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Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica

Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica

Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica

Slip easily and quickly into the delta state and experience the powerful benefits of the delta brainwave frequency for natural pain relief and anti-aging. Experience soothing acoustic guitar blended with delta brainwave entrainment - Other benefits include * Human growth hormone (HGH) release * Extreme bliss * Advanced healing of mind and body * Deep connection with subconscious * Deepest level of relaxation * Increased psychic abilities * Boost immune system * Perfect intuition

The World of Delta Brainwaves

Delta brainwaves, the slowest of them all with a frequency in the range of just above 0 Hz to 4 Hz, usually occur when you're in a deep sleep. Delta brainwaves are very important because they give you many different benefits...

The benefits of delta brainwaves include:

Youthfulness and good health. Anti-aging hormones, including melatonin and DHEA, are released when you produce delta brainwaves. Human growth hormone (HGH) is another anti-aging hormone that is increased when delta brainwaves are occurring inside the brain, due to the stimulation of the pituitary gland. HGH maintains the skin, bone density, cartilage, and the joints in your body as well as speeds up the healing process of joint and cartilage injuries. Also, aging hormones such as cortisol (a hormone that's released when you're stressed) are reduced. You'll heal faster after a hard workout and feel revived after a hard day with a boost of delta brainwaves. Your immune system will be stronger, as well.

Pain Relief. HGH can also help heal physical pain including pain from chronic inflammation, injuries or surgeries.

Better emotional health. In healthy amounts, delta brainwaves cause a person to have an advanced state of empathy, understanding, and compassion for others.

Stronger connection with oneself and the spiritual world. You'll be able to connect with your unconscious mind at deep levels and increase your ability to listen to your intuition. Most research suggests that if you can become consciously aware in the delta brainwave state, you will have a nearly perfect sense of intuition. Many people have also reported paranormal experiences, including out of body experiences, connections with spiritual guides, and other spiritual episodes when their brains are producing delta brainwaves.

Also, when we get older, we produce less and less Human Growth Hormones (HGH), which contributes to aging, weakened bones, lessened sexual performance, and a weaker immune system. If you're approaching middle age or you're already past that point, you might want to consider increasing your brain's production of delta brainwaves through brain entrainment.

How to use this audio

We recommend using this track at night time so you can prime the brain for a super restful and healing sleep. You can also use it in the daytime to prep you for a nap. Since HGH and other healing chemicals are generally released during deep sleep, using this track before bed will likely yield the best results.

It is also recommended to sit quietly during your session, using the time for Relaxation, Meditation, Healing Codes, EFT, etc. Let this be your time to be without adding any additional stress or strain to your body system. (The audio will also be effective if you read, or check emails, or anything else you can safely do in an altered state, but if you are looking for the most effective use of the audio practice stillness)

The audio is not designed to work 'like an aspirin' - its not a short term bandaid - but instead it - over time - will work to entrain part of your mind to delta and sub delta - the brainwave pattern that helps with the restorative process...

As with all BWE technology, the more consistently you use it, the more it can begin working for you.

Must be heard with headphones due to frequencies used: .05 and 1Hz and everything in between.

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Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica
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Deep Delta: Unforgettable Moments

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Customer Reviews

Subtle and relaxing. Thank you for sharing.

Author: Nancy

I have trouble relaxing and have had chronic neck pain after a cervical neck fusion of C3 through C7, both front and back4 years ago. This music is very calming and easy to listen to. I think on a daily basis it could be of great benefit. Thank you.

Author: Carolyn

Having listened to the free audition of this album this morning I found it restful. I have a collection of solo guitar disks already and have always liked the sound. The BWE is not overpowering as in some other similar disks. I may consider the purchase of this disk later.

Author: George

Thanks for the experience. This is the first time I've loved the music in BWE recordings. As the matter of fact it was a joy to listen to the guitar music.

Author: Kata

I was the music in a deep deep sleep. I was only music with no problems and floating along a sensual path pf happiness.

I was truely happy and centered and I was the music

Author: Mark Scanlon

Wow! I have heard that dolphins can allow part of the brain to sleep while the rest is alert. I think I know that feeling now.
I just finished listening and some parts I felt like crying, some just sleepy and at the end it picks up and wakes you up. I feel rested already and very relaxed.
Absolutely awesome!

