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Music and Magic Sound Transformation Kit

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* Enhance your learning, ESP and mind power by tuning in to our planet's rejuvenating frequency - the Schumann Resonance mixed with stunning music

* Boost your energy and feel great with uplifting music and words mixed with positive brainwave entrainment.

* Experience deep healing pain relief, enhanced intuition and moments of bliss, with the deep delta frequencies mixed with beautiful acoustic guitar

Plus... EXPERIENCE A NATURAL HIGH ...and the deepest relaxation ...with Alpha, Theta and Delta Frequencies with the powerful brainwave entrainment.

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The Extraordinary World of Alpha
Beautiful & relaxing, takes you straight to a meditative state! Thank you!

Karen W.

Effortless Efficiency: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons
After listening to your Effortless Efficiency one time the evening I downloaded it, the next day I found myself completing my "to do list" quickly and...


Zen Zone 2: Deep
The cello is a beautiful soulful instrument. This music piece is soothing to mind and the cello does justice to it. One point that I believe should be considered is whilst water has a...

Indira Appalnaidu

Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments
Beautiful music.. I listen at work and it helps to keep me calm, focused and alert... I highly recommend the products and have already referred several friends....


Beautiful music! Soothing


Total Joy and Divine Dimensions: Inner Sync Mixes
Excellent !!!!!!! Good (and happy) well done music really transform and stimulates ou inner being. Thank you very much for this experience... Hope...

Milton P. Mendes

The Triad Wave Collection 2
Very calming, good neutral background music.


Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments
Wow - after listening to Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments every night as I go to sleep, I wake up feeling bliss!


Magic Healing Pool: Michael Horsphol
Hi, joe here, just wanted to thank for the wonderful music on the majic healing pool album, I listen to it on my hikes when I sit and rest along the trails, very...


I love, love, LOVE your stuff! I bought into a different brain wave enhanced meditation program and I have to say your program makes the pricey one sooooo BORING! Rock on, guys and keep up the good work.


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