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Frequencies, music and transformation: How our audios work

Words, music, our consciousness, our body, indeed the entire universe is nothing more than vibration of energy. The rate this energy vibrates is called the frequency. Rocks, emotions, people and even planets differ from each other, and everything else, because of their unique vibrational frequency.

Therefore by 'tuning' your brain to certain frequencies using brainwave entrainment and other techniques, it is possible to experience different states of consciousness, as well as stimulating certain brain functions such as creativity or mood enhancement.

1. How brain wave frequencies affect our body and brain

In the tables below, you can see a few examples of how specific brainwave states affect your mood, your health and even your psychic abilities...

You'll then discover how we can 'tune' your brain to certain brainwave patterns to receive positive benefits such as psychic development, relaxation, healing and enhanced learning ...and how these benefits are multiplied when combined with the beautiful music and positive frequencies in the powerful mp3s in our store...

Beta Frequencies

  • 13Hz to 30Hz Normal wakefulness
  • 33Hz Christ consciousness, hypersensitivity, Pyramid frequency (inside)
  • 35Hz Awakening of mid-chakras, balance of chakras
  • 38Hz Endorphin release

Alpha Frequencies

  • 8Hz to 13Hz Alpha: relaxed, tranquil and non-drowsy, inward awareness,
  • 8.3Hz Pick up visual images of mental objects
  • 10Hz Enhanced release of serotonin and mood elevator
  • 10.5Hz Healing of body, mind/body unity, firewalking

Theta Frequencies

  • 4Hz to 7Hz Theta: recall, fantasy, imagery, creativity, planning, dreaming
  • 4Hz Extrasensory perception
  • 6.3Hz Astral Projection, Accelerated learning & Increased memory retention
  • 7.0Hz Psychic surgery, bending objects

Delta Frequencies

  • 1Hz to 3Hz Delta: deep, dreamless sleep, trance state, non-REM sleep
  • 1.0Hz Feeling of well-being, pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone
  • 3.4Hz Sound sleep
  • 3.5Hz Feeling of unity with everything

Examples of other frequencies

  • 141.27Hz - Associated with orbit of Mercury, associated with communication
  • 144Hz - Helps with headaches
  • 341Hz - Heart chakra
  • 473Hz - the color blue

2. How music affects our body and brain

Music can effect hormones and can even trigger a release of endorphins - feel good chemicals. Beyond the biology and the actual responses of your body, there is scientific evidence it can affect your mind.

The most famous experiment related to this is probably the one that was performed at the University of California at Irvine. College students were assigned to three different groups. The first group listened to Mozart's sonata for Two Pianos in D Major. The second group listened to a relaxation tape. The third group listened to nothing at all. After listening, they took a Stanford-Beinet reasoning test. The results were clear -- those who had listened to Mozart had improved scores...

Beautiful, unique and ancient audios to transform your world


Therefore by combining beautiful classical, meditation and contemporary music with positive frequencies (by using brainwave entrainment - BWE), you're receiving the powerful effects of the music ...and the frequencies ...and of course, it's great to listen to.

Today you can access wonderful meditation and sleep music through our Inner Journeys category, with some of the compositions enhanced with BWE to help you meditate or sleep deeper, easier and quicker.

We've also teamed up with the brilliant record label Paradise music to bring you some of their award winning music at unbeatable prices in our Music from Paradise category. Whether you are looking for albums to relax and unwind to, or inspire and uplift you, here you will find quality music performed by musicians that play from the heart.


You can also access Super Mind Music - a unique blend of great music and BWE. We find the very best classical music such as Mozart, plus wonderful modern ambient, electronic and chilled music. Then Jeff Gignac, the leading brain audio expert, mixes it with different frequencies using BWE. Some albums enhance your creativity and efficiency, others help relieve your stress and some even use healing frequencies...

For example, on our popular The Awakening chakra album, the BWE base pitch is set at 341Hz which is associated with the heart chakra. Additionally, the BWE is set at 10.5Hz which is said to help with healing the body and encourages mind body unity (you can see these frequencies in the lists above.) ... So this enhanced music is perfect for healing ...and feeling love, compassion and unity (* and you can get Sacred Love from The Awakening for Free, see below)

In our Ultimate Mind Music range, we combine BWE, the beautiful music of Super Mind Music ....and powerful affirmations. This allows us to create audios with more specific uses i.e. creating a wealth mindset.

We also combine BWE with the revolutionary technique, Dream Programming - The widely unknown ability to improve your life by pre-programming your dreams while you sleep was revealed in the incredible mind power research of The Super Mind Evolution System. Current mp3s can help you quit smoking forever, lose weight naturally, feel super confident, become highly intuitive and much more.

You can also experience the 'sacred solfeggio' frequencies...


The original Solfeggio frequencies were apparently used in Ancient Gregorian Chants, and because the music held mathematical resonance, the frequencies were capable of spiritually inspiring mankind to be more 'Godlike'.

They are said to have the capacity to effect matter and consciousness, but were lost centuries ago after alterations were made to the scales. Recently they were apparently rediscovered...

The Solfeggio Frequencies...

  • 174 Hz - Foundation - This frequency creates a foundation for the acceleration and evolution of consciousness.
  • 285 Hz - Quantum Cognition - This frequency assists in the expansion of consciousness in balanced multi dimensional fields of awareness.
  • 396 Hz - Liberation From Fear - The influences of strength and prepares the way for liberation.
  • 417 Hz - Transmutation - Internal Guidance is awakened and instills a clear vision and power.
  • 528 Hz - DNA Repair (Miracle) - The listener is gifted with strength and peace as their purpose is unveiled through the instruments of free will and divine guidance.
  • 639 Hz - Relationship Harmonization - The complete healing radiant Light descends upon the listener filling the personal mind with the influences of balance, health and tranquility.
  • 741 Hz - Consciousness Expansion - Clear vision is enabled allowing the opening and multiplication of a mind that is self empowered, organized and free.
  • 852 Hz - Awakening Intuition - The Inner Voice becomes clear and strong in the revelation of divine purpose.
  • 963 Hz - Numinous Accord - The presence of divinity is amplified allowing Light and Love to guide the present experience.

You can access current solfeggio mp3s through the Sacred Frequencies page.

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