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Harmonic Bliss

Harmonic Bliss

Harmonic Bliss

Harmonic Bliss is Bio-Sonic Music designed by Brian E. Paulson, to achieve a state of Homeostasis. Perfect Balance.


Here is a brief description:

1. the tendency of a physiological system of humans, to maintain internal stability, owing to the coordinated response of its parts to any situation or stimulus tending to disturb its normal condition or function.

2. a state of psychological equilibrium obtained when tension or a drive has been reduced or eliminated.

By using resonance, this Bio-Sonic music allows the listener to abide by the universal laws of harmonics as dictated by divine proportion.

Sacred instruments and key frequencies combined with evocative ethereal music, become a gentle yet effective tool for relaxation, balance and healing.


Harmonic Bliss is a suite of 2 extraordinary soundscapes, Flow and Ebb (23 minutes) and Indigo Bliss (28 minutes).

Perfect mind.

Perfect body.

Perfect Balance.

This is an absolutely lovely release.

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Harmonic Bliss
Harmonic Bliss
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Customer Reviews

Hi! very sophisticated and well-composed calming music.

stable in the two-legged on the floor :) rely less on one leg when I stand, but! still kibilenek such a decline. Thank you!

Author: bari attila

It's ok, but it did not stir my soul..


Wonderful!!! Peaceful, calming, meditational.
Thank you...

Author: Chris

Beautiful, profound, deeply relaxing. Thank you.

Author: Hyacinthe Ellis

A true transformational journey! It takes a couple of minutes to be drawn in , but stick with it , as you are transported to true harmonic bliss. As the track progressed I became more relaxed , experiencing the calmness and balance over my entire body. This is truly one of the best audio's that mind power has released, a definite keeper.

Author: Nick

From the first moment I heard the music it spoke to me. I just had to get the music it relieved feeling of stress and made me feel so light and energetic. I just had to get it.

Author: Annette

My ears weren't that crazy about it, but my body loved it. About 30 seconds in I was going to disengage from the free listen, but I felt the energy movement in my body and heat beginning in the first few chakras, so I gave it another minute. I'm not a piano music fan, but the other instruments and the arrangement offset that and pulled me in. The more I listened and tuned in to the energy shifts, the more I noticed how it was affecting me. Before I knew it, the piece was over. So I bought it.

Author: judi

I'm a subscriber to this site. Although I enjoy many of the harmonic sounds. Those of which I purchased have given me a sense of new life! My children listen while I enjoy the results of them as well. I just let the music play on my laptop while cleaning and cooking, and my spirit picks up the rest. Amazing and very thankful for this site. It was just for me.

Author: Rhavon

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