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Get up to 12 albums for free...

  • Buy 1 album and get Deep Theta: My Heart Calls out to You with Think Rich Triliminals
  • Buy 2 albums and you'll also get Delta Healing: Over and Under
  • Buy 3 albums and you'll also get Sunset Thunder: Eternal Peace
  • Buy 7 albums (or spend $67 or more) and you'll also get the Bio Sonic Music Collection with 9 albums

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Top 7 Buys

#1 Super Mind Music Library - Our best selling library - 20 beautiful BWE albums including many best sellers, plus a ton of bonuses. NOW AT ITS LOWEST EVER PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIME - $299.00 $47

#2 Unforgettable Theta Trilogy - Our best selling album set - beautiful modern classical music with 3 different theta BWE versions including the Schumann Resonance - $19.95 $9.95

#3 Shamanic Spirit Volume 1 - 4 powerful Native American music albums - one with deep Theta shamanic journey BWE for relaxation and intuition - $77 $19.95

#4 Deep Delta: Elixir Acoustica - Our 2nd best selling album ever - sublime acoustic guitar mixed with Delta BWE for deep relaxation, healing and pain relief - $14.95 $9.95

#5 Spiritual Journeys of the World - 3 stunning world music albums, Tibetan, Egyptian and Mediterranean plus the Tibetan music with BWE for clarity - $75 $19.95

#6 The Deep Secret of Wealth - Enigma style new age/chillout music mixed with Millionaire Mindset affirmations for a wealth mindset - $14.95 $9.95

#7 Driven: Electronica Rock Mix - Melodic rock mixed with BWE for motivation and energy - $14.95 $9.95

Click on the album names for more details, demos and customer reviews.

Welcome to the Mind Power Mp3 store

What if we told you that all you had to do was put on a pair of headphones and listen to some beautiful, enjoyable music and you could, with ease, become smarter, healthier, more intuitive, more relaxed, happier, more creative, more effective, more - well - just about anything you wanted more of?

...and what if we went on to tell you that you could even be doing other things while listening - in other words - you didn't even have to find more time in your already busy day to make this happen?

What if we went on to tell you that 1000s of testimonials point to the fact that this isn't a dream, it's a reality and that there is only one place - one product - that brings all of this to you...

Super Mind Music combines cutting edge brain wave entrainment (BWE) with beautiful classical and contemporary music to provide you an easy, enjoyable and effective way of improving your life.

The BWE really is cutting-edge. It's engineered by Jeff Gignac, who many consider the world's leading BWE expert.

...and the music really is beautiful. It's written by brilliant award-winning composers from across the world and includes genres such as ambient, classical, piano, dance, jazz, chillout and guitar.

The feedback from listeners has been incredible and we have received thousands of positive customer reviews (which you can read on the album pages).

Visit the categories in the top left menu to browse through the albums. On many album pages you can access a video and an audio player to hear demo tracks.

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