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Good Vibrations: Jazz Delight

Good Vibrations: Jazz Delight

Good Vibrations: Jazz Delight

Brilliant upbeat Jazz music including smooth jazz, latin jazz, swing jazz and cool jazz and containing many wonderful solos including guitar, piano and of course saxophone, trumpet and bass. This fun and uplifting music is blended with positive energy and positive mood BWE - perfect for relief from stress and depression.

The BWE encourages the release of 'feel good' endorphins and chemicals such as serotonin, which occur naturally in the brain. Combined with the wonderful upbeat music, this music will lift your vibration within seconds ...and leave you feeling totally blissed out!

The first 20 minutes of this Jazz feast has been entrained with a steady increase in Beta - taking you from 12 Hz up to 16 Hz. 'Organized' Beta brings you into a state of enhanced clarity and focus - in part because it is in this state where our body is free to release lots of endorphins. It is the same state one achieves after 20 minutes of exercise (think 'runners high' - but without the sweat).

...and we are expecting that the more stressed you are when you begin listening the more profound the effect.


Because when you are feeling stressed your body is in Beta - only it is a 'chaotic' beta with the brainwaves moving back and forth between 12 and 16 and everywhere in between. Since you are already in Beta - you will find it easy to entrain to the first 20 minutes of Jazz Delight - and we expect you may actually even be able to feel your brain waves become more organized.

But even if you aren't feeling stressed you will still find yourself getting happy with this recording - it is that good

And after the first 20 minutes?

We take you on a smooth and easy ride down into Alpha

And we hold you there.

And it is in Alpha where the serotonin flows - adding a sense of peace and well being to the happy and focus and clarity of the first 20 minutes.

And the combination ...welll.... let's just say it feels really really good.
Check out some of the samples in the audio players below.
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Good Vibrations: Jazz Delight
Good Vibrations: Jazz Delight
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Customer Reviews


Thank you!
Will buy as soon I'll receive credit card.


Author: Eva

very new absolutely intoxicating i listen to this myself this morning and what boost in energy as well as happiness my cheeks are sore from smiling so much. then i have friend who is def 100 percent in 1 ear and only has 4 percent in the other the fact you do not need headphones he said he felt good and happy and this is his first time ever listening to this type of technology i extremely recommond this and feel that if you study when listen other benifits may follow let you no more in the futur

Author: eugene sherwood

Well,jazz is not my favorite kind of music.I prefer classics.But it is joyful music, with no doubt.

Author: Elias

i really like it & would like permission to play it on my program with your write up!!!! Let me know asap because a lot of people are filling up the days. My program is www.blogtalkradio.com/ask-lordiel
If you would like to have your album on my program, please send me the download & I will upload it to the radio program. Send as many as you wish !!!
Love & Light

Author: Lordiel

Really impressed with this....total listening pleasure. I felt as though I was on a Tropical Island.... sipping Cocktails while watching the sun go down... It is amazing where you mind will take you. Definitely will be downloading this.

Author: Francis

In the first listening, this recording broke through the heaviness of bronchitis and made my heart feel light and free. My whole chest area feels lighter and I have a beautiful sense of calm happiness throughout my being. I am looking forward to the effect of regular listening. Well done!

Author: Dove Grace

Centered and focused in a balanced sense after listening, good jazz also.


Love thew music - I Love Jazz anyway. Unlike a lot of this type of this music/subliminals, was not aware of the beats in the background. It made me feel good just by listening to it.

Author: David Redman

I was feeling a bit upset, when I received the email with the free listening to this recording. By the time it was over, I was feeling so much better and calmer, that I bought the download immediately. Thank you so much for the great products and special offers. Also for the free gifts, even though I already have this one! Best wishes. Sue

Author: Sue Bridgeford

I just heard this track for the first time and was very, very impressed. It would be nice if all the music was this smooth, soothing and delightful. This sounds like music I listen to all the time, except without any additional tracks for health and well-being. This is a grand-slam in the bottom of the ninth with two outs. I am more than impressed.

Author: michael

Very much enjoyed the music. It did however leave me feeling anxious. But at this time I have a lot work on.

Author: Bob

Not to bad, like my jazz a little more lay back.

Author: Neil Walker

I thik the jazz music is a very good idea. It was pleasant to listen to.

Author: Charles Bennett

Awesome, definitely helps relax.

Author: John Magee

I was very impressed with this item and felt very
relaxed after listening.

Author: Bill Law

This would be great to even listen to as background music while entertaining, dinner, etc. Very peppy & up. Was quite enjoyable to listen to! Thank you!