Author: Catherine Davis

This is a fantastic album to listen to. All my stress melted away and I was able to sleep deeply. This is a great healing album.

Author: Teresa Phillips

This beautiful track is truly relaxing and reaches the deeper vibrations without losing the peacefulness and simplicity of the acoustic guitar 10/10

Author: Vivienne

I really enjoyed listening to the accoustical guitar music on this track. My husband passed away 2 days ago and I guess this came at the right time for me because I am going to use this at night so that I may finally be able to get some sleep. Thank you for the divine timing.

Author: Colleen

it is one of the most amazing music i have ever heard.and i cant say thank u enough.and i am really very greatfull to all of you.

Author: rafi



Hi I purchased the delta mp3

So far the music has been relaxing and pleasant to listen to.

I havent had it long so I cant share the long term benefits yet.

Any possibility of getting 50% discount on the super mind evolution system as I really want to purchase that next very soon?



Author: Paul Corben

This music ist just plain awsome. Seldom can one hear music which transports so much tranquility, emotion and passion, all at the same time. Every single note finds its direct way to the heart. A real treat even for the most expecting ear. This music just carries you directly to your inner most beautiful place.

Author: Peter

Great, thank you.

Author: Jon

Most wonderful transporting guitar music bringing instant relaxation. Can't get enough of it.

Author: Elizabeth Paul

I had a free listen to the Deep Delta Elixir on there web site I had only listened to the first ten minutes of it and I thought that this is by far the best of these Mind Power mp3s so far. I then went and bought it on impulse and I am glad that I did. I am now addicted to it and I listen to it every day. I find that I can meditate a lot better since using this recording. Thank you very much

Author: Michael Pickering

I was very interested in this and listened to the standard version (the intense version would not play). Unfortunately, at approximately 23:30 there is a classical guitar piece that is being played on a badly out of tune guitar, which sets my teeth on edge and ruined the whole effect. It is followed by a piece that uses quite a lot of effects that was rather depressing. It would have been far better to use some natural harp or maybe baritone guitar for variety.

Author: Brent

I listened to various sample tracks on the sample player and decided to purchase Deep Delta. I listened to both versions before I went to sleep the night I got them. Didn't feel much different, but last Friday I had a very positive meeting with our new Director at work. I also started noticing little things on the weekend: catching more green lights; finding info on the internet right when I needed it; people were more helpful; things just generally falling into place with ease.

Author: Vicky

listen to elixir acoustica, and its so difficult to hold on to anger and stress. its also difficult not to feel sleepy, so make sure all the jobs are done for the day before listening, have been searching for ages this is just what i had been looking for, thank you.

Author: kim thomas

I listened to the intense version and I was surprised. It is a very good experience. I tend to hold on a bit while listening to this type of audios, and binaural beats and stuff like that never did much for me. This one is very pleasurable and great to listen before going to bed.

Author: mario

A fine collection...one that is soothing and peaceful to the ear and mind.

Author: John L.

Thank you for the Deep Delta- Elixir aucostica recording which you have shared for listening. I think that the intense version of the BWE is more powerful than the lighter version.

Author: Shankar

Even the music itself contributes to the effect.

Author: Elizabeth

I listen often to a lighter version of Deep Delta
Find more intense version to overpowering.
Not ready for it yet
The lighter version helps me to relax, balances my body.
Melody of the music is easy to listen to and I find myself humming the music
Thank you!

Author: Ava

I listened to the Intense version twice & the 'light' version once. I've had fibromyalgia since before it had a name & was pleasantly surprised to find that when I got out of my chair after listening, instead of being terribly stiff and having a feeling in my shins that they were going to explode, I was only moderately stiff and had no bad feeling in my shins. Terrific! Wish I could afford it right now, but can't, like many elderlies. Still, glad to have had the chance to experience it. Thanks!

Author: Auntie C Two-Eagle

I am currently doing some research into various Brain Wave Entrainment products, and have to admit that along with the benfits of the binaural tones embedded in the music, I have found that the music selections offered by Mind Power MP3 really refreshing!
I enjoyed the music with acoustic guitar in Deep Delta, and while at first I thought it would be uplifting, it gently took me to a state of relaxation and deep restful sleep. Thank you!

Author: Shivana Inalsingh

I've been listening to Deep Delta: Elixr Acoustica , everynight for a few nights now. I am waking up every day feeling better and better. And the music is beautiful as well.

