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Ascension is one of the most relaxing and euphoric meditation music recordings you will ever experience. This beautiful 62 minute long track accomplishes something rather rare in that it is both relaxing and inspiring at the same time. Ascension will uplift you to an elevated state of consciousness while simultaneously relaxing you to your core...perfect for meditation and an enlightened musical experience.

As this hour of music unfolds, Ascension never strays too far from the theme that you hear in this preview and contains no sudden musical events that could ever jolt you from a state of deep relaxation. This magical soundscape will captivate your awareness and sooth your mind without ever becoming a distraction.

With theta brainwave entrainment for enhanced meditation

This music contains a continuous binaural beat of 5 Hertz and encourages a state of theta relaxation. The theta state is a state of tremendous stress relief. The benefits associated with theta level relaxation include improved concentration, reduced hyperactivity and improved memory. While in a state of theta relaxation, one’s blood pressure, breathing and heart rate all slow to a much more restful and healthy level that promotes natural healing. During theta relaxation one may also experience vivid flashes of mental imagery as the mind opens to memories or subconscious information that is not available to the conscious mind during the normal waking state. The theta state is a very deep state of relaxation that is excellent for deep hypnosis and mental programming.

You'll find a sample in the audio player below. As it contains brainwave entrainment, listening is only recommended to people 18 years and older.

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Customer Reviews

I purchased several selections during the last sale and am very impressed with all of them. Having used and also having worked on a number of sound healing projects over the years, I found the Solfeggio Harmonics, the Pineal Gland Activator, and especially Ascension (Theta) and Untold Depths (Delta) by Christopher Lloyd Clarke to be both amazing and effective. Definitely take advantage of the Multi-Buy Savings, it makes the value of these recordings even greater.

Author: Ken

I love it!!! This music is magical. I have a problem with anxiety and allowing fear to stop me in my tracks. After listening to this beautiful music for a few days, usually in the morning. I find that I am just getting things done, important steps in my life are coming together. I feel inspired, relaxed, and refreshed. I feel really good inside...Thank you for making this available and at such an affordable price too. I am sure I will be buying more in the future. Awesome stuff!

Author: Donna S Holt

I am always looking for new and interesting ways of meditating ----from crystal bowls...affirmations....healing waterfalls....enlightenment.....transformation...synchronicity and so on....but this one is truly what I have experienced the most from in ways of joy....oneness....and universal peace

Author: Joyce Dawson

I am a massage therapist, it is great to have healing music at my finger tips to download.
Thanks I will be a loyal customer
Evonne Corbin

Author: Evonne Corbin

I absolutely love this album. I have much more focus when listening to it and afterwards. Also, it sound so melodic and relaxing. Definitely my favorite album!

Author: Shana

Beautiful - can recommend this wholeheartedly!

Author: Carol

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