Author: Cynthia Walston

Thanks for the opportunity to listen. I am not a fan of jazz but did enjoy it. The first half was better than the second half (but both good listening) and the transition was a little abrupt between the two. Then getting into the piano and waves was soothing and relaxing. I could feel myself slow down. Good to have several types of music to explore on site to see which one is irritating or what is easy to listen to.

Author: Sarah

Totally awesome fantastic album

Author: Jim

very nice

Author: charles simon

Very enjoyable - soothing.

Author: Sharon Carrington

This is sooooo good! Love it
Thank you

Author: joe

Smooth Jazz nice like it!

Author: Paul



The subtle effects can surely be felt and my mood is truely uplifted....but I wish the same were to be in classical or new age music as well...as am not much of a saxophone fan. But the experience nonetheness, REMARKABLE !

Author: Bonnie

Yummy music! I love it! In fact, I found myself doing things so easily... it is truly a great album!

Author: Myra

Dear Cyndi and troop, callme nuts..but the 1st five (5) hearing minutes couldn`t stop smiling, even laugh some..reminded me of 2 TV series ..``Mr. Magoo`` and ``The Pink Panther``.... Thereafter, up to 31 minutes, enjoyed virtually visiting places been such as Germany, London, Ireland, Canada, Miami, New York, even Barbados! as others. Back again to ``Magoo-Pink Panther`` and rest till end, just enjoyed the atmosphere as a whole. Thank you much,! Ended happy, peaceful, with clear-organized mind!

Author: Jessica

this was very relaxing compared to some of the others

Author: Jacki M SeiWell

I absolutely loved it! The combination of great music and the entrainment made me feel happy and calmed. Much more relaxed and my head feels lighter now.

Author: Tatiana Torres

Brilliant! This is true feel good music. I really enjoyed it, and it left a smile on my face! So different from the others I listen to. I can't wait to play it again!

Author: Sabrina Anderson

Really good, instant feel good music.

Author: barbara

I loved the sounds, and even in the first few seconds felt a happiness. The music really is a feel good piece and brings to mind the 20's and dancing and speakeasies, and flapper dresses!!

Author: AR

smooth, happy, mellow, what a pleasant surprise as i am definitely not a jazz fan!!!

Author: Helen

It is good listening, though I did not feel relaxed as I thought I would.

Author: Manuel

Wonderful relaxing yet energising all in one.

Author: Rich

The best so far,fantastic music and the BWE doesnt disturb as in other albums! Great stuff, I love it!!

Author: michi

Excellent music. It lifted me up and left me feeling peaceful. Just what I needed. Thank you so much.

Author: Jeannette in Australia

I suffer from depression and after listening just once I felt better. I felt excited and happy and it made me feel good for a long time and that is why I decided to purchase it.

Author: Khadija

A good compilation of different easy on the ear Jazz styles and not the heavy type which can give you a headache. I found it very relaxing and it made me feel at peace as well.

Author: Germaine

I really like this mp3.

Author: Joyce Dinyar

I found myself getting fidgety whilst listening to at least the first 10 minutes. Before I started I was in anxious state, the music itself did not do much to calm me I thought, but maybe I was just in the wrong mood. I jumped ahead to the 25 minute mark and listened for another 10 minutes - this was soothing I found. Whilst on the site tonight I purchased the Super Music group deal, which I am looking forward very much to listening to. I also printed out what each of them were for.

Author: Sharron Woolley

Wow. Just wow. My roaming electrons seemed to synch up with the energy vibe of the music and I instantly felt something not dissimilar to a body grin. My whole body, face, eyes, feet just wanted to smile. Not a fan of sax, but still. Very effective. Will consider incorporating into wind down routine at night. Thanks so much.

Author: RoamingElectron

I was going along fine until the point of some voices. Voices are distracting for me if I am wanting to just - get in the flow.

I am grateful for your complimentary listen before you buy.

Author: Patricia

amazing product . After listening to it i felt a warm sensation as well as feeling really good . I listen to it every day without fail .

Author: alan copeland

Amazing how this music makes you feel. The very first time I played it I began feeling more energetic and even happier.
I put the music on right after I get up - it sets the day for me.

I really love all these mp3's and can't wait to buy some more!

Author: Ann

hello there,

i really love this album, it really lifts my spirit and i'm planning to get the other jazz album too. i feel so light and my confidence is very high.

thank you for creating this album


"Excellent" vibes and I'm not even "into" jazz that much.

Mind Power: a good website with good products at competitive prices.