Author: Veneda Gabourel

Brilliant background music

Author: Don

From the brief sample I was sold. I am a clinical hypnotherapist and wanted to use it for a session I was going to do with a breast cancer patient to help her manage the chemo experience. It was a match made in heaven. I used water images as well as biblical passages. It all flowed! Thank you for sharing this powerful technology.

Author: Cathleen Klibanoff

I really enjoyed this music, as a lover of acoustic guitar pieces, to have that combined with a deep meditation program is a wonderful blend that that I truly enjoy and keeps me wanting to listen over and over again.

I am excited to experience the transformations that are occurring within and helping me to improve on a daily basis.

Thank you,

Author: Jo Chris

I sleep soundly and wake refreshed after listeningbefore bedtime. I prefer the music to the guided subliminals and I feel the difference after listening. I have download several free samples and the music is beautiful.

Author: Debbie

NOT Nice musik, neither brainwave entrainment

Author: Arhat

Yes, the music was Very Nice & I was so into it I was sad it had come to an end. I wish I had some money to buy it now, but I don't. I will pass this on to some of my friends, and maybe they are in a better financial state than I am and buy it. Thanks, keep up the Great work...Joan Davis

Author: Joan Davis

Your latest jazz album is not listed, so I can't quote it by title. I like jazz and can get a boost in mood from listening to it. I am undecided about the effect of have the background Beta frequency. Perhaps I need another audition to get the effect you claim

Author: George

The first time I listened to it, I felt good. I read that the immune system benefits from it which could be the reason why I felt good. Hoping my health would benefit from it, I bought one.

For more than 20 years, I've been suffering from a urticaria. I take corticosteroid every now and then to alleviate my skin rashes; but steroids cause me vertigo.

Deep Delta has alleviated my urticaria, though not completely yet, but at least I don't have to take steroids now.

Author: Antonio

Am excited to explore the BWE music after listening to this track

Author: Brenna Craven

Wonderful results.

Author: Melynda

This is beautiful music by itself...so soothing! I am in the process of downloading the mp3's to my smartphone to listen to whenever I am in the mood. Will let you know about results later. Thanks!

Author: Marlene

Deep Delta has been a joy to listen to and I feel rested and revitalized. These programs are what I have been looking for, for a very long time. Thank you.

Author: Dianne Page

I don't know about whether the brain wave thing is working but I do know that the music is very pleasant and I feel much calmer after listening to it.

Author: Amy B.

I bought a series of CD's. This is the first one I listened to - I haven't slept through the night for 12 years. Also it's hard for me to meditate as my mind chatters constantly. As the music began, it felt as though my brain was stiff and this music began to move and soften it ( a little irritating but I stayed with it). Well - I fell asleep and slept all night and the chatter has reduced so much I feel peaceful and joyful.
Infinite Love and Gratitude to this company.

Author: Linda

This has calmed me down giving me focus and thoughs outside the box. I continue to explore the ohter tracks that I got and look forward to knowing them also.

Author: Ron Moly

It's amazing. I feel truly relaxed. I look forward to using this on a regular basis.

Author: Sylvain Metz

Like clothes with their particular suitability for purpose,
going out, going to work, the gym or to sleep,
these music choices suit particular situations.

It is now 1.30am in the morning and I am preparin gto go to bed soon, so this Deep Delta is perfect.

Lstening is light in sound but surprizing ly deep in feeling. Feels like a massage around my head, softly stimulating however ultimately relaxing.

Have to experience it to believe it - go try for yourself, it's the only way

Stay focused

Author: martin rooney

I have purchased deep delta only two weeks ago and have been listening intense recording each night. During this short period, I noticed that i started to feel more and more relaxed and my sleeping patter have changed, sleeping more peacefully. If this is the result from the short usage, wondering what will be over the longer period. Will keep you posted. Definitely recommend it to anyone

Author: Roman

Your products are, hands down, the best on the market. When I listen to Deep Delta, I am transported to a place so powerful, so full of possibility that it can't really be described - only experienced. Thank you so much for providing such a useful and powerful tool. The beauty of the music seems like an added gift.
Cheryl Erland
Toronto, Canada

Author: Cheryl Erland

recently bought deep delta and have been using it for some days and already begun to feel some change in my sleep pattern, I am expecting to get full benefits in a couple of weeks

Author: Giovanni

Cheezy guitar performance. Would rather hear the raw delta tone.

