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Contemplation Stimulation: Classical Peace

Contemplation Stimulation: Classical Peace

Contemplation Stimulation: Classical Peace

This 52 minute long track contains various frequency ranges that will help you achieve peace of mind as it facilitates deep, contemplative and profound thinking. It is also perfect for boosting creativity, light meditation and enhanced reading. The track also uses a brand new brainwave entrainment technique (see below).

Highlights of the music include great baroque oboe concertos by Albinoni, the Tchaikovsky "Nocturn", a lyrical piece for solo cello and orchestra and the famous "Romanze", by Mozart, from his Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.

We recommend using this track in the following ways to facilitate achieving the exact life you want to live.


Contemplative Thinking

Use this track to contemplate and explore possibilities. We like to use this track when thinking about the wonders of the universe and to stimulate new ways of thinking about things.


Light Meditation

Many people like to use this track for light meditation and fostering a peaceful way of being. The frequencies used in this track can help you sustain and hold one thought or idea in your mind for an extended amount of time.


Enhanced Reading

Because this track fosters a peaceful way of being and contemplative thinking, we encourage people to use this track while reading stories, positive fiction or reference books that are meant to stimulate thought.


Track Specifics

This track is constructed with frequencies that move between 6.5 cycles per second and 17 cycles per second. This track cycles between the higher ranges and lower ranges several times. Moving up and down in these frequency ranges not only helps to train you how to relax and feel peaceful, it also helps you think about things in ways that may have eluded you in the past.

We have constructed this track with a few different (virtually unnoticeable ) curiosities. The left and the right stereo channels output virtually the exact same frequencies at all time except when ramping up or down between frequencies.


This is what I mean:

When the track is playing a consistent 6.5 cycles per second, the output is identical for both the right and left channels. When the track is moving from a consistent 6.5 cycles per second to a consistent 12 cycles per second, the output is slightly different in each stereo channel during the time it takes to move from 6.5 to 12 cycles per second. Once the 12 cycles per second is reached, the output is identical on both the right and left sides.

The way that the output changes, during the ramping up and ramping down phases, was created using a proprietary protocol.


Brand new brainwave entrainment technique

Why did we do this? Well It's part of a secret new technique that helps simulate natural transitions between one state and another thereby reducing resistance to entrainment. As you'll discover by listening to samples in the video and audio player, the brainwave entrainment is now barely audible, so the beautiful music can be enjoyed enhanced ...and pretty much sounding like the original.


You'll find some samples in the video and audio player below. As they contain brainwave entrainment, listening is only recommended to people 18 years and older.

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Contemplation Stimulation: Classical Peace
Contemplation Stimulation: Classical Peace
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Customer Reviews

Dear friends,
I am sorry but I like all the classic music and therefore I can not write a comment about one only.
I will be looking forward for the new products and thank you for beautiful choices.
Kind regards

Author: MARINA

This is a wonderful album. I listen to it while reading, sitting on the train, at work, anywhere I can sneak a few moments of peace and contemplation. I find things I have read while listening to it stay in my mind, and are easier to understand.

Author: Penny

I have owned this beautiful music for over a week and have listened to it every day. It is so restful. Ideas have been coming thick and fast for the last couple of days and it is a revelation,,,,,real light bulb moments.
Thank you.

Author: Diana

it was amzing, really good

Author: Jean-Pierre

Stunning! Wow all your BWE is just so awesome! thank your!!

Author: Emor

heartachingly beautiful

Author: Maryna

I listen to it every mornig before I start working on my web sites... gives me more focus... and i consentrate better. I just stopped smoking too... gives me more peace... it is easier for me when i listen to this in the morning.

Author: Laurence Aarnio

While procrastinating about some unpleasant tasks, I began listening, anticipating some blissful inertia. Instead, I was energetically and peacefully completing those tasks and more. I have changed my perception of peace.

Author: Vivian

it's soooo divinely beautiful! I experience such blissful peace and at the same time feeling very optimistic.......Thank you so much for creating this album, it's a must for everyone who needs peaceful yet creative mind......

Author: Diana

Hypnotizingly Amazing!!! Melts stress and worries instantly!! Superb!

Author: Felix

Thank you for such beautiful music, Since listening to it I have been able to search deeper and find more ways to enchance my intutition by being able to understand more.

Author: Chris Kerr

So deep and pure it brought tears to my eyes and love in my heart forgiveness and peace.... OMG what a BEAUTIFUL masterpiece!!

Author: Xime

I felt joyous and warm after listening this piece. I noticed being more focused in my reading. Thanks for this wonderful free listening!!!

Author: Tatiana Torres

This is a very great peace that make you feel so free and feling good upon listening tyo it, Makes me feel positive about the future.

Thanks for sending the free brief peace to listen too,.

God bless you.


I have really enjoyed this album. The time just flies by whilst I'm listening to it.

Author: Eileen

Played the music while having massage. The time passed so pleasently.

Author: paul donaldson

Thank you!! You recently gave away the album "Classical Peace". What a beautiful piece of music! This is wonderful. Thank you so much for the gift of the music and the calm that I feel when I listen to it.

Author: Rebekkah Dirnberger

This piece is really beautiful. The composition is right and the variation is good

Author: Paul

My work has become very stressful over the last few months, I listen to this in the office and instantly feel peaceful, calm. My work colleague also listens and feels the same! Many thanks for enabling us to get through a tough time x

Author: Kate

I love this music and this album. I could listen to it over and over. It definitely make me feel more peaceful, grateful and compassionate.

Author: Helen E Atkinson

Great help me relax and concentrate on what needed to be done when that was a lot things that were coming at me to be done.

Author: Paul

These are the most sublime renditions of classics that I have ever heard. As I listen my chest is simply bursting with pathos. I'm transported to a place of immense peace as was promised. At this point I'd be willing to pay triple the price--or even more--for this mp3. Thank you!

Author: Howard Clapsaddle

The project I was working on become very stressful over the last months, Listening to contemplation help me relax, calm and concentrate on what needed to be done to complete my projects with less stress. Fantastic music
Thank you!

Author: Tim

I found the recording very stimulating. Blend suggestive background with Piano music very subtle! Actually relaxing as it moves you from Beta to Alpha

Author: Don

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