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528 Hz Golden Om Fractal

528 Hz Golden Om Fractal

528 Hz Golden Om Fractal

528 Hz - Golden Fractal incorporates the interval of the alchemical 5th balancing the yin and yang, or masculine and feminine circuits of the energetic body; resonating these energies along the central axis of the Heart Field. As we align the energetics of consciousness to the central strand of the Heart Field, we begin to attract more positive, gentle and abundant life experiences.

The Love energies create a more coherent magnetic field radiating our empowered thought forms into the environment and universal mind with greater power and clarity. This will accelerate the manifestations of the pure heart’s desire, attracting people and situations that are resonating in harmony with Love and Peace.

Lasting 1 hour and 11 minutes, this track provides the sound sanctuary to enter a deep theta state, entraining the wave patterns of consciousness to resonate in harmony with the 528 Hz carrier tone.  

You can hear a sample from the album in the audio player below.

 May create a gamma harmonic in some listeners.

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528 Hz Golden Om Fractal
528 Hz Golden Om Fractal
+ Associating with Wholeness - 528 Hz Healing Session
Associating with Wholeness - 528 Hz Healing Session
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Solfeggio Harmonics

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Customer Reviews

I love the Golden Om Fractal - I listen to this while sleeping and find it very relaxing. During the day I notice a more lucid state of mind and have a more coherent sense with fewer flights of fancy.
Thank you, a beautiful piece of work!

Author: Jeff Sasseville

I've got to give this a bit more time before I can speak definitively, but the quality of my sleep seems quite different. It seems lighter yet deeper at the same time. Also, during the day I notice myself seeing things which might have annoyed me last we, and I'm just NOTICING them. I seem to be 'sweating the small stuff" considerably less. O-my dreams are much more vivid, seeming to cross Dimensions!

Looking forward to more ease in general. We've only just begun!

Author: Rea

Well it has only been a few days since I started Golden Om fractal, I have already noticed the difference in my sleep and all over well being during the day. I have suffered with insomnia for decades, my friends called me the night owl. I have bought a few other products which now I can't wait to start using. Many thanks for allowing me to sleep. I now feel more like I'm in my thirties and not fifties. You guys and your products are amazing. Frank McDonald Australia

Author: Frank McDonald

Just amazing. There really are no other words to use, but I'll try. This is so beautiful to listen to and so fantastic to meditate with that I listen to it daily.

Author: Kevin

Some of the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. I love listening to it.

Author: Cheryl Jackson

definintely calming and heart-centered

Author: frances stahl

A beautiful background to meditation and generating a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Author: Monica

Good quality production. Very usefull in many backgrounds

Author: AD

The first time I listened to this track I felt my whole body vibrate with energy especially my brow chakra and crown chakra's. I love the music too.

Author: Barbara Goulding

I love the flow of this piece. I have been listening every day since I purchased it.

Author: Sherri

Beautiful sounds, deep relaxation illiciting inner calm, peace and sense of harmony

Author: Arien van der Merwe

Going into this for the first time I had sinus headache. Soon the headache subsided at relaxation was up most in my thought.

Author: Steve

Really enjoying the golden om fractal as an inspiring way to start the day

Author: Janice

This is a really nice recording for playing as ambient music. It is soothing, without being distracting like regular background muzac

Author: Max

Of all the "Om" tracks that I've purchased over the years, the Golden Om Fractal is my new favourite. I feel it's good vibes right away.

Author: Tara

Wow..., so calming over powering.... changed my mood so quickly.... even see the change of mood in my bf just because I listened to it.
. Amazing
.. really....

Author: Tanya

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