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Brain Boost - Free Listening


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Brainwave entrainment

The first half follows the following progression that encourages focus and concentration, energy , motivation and external problem solving.

  • 12 Hz gateway to all frequencies
  • 13.27 Hz Helps focus on external tasks
  • 15.4 Hz associated with boosting intelligence
  • 18 Hz associated with improvements in memory, language processing and math

The second part loops the following frequency pattern in a way that is designed to increase creativity, enhance focus and improve the decision making process.

  • 14 Hz Awake & alert: helps increase concentration on tasks and Vitality
  • 10.25 Hz associated with production Catecholamines and improved creativity
  • 5.5 Hz Associated with creating certainty and improved Inner Guidance and intuition

Please Note: This track was designed to be effective without headphones


Perhaps the most famous symphony by Beethoven - his fifth symphony. It's famous opening 4 note motif is perhaps the most well known phrase in all of western classical music. The Sixth Symphony also known as the Pastoral Symphony (1808) and is an expression of Beethoven's love of nature.

Comes with 2 versions - Intense & less intense! - the full 65 minute version below is the less intense

Press the triangle below to start

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Is it safe for me to use?

Those who should consult a qualified physician before using BWE technology are -- Pregnant women -- People who wear a pacemaker -- Individuals who have had or are prone to stroke and seizures -- Epileptics- People that are under the influence of medication or drugs -- People who are taking mood altering substances, legally or illegally -- Individuals under the age of 18

Do not listen to the audios whilst driving or using heavy machinery.

Do not listen to BWE more than 2 hours in a day.

and please note, while you may feel something after just 1 listen, to get the full effects of Super Mind Music it is recommended you listen to the audio once a day for around 2 to 3 weeks.

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