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Free Poker Self Hypnosis Mp3

Poker Perfection Hypnosis CD

Do you enjoy a good game of Poker?

Anyone who knows anything about the game knows that it is much more then a game of chance.

It requires skill, focus and intentional use of mind power.

Anyone with the desire can learn how to win on a consistent basis.

And for those who are ready to enter the game we have created a Self Hypnosis audio to give you the edge over the competition...

...and it's yours now - for free - just because :-)

Please right click on the link below to save the free Poker Perfection self hypnosis mp3

Poker Perfection self hypnosis mp3

Get the edge over poker opponents using the world first research into luck and intuition by Jim Francis...

Learning poker strategy is vital, however the information and audios in The Super Mind Evolution System could make the difference needed to turn your poker into profits.

Here are just some of the benefits you'll receive when you get your hands on these cutting edge mind power secrets:

How to increase your chances of knowing whether your hand can beat the other players' hands. No more second-guessing your gut feelings!

The secret of programming your mind to attract luck ..and lots of it!

The secret of being at the right poker table at the right time- to pull down an amazing financial windfall!

How to WIN MORE money by only playing poker during your lucky cycles!

How to develop LASER SHARP focus and the patience of a saint!

How to effortlessly attract luck to you LIKE A MAGNET ...while you're sleeping!

How to quickly and EASILY use a unique and powerful visualization exercise to attract more money and luck

How to use a little-known dream programming technique to MASSIVELY increase your confidence at the poker table - and your winnings!

How to rapidly tap into your subconscious mind any time you want - without using the clumsy pendulum or other mechanical devices! You can use this to pick up on the subliminal tells and other clues your opponents are dropping!

How to consistently grab onto extreme bursts of good luck that will absolutely STUN your opponents ..(and let's you claim their chips for yourself!)

The best time of the day for you to play poker (play at this time, and you'll be drawing the LUCKIEST hands at the table!)

How to play with confidence and ease - no more stressful second-guessing or nervous, sweaty palms!

And much, much more!

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The system contains many revolutionary programs ideal for poker players such as

  • The Mind Power Jackpot Program
  • The Celestial Luck Program
  • The Amazing Mental Pendulum
  • Supreme Self Confidence Dream Programming
  • The Synchronicity Luck Program
  • Financial Abundance Dream Programming
  • Unlimited Luck
  • Plus much, much more

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