Author: Chris George

Super relaxing and calming, love it!

Author: Allison

Thank you for allowing us to have a taste of this blissful music superbly executed. It really aided me to feel calm and even cheerful despite the day to day problems in the large office i work at. I have to face daily different situations with different people not always in the best mood.
It really helped me to feel balanced no matter what. You made my Day!!!

Author: Anna

This was a very rewarding experience. I later went to bed and slept all night waking up refreshed.

Author: Valerie

I've just had the music for a few days but it is very relaxing and calming. It makes me very happy to listen and it is beautiful.

Thank you!

Author: Deborah

I tend to like the tracks that are less intense, but the lovely music covered almost all of the sounds

Author: Rosie Bachand

I love the sweet acoustic guitar of this collection. I think the music would be relaxing by itself, but I can also really feel the brainwave technology working. I listen to it right before bed and sleep like a baby.

Author: Amy

This music is absolutely beautiful. I love how I can hear the piano notes playing across my brain. Mesmerizing! I drift off to sleep in such a sweet state of mind.

Author: Pam Graf

This music is simply amazing. It helps me to relax every time I listen to it. Thank you very much.

Author: Natalja

I purchased this track along with other tracks. I really enjoy this track with the acoustic guitars. I put them on my iPad and play it at night before going to bed and sometimes during the day when I want to relax.
I have previewed all the tracks and they all are good.
Also I just got the Unlimited Luck set, that is just fantastic. Looking forward to having more luck as I go forward.
Thank you for great music...

Author: Terry Whitener

Amazing. I felt as if I were floating on a cloud. I would love listening to this when I go to bed. I wonder if it is possible to get any of the music as a CD? Not just downloading to the computer?

However, I give the Deep Delta - Elixir Acoustica my highest marks.

Author: Geir Jorstad

nice :)

Author: pdawg

Your recordings are the best aides to deep and relaxing meditation that I have tried. Moreover playing this recording in the background while I read or reply emails helps to keep the monkey mind focussed and calm, too. I will surely be adding to my Mind Power mp3 collection on a regular basis.

Author: Tessa

it make one feel good and invigorated once you listen to thjis. I dont know why suddenly I fely energized after listening to it.

many thanks.


Absolutely beautiful music! I want to listen to it again and again. Thank you.

Author: Jan

I tried Delta for first time and cos I did not sleep well previous night. I woke up 1 hour later and felt refreshed and relaxed like never before.
Thank you.

Author: edison wong

This whole series is amazing. Thank you so much! This has changed my life !

Author: Melissa


Thank you for allowing me the privalidge to listen to your music. As I do not possess a set of head phones, I rely on my computer speakers, thus giving me quadrophonic sound.

I played your music last night with a glass of water placed between the speakers. This was not a concious action yet I felt extemely electrified, once I'd drunk it.

Kindly try this as it is very up lifting.
With greatful thanks

Author: John

Great experience, wonderful feelings !

Author: enrico

I have just purchased the Deep Delta Elixir and fund it to be a soothing listen, the guitar is fantastic and i was very relaxed falling into a wonderful deep sleep. I even experienced some very vivid dreams! I awoke feeling calm and my mind very alert.
I expect to be using it for a long time.

Author: Ann

Deep delta has caused a more calm, and restful night sleep that allows a rejuvenated sense of peace each morning when I awake.

Author: Michael

This music is so beautiful. I love classical guitar, and some of the pieces on here are some of my very favorites! I have been sleeping better the last few nights after listening to this and waking more rested than I have in months. THANKS

Author: laura

Very pleasant to work to.

Author: gillian

Very relaxing! I enjoy listening to it at night before going to bed.

Author: CC

Wonderful sleeping music. Definitely feeling a difference.

Author: JS

I could listen to the guitar for hours. The recording is very relaxing and I felt calm and collected when it finished.

Author: pam

Amazing mp3.I love classical guitar aand to have brain enhancement embedded into it is anextra bonus.Very relaxing to listen to and highly effective.

Author: Don Mayoss-Hurd

This is great product, i am listening
Every day night and early morning. It's really work. i can feel a deference . i ll buy lot more .