Author: Timothy Neufeld

I purchased the Good Vibrations and use it first thing in the morning to start my day off right! I find it extremely helpful in putting my mind in an active upbeat way. I also got the Run of Luck series and am looking forward to great results!

Author: Lee

I love playing the Jazz Delight every morning while working at my computer. The music just lifts me and before I know it the morning is rushing away and all of my designated work duties are done without even thinking about them. My mind feels so clear and fresh and ready to accept anything new. I'm so glad I found this website. cheers

Author: Robyn

I purchased several albums from the Mind Power mp3 collection and they are all pleasantly good. I have group them into classical and contemporary sub collections. My favorite album is Good Vibrations: Jazz Delight. The songs are great and recording quality is phenomenal.

Thanks to these albums, I'm able to focus more and relax when I need to. It's a very good investment that will pay itself several times over. Thank for putting these albums together at reasonable prices.

Author: Abe

I llove all of the programs I purchased - I am up grading to collect all of them - The good vibrations makes me feel like I have more energy. It lifts my spirits and love the music mix -I have tried many products - this beats the many ocean -bianual beate and ionic cd's I purchased. Thank You - God Bless Always

Author: Darlene-Marie

Loved the Jazz Delight music!!! I started dancing in my chair and then had to get up and actually dance (and I have two-left feet). I was doing my "happy dance." I do so much intuitive work so this music was exactly what I needed to get grounded back into my body. Thank you for providing it for free for a short period of time. Without your generosity of spirit, I wouldn't have been able to have this "divine' experience. What a delight!!!

Author: Joanne Stein

I have enjoyed the Jazz delight. Made my feet want to dance and nodded my head to the tune! Amazing feeling inside too. Good job!

Author: Carolyn

What a surprise to hear such well written music with BWE, it really is better than anything i have heard elsewhere.


Author: Rusty

The only problem with this testimonial is that it only ask for one item to talk about and I have downloaded many of them. I have just started using this one and it has help me to relax. I have just put in on my mp3 player and will start using on my break at work (I have to deal with customs that are mad as hell, and I wish that I could play this when I am talking to them.) I feel that a little time with this between calls will help me to have 'Good Vibrations' at work. Y

Author: Ralph Andrews

Geat music ,that makes me happy

Author: graeme mcallister

This is my kind of feel good music - well done Mind Power MP3!

Author: Susie

Very mellow and relaxing. Definitely mood enhancing. Would recommend.

Author: Niall

Great to listen to which I am doing now. Great background for while I am working on the computer

Author: Paul

I listened to it while I am working and I started feeling my facial muscles getting more relaxed. I got more focused on my work and relaxed.

Author: mary desira

Great music and feel good mp3 album! It really lives up to the title of "Good Vibrations Jazz Delight". Thanks for the free listen. I'm considering joining the VIP club after listening to that.

Author: Marvin

Best music I ever heard, soooo uplifting just beautiful!! I enjoy everything I got from you so far, keep up the good work!
Thank you

Author: Voula

Thank you so much for the free gift. Just finished listening and feel very pleasant. Today has been filled with some difficult situations. Thanks again and many blessings for those responsible for putting this type material out there for the public to enjoy

Author: Ron

I am not sure if this will do anything for me as far as Brain Entrainment, but the music is just awesome. I already benefitted just by listening to it. I was doing my walking exercises listening to it and it really motivated me to do a bit more. Is there more like this for other purposes?

Author: Jose

In a world full of wonder, one wonders why we live in a system that thinks for us, independent thinkers, what a rare thing indeed. To think freely is such a rare thing these days. To think for ourselves, rather than being part of a system that thinks for us. That is the truth---the freedom we are looking for! Your music helps us to break free from the system that has controlled our lives since we were born.

Author: paul anthony donaldson

Really enjoy listening to this.Great music to have in the background while dealing with customers.

Author: Patricia Tracz

A most delightful mix of very good jazz songs that have the ability to lift your mode and put you in a happy toe tapping frame of mind. I can't get enough of listening to it.

Author: Bennett Smith

This one is my favourite, I love jazz and the groovy tones just envelop you, you can surrender to the beats and float away, melts away stress and tiredness like magic!!! Thank you!

Author: Svetlana

I tuned nto this wqhilst cooking breakfast and was instantly brought from a rather low mood into a dancing and happy mood(: Perked up my day considerably///thank you all(:

Author: Barbara Gibbs

I thoroughly enjoyed this music, it lightened the heart and put a spring in the step... in fact all the music to date that I have listened to, is just fabulous, I definitely feel so much better for listening to it... will be buying more!

Author: Brenda

Good music and relax me then I can feel the good vibrations.

Author: Elizabeth Bustamante

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