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Happiness Booster - Jazz Delight

Happiness Booster - Jazz Delight

Happiness Booster - Jazz Delight

Brilliant upbeat Jazz music including smooth, latin, swing and cool jazz with many wonderful solos including guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet and bass (even non-jazz fans may love it!). This fun and uplifting music is blended with positive energy brainwave entrainment for natural serotonin release and 22 happiness boosting affirmations.

The brainwave entrainment (BWE) and music open and develop the specific benefits of the album - and then the affirmations come in and 'fine tune' - like giving the energy a place to go - or like the BWE and music creating the template/the outline - then the affirmation fills in the color - the details.

1. The Music

A wide variety of wonderful upbeat jazz tunes. Alll fans of uplifting music should enjoy (check out some demo trax below)

2. The Brainwave entrainment

The BWE encourages the release of 'feel good' endorphins and chemicals such as serotonin, which occur naturally in the brain. Combined with the wonderful upbeat music, this music will lift your vibration within seconds ...and leave you feeling totally blissed out!

The first 20 minutes of this Jazz feast has been entrained with a steady increase in Beta - taking you from 12 Hz up to 16 Hz. 'Organized' Beta brings you into a state of enhanced clarity and focus - in part because it is in this state where our body is free to release lots of endorphins. It is the same state one achieves after 20 minutes of exercise (think 'runners high' - but without the sweat).

...and we are expecting that the more stressed you are when you begin listening the more profound the effect.


Because when you are feeling stressed your body is in Beta - only it is a 'chaotic' beta with the brainwaves moving back and forth between 12 and 16 and everywhere in between. Since you are already in Beta - you will find it easy to entrain to the first 20 minutes of Jazz Delight - and we expect you may actually even be able to feel your brain waves become more organized.

And after the first 20 minutes?

We take you on a smooth and easy ride down into Alpha

And we hold you there.

And it is in Alpha where the serotonin flows - adding a sense of peace and well being to the happy and focus and clarity of the first 20 minutes.

And the combination ...welll.... let's just say it feels really really good.

3. The Affirmations

1. I find ways to be happy always
2. Happiness is a natural part of my life
3. I celebrate happiness in others
4. I am thankful every day for the opportunities to feel happy
5. I naturally remember to feel happy for no reason at all
6. My ability to feel happy on command increases each and every day
7. I take great joy from seeing other people smile
8. I have an a smile that brings happiness to others
9. upon awakening, I feel happy and grateful to be alive
10. I am important, relevant in this world and I have purpose
11. Even the smallest things, trigger intense feelings of happiness and joy
12. I find it easy to transform negativity in to positivity
13. I am happy and optimistic
14. I gravitate to greater happiness in everything I do
15. I find it easy to share happiness with others
16. I am grateful for my ability to be happy
17. I remember to give thanks for my happiness several times each day
18. I am naturally attracting happy people into my life
19. I naturally attract happy and joyful energy
20. As I sleep and dream, my higher self works for greater happiness always
21. My thoughts turn quickly to things that make me happy
22. I make great decisions that increase my happiness always

You'll get 2 versions for the price of 1. One created with low volume affirmations for an almost subliminal experience, and a version with high volume affirmations to empower you more consciously and subconsciously - due to the modulated voice.

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