Author: Prabath Sujeewa

What a wonderfu experience. I feel relaxed and energetic. I feel calm and rejuvenated. I only wish I had more time to listen more frequently.

Author: Eileen

A wonderful album. I feel completely relaxed even though I've been dealing with emails and accounts.

Author: Eileen

Have played this over & over again & it makes me feel so relaxed & complete. I am enjoying other purchase as well. Have many health issues & listening to all has made a difference to my well being.

Author: Carol Kane

Love this calming guitar music Delta brainwave
entrainment...Wow..felt the power of the delta waves all over my body...Less pain and feelings of good health energies...tingling all over...Thank you...

Author: Kyan

I listen to a range of brainwave entrain tracks This one is beautiful, soothing, centering. Thank you.

Author: Halina

I had a terrific experience after listening to the above music one afternoon. At the very end of listening I fell in a deep sleep and had the most wonderful dream. It felt sooo real. I normally don't take naps during the day and don't dream during night or if I dream I don't remember my dream. So this experience was very pleasant. I slept over one hour. I woke up refreshed and energized and couldn't wait to experience it again.

Author: Olivia

I love all of the selections but this one makes stress melt away. I listened to it at lunch and forgot I was even at work. Well done!

I look forward to the day, when I can afford the entire offerings for a very generous offering of $97. This music is by far, the best there is. I have never experienced anything like it and I am 63 years old. Wonderful!

Author: Barry

After a busy day at work I always like to chill to relaxing music. Definately feel the vibrational shift. This is perfect. Love the music. Highly recommend Deep Delta!

Author: cheryl

The album is so soothing and relaxing. From my heart with gratitude thanks for creating so uplifting music for us all. May for spontaneous music to inspire us be made for years to come. ALOHA!

Author: Troy Abraham

I have already noticed a difference in my moods and it sifor the better.

Author: Christina Polutta

Unfortunately the free listen for this album kept cutting out after only 2 mins approx, so really unable to comment fully. I would really like to hear the full album at some point however :)

Author: jenny kent

After listing to this album it felt that time had floated away, felt energized.

Author: paul donaldson

I've been listening to the album and would much prefer a more mellow or bass tone, not the sharp treble tones. I love Guitar. It is my instrument. played guitar since 15 yrs. of age.

when you have one let me know please. maybe it will help me sleep better. haven't found one yet that will do that. am 76 yrs and involved in intense work on releasing karma.

Author: Roland Lindgren

Love this album it transport me to a very nice place where I would like to stay always. ;)

Author: Maria S

I seem to be sleeping better while Deep Delta plays almost inaudibly in the background.

Author: Ally Dixon

Quite and experience had fireworks in front of my eyes the first time listening. The only thing I got against is that it is a bit long to sit every day. Other wise great

Author: Lena Burghardt

I have done delta with another author at great cost to me and had great results, but gave it up and then realized later that it had helped me.

Author: Alvin DeWall

just started using this and already feel better. i have had pain management problems for years. i haven't had a good nights sleep since 2004. i got my first good nights sleep last night. i know i will heal if i can continue to sleep.

Author: Angel Very

I love this. Insomnia has been a regular feature in my life for the past several years and I've tried other entrainment methods and other plain music methods intended to induce sleep without success but this has been wonderful. Thank you

Author: Claire

I have been going through a very stressful time in my life after the purchase of a house that has turned out to be the worst decision of my 75years of life. I had not been sleeping well and was made aware of BWE and downloaded the free samples from your website listening to these has made me feel calmer and more able to deal with these problesm. This led me to purchase Deep Delta - Elixir Acoustica, and for the first time in some years I have slept better and have had had dreams. Thank you MP3.

Author: Les Tindale

This is great. I've been listening to it before I go to sleep and sleeping the best I have in years.

Author: Art Putney

very happy with all my purchases I find that they all help me to relax I really enjoy Deep Delta Elixir Acoustica as a guitar player my self I find it very relaxing to listen to some great guitar playing would be great for everybody to have

Author: Richard Munro

The music used in this recording was chosen very well -- it's beautiful and matches the 'style' of the benefits (bliss, intuition, healing, etc.) promoted by the brain waves activated while listening to it. Very powerful combination.

Author: Eric

I have been using this every night before going to bed to help with sleeping and so far I have been sleeping much better. With my purchase of The PREMIUM Mind Body Spirit Music System I also received the more intense version of this album and am going to try it tonight to see if it will allow me to go even deeper sleep.

