great.....thanks so much for your great range...and I have others the Pineal Activator and the Schuman resonnance, which too are great to llisten to..and know I'm really going ahead at lightening spead now with my meditations! Thanks a lot...Lynda

Author: Lynda

I listened to the amazing runs of luck MP3 last week. I enjoyed it and the very next day my wife told me that she had booked a holiday for us to go to Disneyland for three weeks this Christmas as she had found a a superb deal on the internet. Amazing or what?

Author: Chris

I've purchased several of the audio downloads, now, and have found them all to be incredibly soothing, enchanting and helpful, beyond words. In particular, I've experienced extraordinary benefits from the "Amazing Runs of Luck" audio program; within the first week of listening to the audio, I felt far more lucky than I've ever felt, and began noticing the appearance of amazing synchronicities and occurrences, in my life. Thank you so much! :-) I'll definitely be purchasing more in the future...

Author: Melora

After free download “mind Surge” experience I was sold on dream programming: I ordered: amazing runs of luck & intuition and remote viewing in the form of dream programming downloads. I listened to one of the audios while drifting of to sleep and next day went out and bought a (one) $5 scratch ticket and won $20 dollars. I cannot prove that the audio helped change my luck, but with extended use this could be some very powerful stuff. I have always been a fan of the power of the mind.

Author: Steven

Love the products, apparently change comes quickly, products very effective.

Author: Gene Revona

I love the dream programming . I wake up every morning without stress, happy and full of positive things to say. My luck has won several contests. I will be coming back for more next month. Ty

Author: pamela

Overall my positive expectation has noticeably increased & I feel like I'm expecting good things to happen more. 2 days after I started listening, I got a call for a job (easy job!) for the day because most people had switched their phones off. Not me! I just made every transport connection eg get to bus stop just as bus was arriving, I met someone who was great to chat to & told me about an agency that MIGHT get me more work. They haven't yet but it's a start.

Author: Athena

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