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Brave Heart: Instant Happiness System

Brave Heart: Instant Happiness System

Brave Heart: Instant Happiness System

Combining State of the Art Brain Wave Entrainment, NLP, and Hypnotic Suggestion, these audios work together to create a state of peacefulness - calm - feeling good and connected - and then helps the listener to create a 'trigger' that can be used at anytime to reactivate those empowering good feelings.

7 Minute Natural High! - Encourage the natural production of feel good chemicals in your brain...

This audio is also designed to be used during the day to further encourage the production of 'Feel Good' Chemicals. This audio delivers a short and powerful burst of brainwave entrainment technology to instantly improve your emotional state, just about any time and anywhere.

The Fear Removal Machine  - Experience a deep sense of well being, peace and security

This audio contains a very special form of Brainwave Entrainment that is designed to encourage the production of feel good body and brain chemicals such as serotonin. The result is a profound balancing of emotions and a deep sense of well being, peace, and security.

The mere presence of these feel good chemicals will make it more likely that people will be unable to produce feelings of fear and anxiety...

As people begin to use this audio once a day, the brain becomes trained to produce these positive, feel good brain chemicals on a regular basis, on its own. The more you engage your brain in this new and positive way, the stronger your neural pathways become in this manner, making it easier for you to produce emotions of calm and balance in your life, regardless of what might be going on. These effects are additive and will increase over time with consistent usage of this track.

This audio also contains an affirmation sequence that, when heard while being guided into a deep meditative state, will assist in the re-programming of your non conscious mind to block unwanted thought and behavior patterns. As you allow the special audio to work you will be encouraging the ongoing acceptance of new and positive ways of thinking, behaving, and living.

The Feel Good Trigger - Reduce fear and anxiety while promoting a balanced and peaceful mindset

In the audio we continue the use of sophisticated BWE technology to further train your brain to produce better brain and body chemicals on a regular basis.

In addition to the BWE technology you will be guided through a proven process that installs a 'feel good' trigger that you can use anytime you wish to reduce fear and anxiety while promoting a balanced and peaceful mindset.

The effects of this audio are also additive or time. We recommend that you use this audio to build your Feel Good Trigger at least 30 times over the course of 60 days. This will allow you to build a powerful conditioned response that you can use to overcome even the most challenging of circumstances.

Remember, the more you do it, the more you will become accustomed to living life in balance, peace, and harmony.



You'll also get 2 bonus mp3s

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Customer Reviews

I've been using the braveheart series for a few days now and I'm already beginning to feel the difference. I'm finding the Fear Removal Machine audio particularly effective in releaving my anxiety. I've been attending interviews for new jobs over the last few days and I've been feeling much more confident when speaking to people. It's really working. Thank you so much for this series. The offer for it showed up in my inbox with perfect timing. I'm keen to try some of the other products now.

Author: Victoria

I have only been using the Brave Heart System for a few days, but already I seem to feel a difference, and finding a sense of relaxation and feeling good using them.

Thank you

Author: TW

I've never been one to believe much in having my moods reprogrammed for me, but this one will do it for me. I had a stressful experience one afternoon after listening to this cd, and my wife could not believe how I handled the situation with a quiet, peaceful
resourcefulness. I couldn't believe it myself, but the proof was there, undeniably! And the great feeling remained. It did not just go away when the cd stopped. I want more!!!

Author: Ray Moon

I found the Brave Heart: Instant Happiness System easy to listen to & very enjoyable. I am listening to it often, & am feeling relaxed & confident.

Author: judith l schofield

I noticed a difference immediately! And even though it has only been a few days, the effects seem to be compounding. This is a great product! Thanks guys!

Author: Jon jenkins

I have been using this system to accompany my meditation and have been very please with the relaxing effects. It's become part of my daily routing. It also helps me focus on daily mundane tasks. Thank you

Author: Tabious Holsey

This is an amazing product. I've had great success and plan to continue with other product offerings as well.

Author: Pamela

I love that even if you fall asleep (which I usually do!) I am still receiving the messages through to my sub-conscience mind without any effort or will power required!

Author: Amanda Measday

very interesting and i found that i was very relaxed but very aware

Author: Michael Davies

I really enjoy listening to these recordings. I find the music delightful and beautiful.

They put me into a calm state and I'm sure the more I listen the better I will feel.

Author: voula

I have always been very interested in the human mind, but at the moment I am still searching for my happiness. I plan to continue with the the Mp3's they are very pleasant.

Author: Tracey Clark

I have found the Brave Heart Instant Happiness track to be very uplifting and it certainly leaves you feeling in a positive mood. Brilliant.

Author: Bruce

Have only had time to listen a couple of days, but so far, it is truly seeming to open my heart to be able to feel more joy and happiness.

Author: Annette long

I have been in the midst of a huge upheaval and this is sooooo relaxing, i have noticed increasing feelings of calm.

Author: Fran

Brave heart and the awakening music and meditation priceless.
Stress and the chaos of life just melts away, creating an inner stillness, peace and calmness truly amazing!
Thank you

Author: Shirley Stubbs

I listen to the MP3 and i feel uplifted and very
glad to be alive,it is lovely music and i try to tell everybody about my discovery.

Author: rigitte tornatora

This is just one of a number of proglrams purchased and am now overwhelmed with such an array of material. Have sampled a number of them so far and am just overjoyed with what I have learned - mind boggling - but fel I must call a halt and to plough through this wonderful collection. thank you so much

Author: Alf Bell

I just recently started using this system and am already feeling more balanced and in control of my emotions. It has brought me a sense of peace that I have never had before, I look forward to trying some of the other systems available.

Author: Jerry

Just beginning with BWE and find I need to go more slowly for my brain to acclimate to the feeling o f the vibrations. I love this music.

Author: Liz M

I did listen to Brave Heart a few times now, headphones on, and I truly did enjoy the undefinable effect it has had upon me.Actually, it's not just Brave Heart I'm talking about, but the Body Mind Music System as a whole as well, although I still have much to explore & experiment, since the purchase is very recent. My energetic/vibrational "structure" is moving, Physically speaking, I feel more alert, more "here &now"!, I need less sleep. I can't say more, words are insufficient. THANK YOU.

Author: Marie

7 minute Natural High - upbeat, yet relaxing music; great for a break and to help re-energize and re-focus.
Fear Removal Machine - relaxing, meditative music with subtle positive affirmations; great for meditation or going to sleep with.
The Feel Good Trigger - instructional program with background music that helps to develop a trigger to use later when you need to increase peace and balance. Last half is relaxing rain sounds.
Overall, a very nice mix!

Author: Glenna

This stuff works! Intense relaxation on the first lilsten.

Author: gz

I've been listening to Brave Heart for a week and have felt an amazing improvement within my thought processes. Battling with almost every thought I had being negative was extremely draining on my energy levels and my relationships, I had to find help! The doctor wanted me to start taking anti-depressants but I knew there was another way... Brave Heart :) Now I'm feeling so much more confident, at peace with most of my thoughts and thankful for the happiness Brave Heart is helping me create :)

Author: Candice

What a fantastic music and so good for the mind

Author: Priya Sankar

I have not tried all of them yet, but what I have listened to. I quite enjoy. I feel that I was waiting all my life for this.
thank you so much

Author: Sandra

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