Author: David

I used the free trial version of this track while I was doing Chi Gong Inner Smile and it was the best and most enjoyable session I had ever had. So much so that I purchased the entire PREMIUM Mind Body Spirit Music System a couple of days later.
I am absolutely overwhelmed by the quality of the music and the entrainments etc in the background. Much of the music is exceptional in itself never mind the BWE etc.
My only complaint is that there it is difficult to know where to start. Choices. Lol.

Author: Anthony Thomas

This recording really helps me connect with my inner child and heal past false beliefs - love it!

Author: Wendy baldwin

I have been listening to this before going to bed for one week, and am enjoying much deeper and more blissful sleep.

Author: Phil, UK

This music is beautiful and perfect to listen to while winding down for the evening and while reading a book or emails! Very nice!

Author: Cher

I enjoy putting this music on as ambient: I seem to have more energy and I am happier whent they play.
I bought a whole suite, so I have a variety to listen to and I am grateful.
thank you so much for such beautiful music!

Author: Debra

The Deep Delta music is my favorite of the entire package! Listening to it before bed has consistently given me the deepest and best sleep I can remember.

Author: Susan

Guitar music in the finest form - a simply stunning collection of acoustic guitar tracks to mellow even the toughest of moods. Truly, this album is just gorgeous. Have food and a glass of good wine; or just bliss out with headphones as you work on your computer.. no matter the circumstance, you will enjoy this beautiful album. 5 stars for ambience.

Author: Jaya Lewis

Beautiful music, very moving and centering at the same time... Thank you. I just began using it while doing my meditation and Healing codes, and I will be glad to give more news a little later...

Author: Françoise

I am absolutely in love when I hear this tunes I am constantly hearing it in my mind and gives me a very fascinating experience of coming alive when I am under stress it has help me so much to stay calm and enjoy whatever I encounter during my daily activities. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to hear such an amazing work of art.

Author: judith rosales

I enjoy guitar. This particular track I listen to on a regular basis, I'm able to relax and not think about anything while I listen. I enjoy everything I've gotten from Mindpower. :)

Author: Michelle

I have listened to this every day since purchasing it and I feel more relaxed and it's improving my sleep at night. I am looking forward to more of what this has to offer

Author: Jo

It`s the fastest stress reliever in the world. Thank you for the great discovery.

Author: S.Karunagaran

Thoroughly enjoyed this mind music, I am a beginner at listerning to this type of music and only after for a short time, have already found listerning to it prior to going to sleep is gaving me a more deeper and peaceful sleep. Its amazing.

Author: Brian

I enjoy it very much, it is absolutely beautiful
Thank you

Author: ritza

I couldn't listen, link didn't work. Happens a lot

Author: Elsa Petersen

Any one else having problems getting this freebie to play properly?

Author: Dusty

Your free play buttons are not working....

Author: A

I could not get it to play on either device or by clicking the arrows below.

Author: Connie Petty

This music is absolutely incredible. Not only is it awesome to listen to, but you can actually fell it's effects on your brain. The next day I felt so empowered in fact everything that I've listed to has effected me in some positive way. I would recommend this music to the world. This is what I would call the renewing of one's mind.
Thank so much,
PS: I need the tracks for the Chakas

Author: Robert Harol

I purchased the " Mind Body Spirit Music System" recently and started enjoying it's results right from the start. It gives you a great selection of programs in musical format to help you overcome any particular stumbling blocks that you may be experiencing. The price was also Great!

Author: Neil B.

I love this one. It helps me concentrate when I'm doing a meditation.

But I am having problems with the download.
It only downloaded 25,664KB but the file is

Author: Darlene Waddell

This is amazing .I listen to this Heaven music every night. It helps to relax and calm down.
I absolutely love it and recommend to everyone.

Author: Vira

This is one of my all-time favourite mindpower mp3's. The last 5 years have brought me immense challenges beyond description, yet with regular immersion in this wonderful soothing album I have maintained serenity, connection to source, good health,and have surprisingly very few signs of age and stress to show for the experiences.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your amazing healing sound creations, they are all true gifts.

Author: Tina

Great music to listen too plus I added this to my selection of massage music to help my customers benefit from it as well! Thanks again

Author: Pam

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