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Music and Magic Sound Transformation Kit

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* Enhance your learning, ESP and mind power by tuning in to our planet's rejuvenating frequency - the Schumann Resonance mixed with stunning music

* Boost your energy and feel great with uplifting music and words mixed with positive brainwave entrainment.

* Experience deep healing pain relief, enhanced intuition and moments of bliss, with the deep delta frequencies mixed with beautiful acoustic guitar

Plus... EXPERIENCE A NATURAL HIGH ...and the deepest relaxation ...with Alpha, Theta and Delta Frequencies with the powerful brainwave entrainment.

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Deep Release
Fantastic! I felt wonderfully tranquil and peaceful while listening to DEEP RELEASE. This is great music to use my during meditations. Thank you!


Calm Mind: Unforgettable Moments
I listened to this while I was answering some difficult emails; I don't know if this is recommended or not but it made a HUGE difference to how I coped. I now reach for...

Rosemary Jane

Wonderful relaxing enjoyable music.

Antje Struthmann

Super Mind Evolution System
When you see the list of what is offered in this course and the price, you'd probably think that this course just scratches the surface of these topics... BUT NOOO! This...

amanda motroni

528 Hz Golden Om Fractal
This is a really nice recording for playing as ambient music. It is soothing, without being distracting like regular background muzac


Lush Life: Ambient Chill and Dream Trip
Amazing.... still feeling the drowsy sensation after listening to the full length music. feel like going off to sleep, and it's mid-day here!


Arc of Light
ahhh its very nice please add brainwave entrainment to it it would make it more powerful


I certainly recommend Elegant Efficiency! Very soothing & good even when entertaining. I don't know about the claim to help sleep rythms though, but am open to experimentation..

Neomi Dsouza

Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments
Awesome...so uplifting and easy to listen to. It is exactly what I needed for my "time out" Thankyou


The Stillness: Tibetan Dreams
Hi, it's nice, but I was expecting monks' chants and drums. Thanks for letting us listen.


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