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Join our affiliate program and earn great money - month after month

  • This one is easy, you can promote an awesome 20 free gifts package and after signing up for that, your folks will be sent on an inspirational journey into transformational sounds and revolutionary mind power research ...and many of the gifts have associated exclusive offers with upsells
  • They'll see some great bundled offers with high sales conversions... and they'll also get access to over 100 individual audios, and growing...
  • Each month, new audios are released and new offers are set up in the follow up system
  • You'll get paid month after month...
  • The affiliate software offers triple redundancy tracking - IP, cookies, sessions.
  • (Plus a useful control panel with incoming traffic logs, real time stats and conversion ratios...)
  • Awesome Evergreen Promotion that pays you again and again and again...

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Product Offerings:

  • We offer brainwave entrainment audios that use brand new technology, and blend the BWE with beautiful music such as Mozart, Beethoven and the best modern music - ambient, jazz, dance, piano, guitar etc
  • These Super Mind Music audios are ONLY available at this site and help people in many ways including - relaxation, creativity, focus, energy boosting, pain relief, visualization, chakras, efficiency and much more
  • We also offer revolutionary Dream Programming audios - Improve your life whilst you sleep by pre-programming your dreams...
  • Plus Bio Sonic Music, Triad Wave albums and music from award winning record label Paradise Music

9 Reasons to promote

1. Easy to promote - Give away the 20 Free Gifts. The free gifts are very popular which means High Click Through Rates - and the sign up page currently converts between 60 and 70%

2. Effective Promotional Tools - We'll provide you banners, emails, html emails, articles and text ads

3. Unique products - which your referrals will love ...we've received over 2000 testimonials

4. High Commissions - Earn 50% commission on all your visitors who purchase

5. 2 Tier affiliate program - Introduce affiliates and earn 20% of all their commissions (details in your control panel)

6. High Sales Conversions Back End - Special offers set up in follow up system for other products from our store ...and upsells on all purchases

7. New sales month after month - Each month new mp3s are introduced to the store, and special offers are set up in follow up emails - expect further sales

8. Referrals stay subscribed to our list - Every month your subscribers are treated with exclusive free listens to new albums for free

9. Control panel and statistics - Incoming traffic logs, real time statistics, payment history, individual commission records and conversion ratios

We respect your email privacy

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